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There is no military solution to Kashmir: Omar Abdullah
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November 01, 2006 03:30 IST

National Conference president Omar Abdullah chatted with readers for more than an hour on Tuesday.

Fielding questions about various pertinent issues like autonomy to Kashmir, the death penalty awarded to the mastermind in the 2001 Parliament attack, human rights abuses in the Valley among others.

Here is the transcript:

Administrator says, Dear all, Mr Omar Abdullah is on his way, and will be in the Chatroom in another 15 minutes

Omar Abdullah says, Hi everyone, I've just logged in after a few minor hiccups.

amit asked, Hi Omar, Why do you support the separation of Kashmir from India and its joint control by India and Pakistan, though you should be against the Pakistani occupation of kashmir? In fact, you should be spending your energy in telling the facts about India's progress to the people of POK and ask them to co-operate with India and fight against Pakistan's occupation of an Indian territory (Kashmir).
Omar Abdullah answers, I don't support the eperation of Kashmir from India. I support a solution that will allow the people in Jammu and Kashmir [Images] to live in peace, a solution that both India and Pakistan will find acceptable.

AK asked, Omar, you father supports the mercy petition of Afzal..Do u think it is right to give mercy who tried to break our legislature
Omar Abdullah answers, Afzal has exercised his right to appeal for clemency, this is a right afforded to him by the constitution. Neither I nor my father have ever made a case for setting him free. We have said that given the circumstances where Afzal will be turned in to a hero by hanging him let him spend the rest of his life in Jail to repent for what he has done.

Ims asked, Politician lives upto his expectation::: Comes late to even online chats!!!!
Omar Abdullah answers, Yes, technology is like the streets of Delhi there is always a traffic jam when one least expects it. :-)

jan asked, Dont you think Nc committed a big blunders in past and recently in 1996 by taking power without meeting the expectations of people?
Omar Abdullah answers, Blunders are not committed by coming to power they are committed by promising more than is possible to deliver there by having people feel let down. We did the right thing in 1996 and made a lot of progress. People expected more than we could deliver and we paid a price for that.

gaurang asked, Hi Omar, did you ever spoke or your party or your father did something about the KASHMIRI PANDIT who are living in slums of DELHI as REFUGEES IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? why you don't raise your voice also for KASHMIRI PANDITS who are literally killed & being forced to leave their homes in Jammu & Kashmir? Why this double standard against Hindus? Can you explain about that ?
Omar Abdullah answers, We have continued to highlight the plight of the kashmiri pandits. We have talked about the need to bring them back in a dignified manner. We do not support bringing them back to camps and secure locations simply because there are no secure camps in Kashmir. The Pandits left because of a deep sense of insecurity and they will only return when we are able to return to them that sense of security.

asif hameed asked, Waray Chuwhaaz! [Kashmiri greeting] A few questions: These day you are vocal about the HR abuses, as was PDP when it was not in power. Is this role reversal? Was not SOG a creation of NC? Over the years,the mainstream & separatists have been ignoring the educated youth of the valley, don't you think they should have a say in their future? Even a Hollywood movie will not be able to pay tribute to Sheikh Abullah, however his autobiography is not available even in your party headquarters (I checked)! Is he now just a symbol for the party? Doesn't his ideology demand greater awareness among people?
Omar Abdullah answers, The educated youth are part of the problem in Kashmir because we are unable to provide them with the sort of jobs they expect and this leads to alienation and frustration. Unfortunately it i a chicken and egg story - what comes first the peace or the investment/jobs. Sheikh Sahib's autobiography in both Urdu and English is available in the HQ though in limited numbers. We have recently signed a contract for it to be translated into English again and that should be available by mid next year.

