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Swami Ramdev attacks the political system
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June 04, 2008 12:20 IST

Swami Ramdev, the iconic yoga guru with a phenomenal mass fallowing, on Wednesday firmly denied that he had plans to enter politics but asserted that he was "promise-bound" to cleanse Indian political system bedevilled with corruption and criminality.

"I have taken a Bhsima Pratigya (unflinching promise) not to enter politics, but have also taken a pledge to stop commercialisation, industrialisation and criminalisation of the political system of the country," Swami Ramdev told UNI in an exclusive interview.

Launching a strong diatribe against the current crop of leaders across the entire political spectrum, the swami said most of them were corrupt and self-seeking and had little drive and energy for the betterment of the society.

"There are some good political leaders also, but the fact is that most of them lack vision and are steeped in corruption. Commercialisation and criminalisation of Indian politics is an insult to the freedom and democracy of the country," he said.

The famous guru, whose pursuit of yoga has fired the imagination of the people across the world, asserted that India's aspiration to become a superpower would become a reality only if efforts were made to stop politics from degenerating into an industry.

"Politics is not my goal or mission, but if there is an insult to my country anywhere in the world, I treat is as my personal humiliation," he said, adding that yoga could be a surefire method for the upliftment of India's political leaders.

While showing his disgust with the "corrupt" political system in the country, Swami Ramdev also suggested some measures to overcome the problem.

"There is an imperative need to make voting compulsory. Given the fact that the literacy level in the country is not very high, the popular mandate is not genuinely reflected during balloting. It is then important that everyone votes," he reasoned out.

Elaborating, he said the corrupt political system can be made clean and transparent by making it mandatory for everyone to vote.

"I firmly believe that young people should enter politics. They are full of energy, drive and verve. They can exert pressure on the leadership to become accountable and transparent. If everyone votes, good people will find an opportunity to enter politics," he said. 

Pointing out that voting is compulsory in as many as 32 countries, he said cent per cent voting in India has become an inevitable political necessity, and this should be ensured through a parliamentary legislation.

"Corruption is eating into the vitals of Indian political system, and efforts have to be made in right earnest to clean it up. The onus for it lies on the young people," he suggested.

The two other measures he suggested for making India strong were population control and a vigorous pursuit of the 'swadeshi' ideology.

"Rising population growth is a major stumbling block in the development of the country. This has to be checked. By pursuing 'swadeshi' ideology, the country's creative energies can be given a full dimension," he said, adding that through these measures the "dream of a clean, corruption-free and transparent administration can be realised."

The swami said he dreamt of an Indian political system that was not only vibrant, efficient and accountable, but also humble, people-friendly and transparent. "Yoga has the potential to realise this goal,"' he added.

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