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Smoke frequently and say goodbye to sex life!
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February 14, 2008 15:20 IST
Those who smoke ten cigarettes a day, better watch out! Using a 'cancer stick' as often as ten times a day can put a dampener on your performance in bed, a new US study said.

At a press conference organised by the Aakash Institute of Fertility and Research to announce the conduct of the third International conference on Sexology on February 16 and 17, an expert said regular smokers would suffer from sexual abnormalities like erectile dysfunction.

The study conducted in US two years ago revealed that if a person smokes about ten gaspers a day, over the years he has endangered his sexual life. He would suffer from erectile dysfunction as the nicotine content in the coffin nail would affect the spongy tissues in the organ leading to its shrinking.

This would affect the sexual life of a person, Dr Adaikan, an expert from Singapore said.

He said even consumption of alcohol might affect sexual life leading to erectile dysfunction.

Quoting statistics, Dr T Kamaraj of AIFR said of the 120 crore Indian population, 20 crore men were suffering from impotency and sexual inadequacy and other sexual dysfunctions.

Observing that the root cause for many of the relationship problem and abnormal behaviour was sexual dissatisfaction, Dr Kamaraj said sex-relaed problems were more prevalent among the IT and BPO sector employees due to intrusion of western culture, changing lifestyles, hurried and stressful work situations.

The advent of globalisation, computerisation and the growing internet culture have dramatically changed the daily life activities of the people leading to more stress and strain, which affects the sexual life of the person, he added.

The prevailing work culture has changed the person's attitude towards sex leading to value degradation and even sexual frustration.

The fast food culture and consumption of junk food leads to obesity which, in turn, affects the sex life of the person, he noted.

He said in this era of competition and stressful life people in all walks of life suffering from neuroses, conflicts, frustration which affects family relations, marital harmony leading to increase in divorce rates.

He said about 15 per cent of married couple end up with infertility of which 35 per cent was due to female factor and 30 per cent due to male factor. About 20 per cent of infertility was due to combined factor and the balance of 15 per cent was due to unconsummated marriages.

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