Dhruv sharma asked,  Mr Abdullah, why should we keep Afzal in prison for life, so that some terrorist can hijack a civilian plane to NWFP and barter for his release? I believe that Army should Kill these bloody Terrorist, but they all ( army) are under pressure. basically you want your vote bank from these terorists families. THIS IS YOUR & OURS NATION NOT OF THE TERRORISTS
Omar Abdullah answers, Given that there are hardly more than a few thousand terrorists in Kashmir I hardly feel we are trying to use them to build up a vote bank. By the grace of God I have a much larger vote bank and don't need to play such politics. As far as the army killing people is concerned - why stop there lets tell all the states to allow the police to kill criminals so that our jails are empty. We have a constitution and a rule of law and while terrorists may not follow it we are constrained to whether you like it or not.

dsnb asked, why politicians are always after regaining power at any cost?
Omar Abdullah answers, Alas politics is about power. It is only in power that one can make a positive difference on the scale that one would like. In opposition one can make a noise in government one can make a difference.

Upinder asked, Hello Omar,i adore your personality and out spokenness on various issue, but somehow, i get the feeling that after being out of power, your statements are contradicting to the ones you made while in power.One more thing i need to know from you..Do you think we Kashmiri Pandits really have a future in Kashmir as all of you stating that you want us back.. give me your sincere and honest reply.. thanks.
Omar Abdullah answers, Yes you have a future there and I have never said otherwise whether in power or out of it. The road ahead is not easy but if you feel the goal is worth achieving then the difficulty should not scare us.

unis asked, Hi Omar, when NC was ruling u didn't bother to look at the human rights violations. And now that you are out of power, you start thinking of it. Is it because u care about the vote bank and the ways to appease kashmiri masses
Omar Abdullah answers, We were bothered about HR violations then and are bothered now. The difference is that we were voted out in 2002 and replaced by a party promising a healing touch and peace with dignity which has not ben given. This is what we are highlighting - the promise of a healing touch left unfulfilled.

Jeb asked, Mr Abdullah, Greetings. My question is that why do Kashmiris feel the need of being given a special status? Why should they be treated any different from the rest of Indians? Durning independence all Kingdoms had to merge with India, I dont see Hydrabad or Ajmer asking for special status. Historically Kashmir was a part of the Indian aggregate and so it's normal that it becomes a part of the Indian state after its formation.
Omar Abdullah answers, Historically Kashmir was NOT part of the Indian aggregate and why special status - because that is what Govt Of India promised us when we acceeded. Why not Hyderabad or other places ask them, since clearly they did not want special status.

ssygaurav asked, Hi Omar, recently I visited Kashmir on a short trip. I expected it to be quite a bit more developed economically and in area of education. And it was not so. Why so many governments who came like your party have failed to develope the areas of education and economy ? As all the malice starts in human mind in a society which is rather poor and uneducated..
Omar Abdullah answers, It is because of our progress in the sphere of education that we have a problem. We have educated so many of our youth beyond he graduate level and not been able to give them jobs in keeping with the education attained. This causes resentment and anger that has been taken advantage of by divisive forces.

bashir asked, is nc not serious about toppling the colation govt and comming to power or nc is still not convinced that they will not come to power in the peoples mandate
Omar Abdullah answers, Nope, we are not serious about toppling the Government at all. We will wait for the peoples mandate.

SS asked, What solution do u have for a complete peace in Kashmir valley?
Omar Abdullah answers, Unfortunately I do not have a tailor made solution that will find 100 percent acceptability, no one does. That i why dialogue is a must for a solution to evolve.

clash asked, Hi: Dont you think it is high time that the muslim community in India reverse their radical way of practising ISlam?
Omar Abdullah answers, Indian Islam is one of the least radical. You have obviously not travelled to some of the Islamic countries.

asif hameed asked, What I was asking Mr. Abdullah is the fact that the youth are kept at bay from the political process. We haven't seen any new faces across the political spectrum of Kashmir, other than those who had to take over. And I think that the political parties (mainstream or separatists) should put some energy into involving the educated youth, as they are the future of Kashmir. Otherwise it will be a loss-loss situation years from now. What is NC doing in this regard?
Omar Abdullah answers, The youth are more involved in Kashmir politics than in any other state. Just because you have seen us for a few years does not mean we are not young. The cream of the leadership in Kashmir - mainstream and seperatist is below 45. That says a lot about yuth involvement. Come attend one of my political functions and see the youth turnout to decide for yourself.

ashishzutshi asked, answer questions as a human being, not a NC president. your grand father had a association with kashmir pandits and did a lot for them. but now KP`s hardly are discussed in your meetings
Omar Abdullah answers, That's nice to read. I always thought Kashmiri Pandits blamed my grand father for everything.

