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What is the Dalit/OBC voice on quotas? Tell us!

May 22, 2006 13:52 IST

As students continue protesting against the government's proposed changes in the reservation policy, there are voices that feel reservations are important if the less privileged have to be brought on par with the rest.

"What more do the upper castes want? They have 50 per cent of the total seats whereas the upper caste population is just 15 per cent," Udit Raj, Chairman of the SC/ST Federation told

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What is the view of students who belong to the Other Backward Classes and Dalit communities on the increase in quota for them? What are their reasons for needing reservations?

What has been your experiences in a competitive world of Indian education?

Do you fear this will lead to resentment against them in campuses across India?

Will it jeopardise OBC students who make it on merit without using the quota structure?

Write in and discuss your concerns. Tell India what you think.