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'Mulayam has no faith in judiciary'
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March 07, 2007 15:06 IST

Following is the transcript of the chat with Vishwanath Chaturvedi the petitioner in the high-profile Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court against Uttar Pradesh's powerful chief minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Vishwanth Chaturvedi says, I have come to you with my plea about Mulayam Singh Yadav. I would like the readers of to understand what kind of people are thriving. I would be glad to answer your questions.

bravo asked, do u have faith in our justice system ?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, I have full faith in the justice system of India and particularly after the Supreme court judgement. The people of Uttar Pradesh is heaving a sigh of relief after this order. I would say that even the lower courts have been giving some examplary judgements.

BALKISHAN asked, Firstly, i appreciate this bold move by you. How u r now feeling when at last CBI enquiry has been ordered by SC...
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, I thank all those who have stood by me. It was not my personal step. The step was taken for the people of India and particularly the people of Uttar Pradesh. After the formation of Mulayam Singh Yadav there was a nexus between politician, bureaucracy, film industry and the business community and they together encouraged corruption and criminalization of politics. The constitution of India was totally ignored. But after this judgement Uttar Pradesh and people of India have been breathing easy.

mukeshsale asked, Hi.Wht will be ur opinion that which party will make corruption free govt in UP?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, There is a need to improve and over haul the system and first and fore the bureaucracy needs to be made corruption. It is this wing which leads the politicians by nose and takes away the majority of the money. Money sanctioned for the Central sponsored schemes is being misused. I would say that even 20 per cent money is not being used. For example Sampur Gramin Rozgar Yojana kam ke badle aanaj yojana is being misutilized. Over 41,800 railway rakes have been illegally sold to Bangladesh and Nepal. First a CBI probe was ordered and later the same order was withdrawan. Like wise the same is true of many other centrally sponsored schemes.

Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, When I rise in the morning and I pray to Bhagwan Shanidev. And it is this which is source of my energy. My mother and father and even the grand mother gave me a lesson to stick to honesty and give even half of my roti to my neighbour if he is hungry. So this has been my history. I ask the Gods to give me strength to fight corruption and I should not harass anyone.

pranav asked, Do you think the CBI will find anything, nine years on.
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, If the CBI wants they have almost cooked food. I have given all the documents. What I have given is merely 2 per cent of Mulayam's property. A little effort would do the rest. I am convinced that CBI will file a chargesheet soon.

kkkook asked, do u support bsp?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, I do not support communal or relgion based parties. I believe that there is a need to amend the constitituion in order to curb such elements/parties. Those who work on the relgious and communal grounds mislead the people and divert their attention from the basic issues. Their sole purpose is to use the volatile issues as vote bank politics.

mayank asked, Is your target only Mulayam Singh or It is the start of mission ....... If it is the start who will be ur next target
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, This is only the beginning. I want to fight the system of corruption. Mulayam is just a part of this system who in 1989 and afterwards took UP downwards to 24th place. The state has become known as Ulta Pradesh in India and we feel insulted when we are referred like that and all those who are responsible I would fight all of them.

Vadiraja asked, How do u support the people of up in getting a good governance after this assembly election?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, For good governance it is necessary to improve the bureaucracy. In the entire Uttar Pradesh it is beaucracy is looking for its own good. And unless a major change is brought about in Uttar Pradesh no system can give you good governance.

kathaop asked, amitabh bacchan has spoiled his image by making amar singh goonda his brother.
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Amitabh is misusing his image by working as a partyman of Samajvadi party. It would have been better if he had taken an official post in the party so that the people could have identified him as Samajvadi party worker/neta. Amar Singhji a wheeler dealer hain. He gave affidivite declaring himself as economically weaker section man just to get a plot during the Mulayam Singh regime.

sethu_kam_raj asked, Why are you against mulayam sing yadav
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Mulayam Singh ji has no faith in judiciary. He has no faith in constitution. Whenever he forms government, criminals take over the state and the honest persons are at home. Nobody is safe during his tenure. The criminals operate from his house including transfer posting, kidnapping etc are carried out from there.

