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An Urdu poem keeps terrorists going
Vicky Nanjappa in Mumbai
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December 15, 2008 11:26 IST

The brutality with which the 26/11 operation was carried out by "ten" fidayeens could be attributed more to the training of the 'mind' compared to physical training.

According to experts, the training which is imparted to these men physically makes them tough fighters, it is the mental training and constant brainwashing that makes them brutal killers.

A dossier prepared by the Intelligence Bureau states in detail regarding the physical training of fidayeens. In the words of an IB officer, these men are trained to become complete commandos.

The IB officer told that dreaded outfits such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba give equal emphasis on mental training to ensure the boys who carry out the attack leave their hearts behind and "turn into monsters" while they are sent out on such a mission.

The training on the mental side is done in two phases --  one during the recruitment process and second before the men set out on their mission.

The first part of the brainwashing is done by the handler. The handler picks and selects youth preferably in the age group of 20 and 30. The younger men are recruited for two reasons -- one they are stronger and last longer in an attack and secondly these youth are easier to brainwash.

These youth are told about the wrong being committed on their religion and also that there is a need to stand up and fight injustice.

The handler also does a thorough study on the history of the youth and on most occasions they always see to it that youth who have been wronged by the system or have financial trouble are picked up.

Once these youth are recruited, they are sent to the camps in Pakistan where they are trained physically. The physical training process lasts for nearly six months.

After the physical training is complete, the crucial phase commences where these youth have to be readied to carry out the mission with a lot of brutality.

The last 10 days of the training programme only involves brainwashing the youth. The IB says that this part of the training is crucial. Documents collected on the mental training process suggest that the fidayeens are brainwashed to kill innocent people. It is specifically told to them that they fight a religious war and also brainwashed into believing that all people except those who believe in the path of Jihad are anti-Islam.

The LeT in particular which masters in fidayeen attacks have collected a lot of material to brainwash the youth. The material includes videos of Muslims being wronged, quotes and writings in which jihad is misinterpreted.

For the men who carried out the attack on Mumbai, a particular poem was read out to them several times. The Urdu poem speaks extensively about the need for jihad and why it is important to fight. This poem served as an anthem for the men who carried out the Mumbai attack.

During the training programme, they were asked to rehearse this poem and during their mission these men kept reciting this poem which in turn gave them the strength and determination to carry out the attack non-stop for close to three days.

A few excerpts from the poem:

Jihad jari rahega ta qayamat, Jihad hargiz naheen rukega ( Jihad will continue till the day of judgment and will not stop).

Jihad farman hai khuda ka, Jihad rasta hai Mustafa ka ( Jihad is the path and order of God)
Zameen [Images] se fitno ka sar hamesha, Jihad hi se qualam huwa hai ( Jihad has cut of evil from this earth)

Jihad hi se zaban milti, Hai aan milti hai bekason ko (Jihad alone gives voice)

Jihad jhooti khudaion ko, ulat kar be abroo karega ( Jihad will make false God become naked)
Jihad se ijtniab hi ne, ghulamion ko janam diya hai ( Avoiding jihad has made us slaves)

Jihad dushman zaleel hoker, Athaah pasti mein ja girega ( enemies of Jihad will sink and will be dishonoured)


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