JohnnyM asked, My Fourth question: ( I have not seen my first in the view window). When will you politicians stop playing with the sentiments of the Kashmiri people? You don't seem to go into the masses, you live a noble life - quite different from the Aam Aadmi in Kashmir. Its a class and caste based society: when will you give your comforts to seek redemption for your so-called citizens. When will you stop your hypocrasy?
Omar Abdullah answers, I can only say that that is something people in Kashmir have had three chances to pass their verdict on and all three times I was returned to Parliament in an election. I take it you are an aam admi in Kashmir given that you are commenting with such authority.

someshwar asked, Hello Omar, like Gandhis in Delhi, the Abdullalh's have ruled J&K for major parts of last 60 yrs. But why the Kashmiris still live in misery while the Abdullahs spend their holidays in UK and other places. Dont u think the Abdullahs in one way reponsible for the present condition of Kashmir. Pls give an honest answer.
Omar Abdullah answers, If you can do the math and work out how many years the Abdullah family has governed J&K I will give you an honest answer.

kaushal asked, is ur father right in saying that the judge who has give verdict of afzal death sentence has the threat of life .
Omar Abdullah answers, Yes, because the judge who sentenced Maqbool Bhat was shot by terrorists. You don't like the message, fine just don't blame the messenger.

Harish Gurumoorthy asked, Omar Sahib, can Pakistan be trusted at all?
Omar Abdullah answers, Good question - let me ask you that if we choose not to trust Pakistan is there anyone else we can trust to control the camps. There is no military solution to Kashmir so trust is the only option. It has to be earned.

observer asked, Good afternoon. Mr. Omar, what is your opinion about Mufti Sayyed's idea of giving self-rule to Kashmir? Is this feasible?
Omar Abdullah answers, I am awaiting details of the Self Rule proposal. Govt Of India has sent Mufti to New York to unvail his proposal at the UN (or so he would like the people in Kashmir to believe). Let him reveal his cards and I'll comment. Right now I have NO CLUE what self rule means. asked, Wont a stable & peaceful govt there give propsperity & growth to Kashmir than terrorism.
Omar Abdullah answers, YES

Jeb asked, Kashmiris always seem to be demanding. What is the contribution of Kashmiris in India's development? I understand that most kashmiris do not pay taxes and electricity bills. Do not say they are poor, there are poorer states in India. If you say you have special status, if you are independent, who will maintain kashmir economically. Do not give example of switzerland (they are europe). Give example of one muslim country living peacefully, who do not have oil.
Omar Abdullah answers, That's why you don't see me talking about independence. It is not a viable solution to the problem - never was and never will be.

Aditya asked, Mr Omar, When India constructed a fence along the LOC there was a much hype that we could control the infiltration drastically.however, recently we don't hear any news about the fence and terror strikes in Kashmir and in India are continue. Does this mean the fence project was a failure? PL reply
Omar Abdullah answers, I am sure the fence has helped control things but not as much as was promised.

Monica asked, I dont know if your going to answer my questions or not. Let me try again. Kashmir issue has been dragged by all and Sundry.We sometimes get a feeling that your party tries to project people of Kasmir as being different from People of India.Why don't you leaders come out and say boldly J& K is an integeral part of India and people of Kashmir are no different from any other Indian in This Country. Its important to understand that when this belief comes from the heart no one would try and plead for a terroist like Afzal. Do Comment. Why Cant we boldly tell Pakistani we'll not take any of their crap on Kashmir. Are we Scared........? Whats the Hitch?Tell them to mind their own business otherwise do in Pakistan what they have done in India at a much larger Scale. One more division of Pakistan I feel is called for....Baluchistan...? What do you say?
Omar Abdullah answers, Because when we say this boldly we are left to hang out to Dry by Govt Of India. My father screamed this from the roof tops and yet Delhi chose to promote an project Mufti Sayeed with money and news coverage to weaken NC as we were considered untrustworthy. Mufti even convinced Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji as PM to not say Jai Hind at the end of his speech in Srinagar [Images] for fear of upsetting his party people. Sure we can be bold but when Delhi responds by cutting our legs off from under us our boldness is put aside and we concentrate on survival.