hyderabadi asked, How different do you think Mulayam is when compared to any other Politician ?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Mulayam Singh in Uttar Pradesh has been giving shelter to criminals. Compared to him politicians of other political parties are better than him.

suresh asked, hi..y did u file the case only on mulayam y dont u file on other leaders like mayawati etc.. in uttarpradesh for acquiring illegal assets
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, As far as Ms Mayavati is concerned the case is already before the honourable SC. The court has pulled up CBI for not filing a chargesheet. We should act against any corrupt official/politician.

sundar asked, what is the source of income of Amar Singh to buy Bentleys and Mercs and to host lavish parties and lead a luxorious life style ?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Amar Singh is running 100 mgwatt power project in Andhra Pradesh. Rest of the money comes from wheeling and dealing. He is known as a middleman in the political and bureaucrtic circles. He also operates on behalf of businessmen.

Khokhar asked, Dear Mr. Chaturvedi, Why did you not include his brother Mr. Shivpal Yadav in your complaint? I think he must be having a lot illegal wealth.......
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Shivpal too has taken a plot by showing himself as one who belongs to economically weaker section. The matter against him and Amar Singh are pending before the Supreme court. He has a kothi on Vikramadiya Marg in Lucknow.I would pass on these docuements to CBI.

raja asked, Amar Singh without any position has amassed a lot of money such that he is now a moneybag. Why are you not targeting him?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Amar Singh's matter is pending before the honourable SC. That includes 150 benami plots in NOIDA land scam. His personal CB in which he has been caught conversing with various people can also be used against him. Let the court do the job. Why should I target him.

unknown asked, Hey CV, you seems a emotional and honest man or there is something personal or sponsored by rival of SP. your replies are telling that you are confused man , may be honest but you are making personal comments abot Mulayam , Amar Singh and Amitabh also.If this is mission for you then you should be humble which you are not and you must tell the truth based on facts and figures rather telling stories. Anyway if u are alone then its brave act , but if you are backed by some political party then you must join party and then say whatever you want ( may be you also know and your sponsor also know that if you join political party then nobody will listen to you), All the best to you of you are honest enough
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, I am an advocate and member of the Supreme Court bar. As an Indian I should expose such elements. Members of the bar support me outright. I am a trade union leader and I was secretary of the Indian National Trade Union and even now I fight for the cause of the mazdoor and I would fight till my last breath for the under previleged.

pk asked, can u take on sonia on bofors or ur just doormat of 10 janpath
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, On that matter The Superme Court has already delivered its judgement and nowhere does the court say that former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was guilty and he was honourably acquitted. The country is full of scams. UP alone there have been sams of Rs 1,00,000 crore. I would be committing a grave injustice by talking on the order of the SC.

pankajsinha asked, Whom you consider more currupt, Lalu or Mulayam?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Mulayam Singh is both criminal and corrupt.

babul asked, Now that the CBI investigation is underway, what is your next course of action?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, Next step is to fight on the next scandal in Uttar Pradesh. I would first find the relevant documents and if they are found to be correct then I would fight to get justice to the people of Uttr Pradesh.

nagi asked, "Mulayam Singh in Uttar Pradesh has been giving shelter to criminals" Who are those criminals if they are what is Police, court and central government is doing then? You should file case against all of them.Correct?
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, FIR cannot be registered against these elements. On 29th September 206 when his government completed 3 years. The chief secretary, director general police and home secretary took part in the celebrations. This is gross violtion of the service conduct rule and who would have dared to write a complaint against them. Yadavization of UP police is complete. Under these circumstances no policeman would write an FIR against these politicians/bureaucracy etc.

ww asked, hi would you join some party if you are offered a good post.
Vishwanth Chaturvedi answers, No. I am happy with law and continue to work for poor people.

Vishwanth Chaturvedi says, If I had more time I would have been able to convey my views to the people particularly to the poor and oppressed. However in this limited effort I have done what I could and have given my personal opinion/views on issue of importance. Thanks for giving me a patient hearing....If I get an opportunity I would meet you again.

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