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'BJP leaders have a soft corner for Mulayam'
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March 16, 2007

Yogi Adityanath, Bhartiya Janata Party Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur, is in no mood to compromise. He refused to take a call from party President Rajnath Singh on Friday morning in the presence of large number of his supporters who have been thronging his 125 North Avenue residence in New Delhi for last one week in the hope that he would be able to get nomination for at least 20 of his trusted men.

Despite repeated meetings with Singh hopes of an amicable solution between the two seems unlikely. "I have made up my mind to float a separate party after I hold consultations with my colleagues in Gorakhpur," Adityanath told Senior Associate Editor Onkar Singh in an exclusive interview in New Delhi.

You seem to be upset with the BJP leadership. Why?

I am definitely upset with the party and its leadership. The manner in which candidates for the Uttar Pradesh assembly have been selected has exposed the leadership both at the state level as well as at the Centre.

You resigned from the National Executive alleging that you have been given unfair treatment?

Well, that is true. If we are not heard in the party then who is going to hear us. So what is the point in continuing in the party. I am going one step further.

The party says you wanted 50 tickets for your workers?

This is not true. We all know that only those who have the capacity to win should be given tickets. I reckon we have influence over 32 seats in the Gorakhpur parliamentary segment. So our candidates should have been given preference. But people with influence and money power have been given seats.

A number of relatives of the BJP leaders have been accommodated in the list of candidates?

I am not one of those who say that just because someone happens to be the son or daughter of a particular leader should be given a ticket or not. Irrespective of the relationship, if the concerned person has the ability to enter politics then he or she should be given the party mandate.

Are you making attempts to sort out your differences with Rajnath Singh?

I am not making any efforts. I have decided to quit the BJP and launch my own party.

When are you going to launch new party and what would be its name?

I am returning to Gorakhpur on Sunday and thereafter I will hold consultations with my colleagues and party workers and launch my party. I have not decided on the name so far.

Surely this is not the only reason to be upset with the party leadership?

While selecting candidates, the BJP leadership has kept in mind the winability of Samajwadi Party candidates. BJP leaders have a soft corner for the Mulayam Singh Yadav who has spread terror throughout the state. He put me behind the bars and tortured me.

You have asked for security cover from the Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

I have given a notice of breach of privilege to the Speaker because Mulayam Singh got me arrested despite the fact that I was member of Lok Sabha and he did not even inform the Lok Sabha Secretariat. Being an MP I have got security cover for myself but what about hundreds and thousands of innocent people who do not have this privilege.

What is going to be your agenda?

Our agenda is strictly Hindutva. We want to create awareness amongst masses and I am sure there will come a time when the people who are running away from taking up the cause of Ram Mandir will be too happy to own up the issue.

Which parties are going to support you and how do you propose to go ahead with your campaign?

Right now it is too premature to talk about these issues. The situation should crystalise in one week from now. Then you would automatically get to know what we are doing and how we are going to plan our campaign.

Did you meet former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee or former deputy prime minister L K Advani for assistance?

No, I did not go to them. Now there is no point in talking about it. Wait for our meeting in Gorakhpur. You will get all your answers.

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