Jitu asked, Hello Omar, What is it that your party is opposing to the hanging order of Afzal Guru?
Omar Abdullah answers, Lets end this debate here - all I will say that his clemency plea is pending with President Kalam lets see what happens. Forget politics, let the law now decide and then we will all face the consequences - good or bad together.

Suresh Mayya asked, I would like to ask this again....Mr. Abdullah, I read that majority in Kashmir do not consider you or your father or even your grand father represent them. How would you counter such arguments? In a sentence if you were to summarize your contribution to the Kashmiris, which one would you pick?
Omar Abdullah answers, In a sentence - how about 3 words "time will tell"

Sachin asked, I think you would not reply for the que but still trying to ask you. Your father and you was there when Kashmir was burning when in Kashmir election was declared you all returned back ONLY to grab the SATTA. Is right.
Omar Abdullah answers, And the question being?????????

Aditya asked, Do you think there will be any meaning in holding discussion with a pakistan military ruler as he is not accepted even within Pakistan by other parties as a representative?
Omar Abdullah answers, And who would you suggest we talk to in the mean time?

Omar Abdullah answers, You seem determined to get an answer so let me remove you from your misery - it's very flattering though somthing completely undeserved since there is no contribution I have made to this, it's all in the genes. Happy?????

girish asked, Hi Mr. Abdullah, DO YOU BELIEVE THAT KASHMIR IS A INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA ? This is a single question every indian has on his mind. Please answer . thank
Omar Abdullah answers, As much as India feels Kashmir is it's integral part - sure.

vic asked, kindly answer my question , please what do u feel about your alliance in coming elections with BJP?
Omar Abdullah answers, We don't have one and won't have one.

jaysolanki asked, Hi Omar, why have you disappeared from the national political scenario. I feel your energies are under-utilised in state politics. Jay
Omar Abdullah answers, Thanks, but any contribution I can make, no matter how small towards peace in Kashmir will be a national service not just a state one.

observer asked, Mr. Omar, have you read President Musharraf's memoirs 'In the line of fire'? What are your thuoghts on the book which has been dismissed by many commentators as 'full of lies'?
Omar Abdullah answers, Have not read it. Not sure when I will. Perhaps if I get a signed copy from him I'll read it. :-D

sammi asked, Are you indian?
Omar Abdullah answers, Good question - are you???

amitchoudharyy asked, kashmir is burning under farooq abdulla,he same condition under u now,wot steps u have taken to resolve the issue,same meetings with leaders,long speeches,why?
Omar Abdullah answers, I haven't yet had a chance to show what I can do - hold your judgement till I do.

soumo asked, Let me try again, Suppose whole Kashmir is a part of India and there is no army there except at the borders, Kashmir can have some changes to its constitution, and many other demands are met. Then will the Kashmiris be happy to be a part of India?
Omar Abdullah answers, It's a very good point to start from. The question will be what changes?

fgrte asked, why cm of jammu and kashmir only act as if they are cm of kashmir and not of jammu why jammu and ladakh is always given step motherly attitude
Omar Abdullah answers, Unfair allegation - the statistics tell a different story.

Hrushi asked, If u have rational thinking power dont u think ur dad should be put in jails for pressuringzing judicial institution and supporting criminals. He should be given strict punishment.
Omar Abdullah answers, Lets punish everyone who speaks their mind because clearly your interpretation of the constitution does not allow freedom of speech.

pkp asked, Why are you so scared about Afsal Guru ?
Omar Abdullah answers, By the grace of God I have no reason to fear Afzal.

