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Clinton, Obama pull no punches in debate

April 17, 2008
In a sharp attack on her rival Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton has asserted that he would be vulnerable on several counts if nominated as Democratic candidate for the November presidential elections.

In a debate with him six days before the crucial Pennsylvania Democratic primary Wednesday night, Clinton said Republicans are bound go full throttle at him on his vulnerabilities on his association with his former pastor the Rev Jeremiah A Wright Jr. and his serving on a board along with William Ayres, a leader of former Weather Underground, a radical organization.

Both had criticized the United States after the attacks by terrorists on New York and Washington which left some 3000 people dead.

But Obama defended himself, saying he could not be held responsible for views of some people with whom he had had little relationship. He reiterated that he was never present when Wright attacked the United States and had come to know about the remarks only after he began his campaign. He had dissociated with them but had not severed the ties with his Church as it had done a lot of good work.

Clinton also said that he was vulnerable on account of Louis Farrakhan, a radical leader of Nation of Islam endorsing him.

But directly asked whether Obama could defeat McCain if nominated, Clinton replied in the affirmative but maintained that she is a better candidate to take on McCain. Obama's response was exactly similar when asked the same question. "I've been in this arena for a long time. I have a lot of baggage and everybody's rummaged through it for years. I will be able to withstand anything the Republicans throw our way," she said.

Image: US Democratic presidential candidates Illinois Senator Barack Obama and New York Senator Hillary Clinton after their Democratic debate hosted by ABC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 16.

Text: Dharam Shourie/PTI in Philadelphia | Photo: Emmanuel Duanand/AFP/Getty Images

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