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'There is no ready-made solution to Kashmir issue'
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April 25, 2007 15:25 IST

Yusuf Tarigami is the most prominent communist figure in Jammu and Kashmir. An outspoken leader against militancy, Tarigami has been a target of several militant attacks. Some of his relatives have also been killed in the attacks.

He was in New Delhi recently to take part in the 3rd Round Table Conference on Kashmir. Interacting with readers on April 25, Yusuf Tarigami shared his views on the current round table conference and the ground situation in the Valley.

Here's the transcript:

Yusuf Tarigami says, Third round table conference was a part of divider process of dialogue going on both within different shades of opinions in Kashmir and Pakistan. And this round of discussions did concentrate on specific recommendations made by the working groups constituted in the second round table conference.

Martin asked,Why not spread this word among kashmiris that all that is happening there in kashmir is actually plot of Britishers. So avoid them and join the main stream of Republic Of India...
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, You see that while recognising the realities on the ground we must also appreciate that relations between union of India and Jammu and Kashmir has been under tremendous pressure and has resulted in certain amount of uncertainity. That is why there has to be a visionary outlook in dealing with the areas which have remained unattended so far.

Anil asked, Tell me sir, When we can see a calm Kashmir?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, Yes, that is a dream of every Kashmiri and my strong feeling is that Kashmir has witnessed many many tarbulances and turmoils but time and again Kashmiri's have exhibited the capacity to over come the trauma. Unfortunately Kashmir continues to be the victim of trauma of partitition and that is why our main trouble remains. We have been demanding the entire leadership of both India and Pakistan to over come this trauma so that peace is ensured for billions in the region including Kashmir.

majid asked, sir what is your personal views how this issue will be solved.and sir do u think these conferences are suitable for kashmir issue. and sir what is reason that your party exixts only in south kashmir why dont it extends to central place like srinagar,baramullah,budgam
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, I am thankful for this concern but the fact of the matter remains this problem has been hanging over since long. Now and now certain opportunities are available, if initiatives are taken certainly there is a possibility of resolving the issue and for that statesmanship spirit is required at every level. Round table is a step forward but no a substitute for entire process. Things ahead look, though difficult but promising as well.

rumali asked, how are you going to run both kashmir policy and communist policy at the same time??
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, I as a concerned citizen have been more concerned about the plight and sufferings of my people( I mean people of Jammu and Kashmir). They have been bleeding and all of us must join hands irrespective of our political and ideological affiliations to do our bit so that the crisis is overcome and issues resolved.

irfan asked, Lastly what we achive from this Roundtable conferance
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, As I said earlier round table is not the last word but certainly it provides an opportunity to deliberate over issues which concern our people. For the first time there is some credible mechanism through which we can move forward. As is evident from the deliberations certain concrete decisions have been taken and if implimented sincerely this will create an environment of trust and confidence.

Prem asked, Comrade, as an individual how do you develop that courage and integrity to face the threats and security risks everyday?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, It is out of conviction and commitment that I along with other comrades have been facing this kind of a situation and we must not forget that whole of society has immensely suffered and at present Kashmir has turned into a land of human tragedy. We cannot be silent spectators.

kata asked, hello sir, how can kashmir problem can be solved?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, Let us frankly admit that there is no ready made solution available to this vexed problem. It is through the sustained process of dialogue at different levels which can lead us to a solution which can ensure peace in the whole of the region including Kashmir.

Third round table conference was convened to deliberate over the recommendations of four working groups and these related to confidence building measures, issues concerning cross LOC relations, economic reconstruction and good governance. Almost all the mainstream political parties were represented including leaders different ethinic groups and intellectuals. Unfortunately non-electoral groups and parties did not turn up.

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in his opening remarks detailed out the direction of the dialogue process and emphasised the necessisty for stregthening this process at different levels. All shades of political leaders and intellectuals commented upon the recommendations in frank atmosphere and suggested that there must be credible mechanism to ensure the implimentation of the recommendations.

Prime Minister of India in his concluding remarks announced the setting up of a standing committee of the round table conference to monitor the implimentation of these suggestions on a sustained basis. The chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Gulam Nabi Azad was asked to finalize membership of this committee. Another committee to coordinate the task of implimentation within the government was was to be constituted by Prime minister Dr Singh.

Sahadevan asked, I am happy to say thanks to rediff, because rediff has done a good job to bring Comrade Tarigami. Now-a-days some medias are not much interested to introduce good people to public.
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, Thank you very much for this wonderful comment.

rajiv asked, Comrade...what all have you done for Ananthnag?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, I as an ordinary political activist have been doing whatever was possible on my part for the welfare of Kashmiri people including Anantnag. I cannot claim much but certainly I have never deteched myself from the people of Anantnag where from I have started my political activity. I can reassure you that I will try to be in the fore front for the welfare of poor and suffering people.

kartik asked, do you support plebisite in kashmir?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, It is not relevant to say yes or no. But certainly I will be with my people in their struggle for seeking a solution which can ensure a better and dignified future for Kashmiris.

indiman asked, i am a kashmiri hindu living in Delhi, our family moved out of valley because of milltancy. I dont think there is anything for pandits in the round table conference and terrorist wont allow us to return back as they want to create a muslim state. Any comments on this?
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, It is really very sad and tragic that one part of our society is forced to live in migration. It is painful for every Kashmiri who has any concern for welfare of our people. We have not to be bogged down by misdeeds of handful of misguided elements. The vast majority of Kashmiris who are themselves victims of this senseless violence pray for an occasion when the plural and rich tolerant culture Kashmir is restored. For that a sustained effort from all of us is required to isolate the elements of hatred and intolerance.

peace asked, when main separatist parties are not present a dialouge table, does round tabel conference serve any purpose.. Becasue all the parteis who are present in conference already support askhmir Accession to India so what is tehre for them to talk about
Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami answers, I have been consistently advocating that all the shades of opinion in Jammu and Kashmir have to be involved in process of dialogue. And all of us have to deliver tangible results matching with the hopes and expectations of our people. While not denying the necessity of talking to non-electoral forces, the mainstream parties cannot be denied their right to contribute to make this process result oriented.

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