Jeb asked, I think Omar is looking is for some meaningful questions, let me put this. What about part of Kashmisr with China? When will it become part of Kashmisr again? or China will have the last laugh as it is surely South asia's enemy number 1
Omar Abdullah answers, ALL parts of Kashmir as it was in 1947 will have to be part of the discussion. Full marks to India they did not alter the lines of J&K a single inch since 1947. ZERO marks to Pakistan for playing with the lines and gifting territory that did not belong to them.

PrashanthBhat asked, I have asked five questions and provided one comment. I think they are valid questions related to todays discussion topic [Why is Afzal Guru being discussed in Kashmir - the peace process chat?] Do you even care to reply one? My first was if you have a plan to solve Kashmir issue. The second was if Kashmir issue is a tit for tat for the creation of Bangladesh [hint..hint..foreign hand in destabilising process]. The third was how can the HR violations be reduced in the valley and what is the public's role in that. Fourth was is it safe to visit Kashmir in its present situation. And the final one being, is there a hatred for Kashmiri muslims among the general public? If so, why is that and if not, why are they not being integrated in the national fabric like the rest of us {people of all religions? Do you think not even one question is better than Matto's question of what do you feel when girls and even boys find you hot? I don't understand your process of selecting questions. Do you find this amusing?
Omar Abdullah answers, Fortunately I get to choose what to answer and what not to. Pick one out of these five and I'll answer it.

Sureshji asked, Are you from coward family? Your father is afraid of terrorist.
Omar Abdullah answers, Add up the number of times my dad and I have survived assassination attempts and then ask me again. It's easy to pass judgement sitting behind a computer screen away from the valley.

arvindnolkha asked, R u Indian ? I Don't think
Omar Abdullah answers, That's fine - yu have your opinion and I have mine. That's the beauty of our constitution.

ManojNair asked, Omar..Nice to be with you today. Its 4.45 am in Los Angeles and I am excited to be in chatroom with you. Quick question? Do you like the way your dad spends time in UK when Kashmir is burning?
Omar Abdullah answers, He's not in the UK and hardly goes there but alas public perceptions are hard to change. Good morning BTW, have a nice day there.

rajm04 asked, Hello Mr Omar do you feel the people of kashmir do not feel to be part of India, how do you feel can their Alienation be removed
Omar Abdullah answers, The question is very valid but I can't possibly type out such a long answer. Some other chat perhaps.

HariharanN asked, Its my dream that Kashmir should come back as a crowd pulling tourist destination in the world and infrastructure grown with massive manufacturing and services industry coming up. The missing link here is peace. Do you think that my dream will be fullfilled in your lifetime?
Omar Abdullah answers, Insha Allah, I certainly hope so.

palwoods asked, Mr. Abdullah, pls answer just this one,I will move off then,it really is imp to get this ans 4 me: Mr.Abdullah, if you had your way, what would you have done to try and sort this issue out so that peace in maintained in the valley
Omar Abdullah answers, I will get my way, soon I hope, and then I will begin to impliment the plans that I have. Need less to say I have a few but not the time to share them with you.

sv asked, What is your opinion on foreign terrorists(non-kashmiris) present in kashmir? Mainly bought by paying huge money to their families.
Omar Abdullah answers, No, mainly brought by playing the card of Jeehad.

ruksana asked, your father and your grandfather has done such a great job in valley.Why are you and your family being kept aside and people like mehabooba mufti and yasin malik coming into picture when you are the true representative of kashmir????? Why aren't you and your great father Faroq Abdullah trying to come forward and hit back
Omar Abdullah answers, We are working on it slowly and steadily.

PradeepMishra asked, Mr. Abdullah, what is your take on India of 2020 ? What according to you are nation's top 3 priorities ?
Omar Abdullah answers, Education Healthcare Infrastructure Ladies and gentlemen I really must leave now. This has been fun. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to answer so many of your questions - perhaps next time. Thanks Rediff and thank you all. Bye.


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