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Indian-American runs on anti-Sharia platform
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July 09, 2008 15:40 IST
Last Updated: July 09, 2008 15:43 IST

Vijay Kumar, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the Tennessee primary congressional race in August, is running on an anti-Sharia platform.

Kumar, who was born in Hyderabad in 1954 and has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for 21 years, told the Frontpage Magazine that his anti-Sharia views developed in the late 1970s when work took him to Iran. He told the magazine that he saw the radical transformation of Iran from a modern nation to a repressed, fundamentalist state.

Explaining his philosophy on his website, he writes: "Terrorism is a technique, a method, and not an end in itself. The end-goal of global terrorism, Universal Jihad rather, is an absolute and universal conquest of the "infidel" world. It is not merely a war against the United States and coalition forces; it is a crisis wherein the very existence of Western civilization is threatened.

He states that US soldiers cannot win a war against a totalitarian ideology with 1,400 years of history, using superior force alone. 

He writes, "Yet, if America must fight, let us do so offensively. Currently, the Bush administration is fighting defensively and lacks a strategy for winning. For example, we are not using our naval and air supremacy to its fullest. We are not seeking the absolute destruction of a totalitarian ideology that wants to annihilate everyone who does not adhere to it.

"Better yet, let us understand the ideology of our enemy. The cause of poverty and misery in Islamic countries can be attributed, among other things, to population explosion and mind-control by imams, sheiks, ayatollahs, and assorted clerics. Rather than uplift the populace by providing marketable skills and enabling productivity, they have framed a rhetoric of Zionist and American conspiracy. In the resulting void has grown their hate-filled ideology. Sadly for the well-being of our country, liberals are so opposed to the president that they are more threatened by George Bush [Images] than Universal Jihad. They refuse to grasp the nature of the problem," he writes. 

"Let us declare an ideological war on militant Jihadists. The American view of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is infinitely superior to the Jihadist world-view of terror, death, and destruction. When we leave Iraq, let us do so on our terms, not those of "the terrorists." Let us leave Baghdad only when we are confident that Iraq will not become a nation of militant Jihadists and a serious threat to the United States and global security.

"Let us create a united front of democracies who have historically been victims of global terror consisting of the United States, Britain, Western Europe, India, South Africa, Israel, Russia [Images], and Japan [Images] so that all may join to fight the global problem of terrorism. The only way we can win the war is by demonstrating our resolve. Only then can we build a true international coalition against Jihadist terrorism, he writes.

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