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The democracies MUST ensure they win
Richard M Bennett
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November 27, 2008

Despite all the evidence provided by the last 20 or so years of terrorism seemingly linked to Pakistan, still nothing positive has been done by the West and its allies to counter this baleful influence, nor probably even seriously contemplated it seems.


The Taliban [Images] in Afghanistan; the jihadists in Kashmir and India, and suicide bombers in Britain all have a positive and provable connection to Pakistan.


Throughout many of the tribal areas and within most of the major cities a veritable terrorist industry is known to flourish with little or effective opposition from Pakistan's authorities.


Terrorists who commit atrocities around the world are often indoctrinated, trained, armed and funded from within this complex network of inter-linked terrorist organisations.


It has been widely believed that Pakistan's own Intelligence service, the Inter Services Intelligence, is a major player in supporting terrorist attacks particularly within India.


Yet, this is the very organisation that has been so assiduously courted by the intelligence services of both the US and UK over the years, and indeed both countries have regularly offered constant excuses for its outrageous behaviour in the past.


Well the chickens are certainly coming home to roost. 


Britain's Security Service, MI5, is facing a mountainous task trying to uncover and track a growing number of home grown, but of largely Pakistan origin, terrorists.


The US and NATO are facing an uphill struggle in Afghanistan against a resurgent Taliban aided and supported from with Pakistan's tribal badlands.


While India faces growing unrest in Kashmir and a terrible and brutal terrorist assault on its major cities.


It cannot be seriously denied that in all these terrorist campaigns there is the suspicion of a lurking Pakistan connection.


It can be and indeed should be argued most strongly that it will prove almost impossible to defeat terrorism without first going after their safe areas, wherever they are and of course hunting down the terrorist godfathers themselves.


Simply put, the West and its allies should stop treating the symptoms and look to cure the cause of the disease.


Pakistan and any other country that supports or finances terrorism, whether it be Syria, Iran or even Saudi Arabia, must finally be called to account, and if necessary punished for their behaviour.


All those who support terrorism in any way must be held ultimately responsible for their actions.


If Britain, the US or indeed India fails to carry the war to those who make terrorism possible, wherever they may be hiding, then they too most be equally held responsible for their appalling failure to protect their own citizens.


The terrorists and their supporters have declared open war on the democracies and their citizens.


It is now time for the West to stop making excuses for inaction, for a deadly war is undoubtedly underway.


The democracies must ensure that they win in the end and if necessary by whatever means present themselves.


Now is NOT the time for squeamish liberalism, and the terrorists and their supporters should be confronted and defeated in the same uncompromising way as the Allies dealt with Nazi Germany [Images] and its allies.


My heart bleeds for India today.


Richard M Bennett  is an intelligence analyst

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