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How will India become a superpower by 2010?
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August 14, 2006 14:30 IST
We puff up with pride at the buzz about India in the West. We're proud when Shashi Tharoor gets a shot at the United Nations secretary general's post. We're thrilled with the malls, call centres and software whizzes.

But is that enough to bring India the glory it deserves?

If India has to achieve greatness, we all need to act. We must have ideas and vision to make this great country a superpower by 2010. calls upon Indians to join this debate on the 60th anniversary of Independence.

Come, discuss how this beloved country of ours can achieve everything you want it to be.

Join the Rediff Connexions Discussion Group:

Connexions: India: A Superpower in 2010

Through this Rediff Connexions groups you can discuss with others your ideas to make our nation truly great and try to find solutions to the many, many problems that could hold us back if we are not careful and clever.

How to join Connexions:

It is easily done -- register your e-mail address, first, on Rediff Connexions.

Note that it does not have to be a Rediffmail address -- any e-mail address will do. You can do this in the new user area on the right side of the Rediff Connexions page.

Next, pick your password, fill in a small form that talks you through your school, your college, your interests.

Why do we want information about where you went to school, and what you like?Glad you asked -- Connexions is all about, you guessed it, making connections.

Once we know your interests, it helps us put you in touch with fellow travellers -- long lost schoolmates, for instance; or someone who shares your hobbies, your interests.

The Internet made the world a small place; Connexions is all about making it still smaller.

We will send you an e-mail validating your membership, click on the link in your mail -- and you are registered.

Don't forget to come back to this page and click on the link below and join the discussion:

Connexions: India: A Superpower in 2010

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