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'Affected people need houses and boats'

January 04, 2005 14:46 IST
Last Updated: January 04, 2005 17:56 IST

Transcript of the chat with Ganesh Nadar who covered the tsunami-hit Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu

Ganesh Nadar : this is Ganesh Nadar

Ganesh Nadar : I am presently in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu

Ganesh Nadar : have been travelling from Colachel north towards Chennai

mihtun78 : hope everyhting is going well for the victims before i start the chat
Ganesh Nadar : mihtun relief is slow and steady yes the victims the majority are being looked after

Sammie : Is there more Tsunami to come
Ganesh Nadar : not that we know off sammie

nitin kapoor : Hi ganesh, we keep on hearing about all the bad ways aid is handled in India. why doesnt the media take an active role in this why dont we have news websites reporting how each and every penny is being spent by the aid organisations
Ganesh Nadar : the tamil nadu government has not given out any accounts as off now nitin

Sammie : hows the weather in Tanjore
Ganesh Nadar : the weather is pleasant here sammie

ravee : hei guys, i am ravee and i would like to volunteer for some relief work in nagapattinam or pondicherry... can anyone help??
Ganesh Nadar : once u get to nagapatinam ravee just contact the district Collector to help in the government relief work or any NGO. people interested in volunteer work can go to chennai nagapatinam or colachel. once there, they can help out with the government relief work or join hands with variouns NGOs

Princess : nadar, how would you describe the scene now? do you find any improvement in the situation on the ground?
Ganesh Nadar : there is improvement. People have something to eat and they are in temporary shelters princess

siddhartha : hi ganesh can u tell me what is the actual toll in the recent tasunami
Ganesh Nadar : the actual toll will not be known till all the debris is cleared siddharta

siddhartha : i read in that they r still exatracting bodies is it true
Ganesh Nadar : yes, in nagapatinam

sandi : situation is entire south india is grim with no relieve work.....
Ganesh Nadar : there is relief work but in such situations complaints cannot be ruled out

ravee : and Ganesh, is there real need of volunteers???
Ganesh Nadar : there is a big need ravee

sandi : our central government is dumb....
Ganesh Nadar : the state government is not any wiser, but is doing its best

ravee : Ganesh: Which place u would suggest me to go??
Ganesh Nadar : nagapatinam ravee

BoazChacko : Dear Ganesh,According to the Officials of UN and Media Reports the biggest relief opertions of Human history is going on Is that effectively reaching the real victims of the disaster affected areas ?
Ganesh Nadar : most of it chacko

BoazChacko : It should be is really Appreciated the Govt of India Send 3 ships to our neighbouring country Srilanka to carryout Relief operations. But How effective is our work in down the south like Kulachal, Kanyakumari
Ganesh Nadar : in colachel the government is acting with the church and it is good

dudebangalore : Also Ganesh, I am not trying to look for a cozy place or something.. but just let me know as volunteers what all should we carry for our own survival? (how much cast, bedding and stuff like that)
Ganesh Nadar : just carry cash, everything is available

jbwaj : Are there any long-term plans for rehabilitation of the villagers?
Ganesh Nadar : not yet sir : how can i send food n clothes 4 the villagers
Ganesh Nadar : the red cross will deliver anu

guptapooja : Is the relief money really going to the needy people
Ganesh Nadar : some of it

zahid : ganesh pl. tell what is reaction of tsunami victims who lost everything in this incidents
Ganesh Nadar : they blame fate zahid

Jes : Since material and people are in plenty in Colachel, do you think the next step is rehabilitation which would mean cash donations to affected families. Do you think it would be a wise idea?
Ganesh Nadar : next step shud be building houses jes

preetigoel : We heard that more than any other help, the Govt needs people to come forward and help extricate bodies from the devastated areas. Is it True Ganesh ?
Ganesh Nadar : yes. They are a health hazard preeti

vas : hi, these affected people: they want food, blankets and money more than clothes right?
Ganesh Nadar : mainly, houses and (fishing) boats

desai : hi want to send in help. Is the PM's Relief Fund a proper place?
Ganesh Nadar : yes

VijayNadar : Dont you think we should consider building robust barriers on the coast?
Ganesh Nadar : it is not possible

shekar : Sun TV and leading telenetwork in south india is making politics of this issue. does there news have any impact on government officials working on task
Ganesh Nadar : no

nanea : ganesh - UN has indicated that the next threat is from the diseases? How are we placed to tackle it?
Ganesh Nadar : the officials of the health department are aware (of this possibility) and are on their toes.

preetigoel : There were also reports on Television Channels that nobody is much willing to help extricate bodies and so the Govt had to call for scavengers from other areas in south India. If so then how would the cleaning operation be completed?

Ganesh Nadar :  there are volunteers to carry the bodies.

mira : hello Ganesh, as far as Kanyakumari is concerned, what do you think victims need the most out there? Is it more money/food/volunteer help/something else?
Ganesh Nadar :  they need houses and (fishing) boats

anilh : hi ganesh, i've a different question to ask. is it difficult for a reporter to stay detached from the tragedy unfolding around and go about his job? what has been your experience?
Ganesh Nadar : we all cry

delhi : so tell me GANESH, is the government doing anything, absolutely any sort of relief work at night?
Ganesh Nadar : relief work is carried out only in the day

nanea : Gnnesh - Is it better to send aid in kind (food, clothes, medicines) or cash donation?
Ganesh Nadar : both are welcome

narendradv : All are talking about is diseases like Cholera, Malaria. Are there psychiatrists to help people suffering from traumas
Ganesh Nadar : no

mira : I read in rediff, some techies from bangalore are helping out in some places in TN. Will it be good if more such people go out and help in kanyakumari or do you think enough manpower is there?
Ganesh Nadar :  yes, because there are not enuff volunteers

vas : when you say houses and boats are needed, do they plan to get volunteers to help with the building of houses or do you just want materials?
Ganesh Nadar : volunteers (to help build the houses) and the money

Nidhil : Will you please name some organisations which are doing real good work, so that we can contribute to them?
Ganesh Nadar : Red Cross, UNICEF, Lions Club are all working there

cjo : if u keep saying they need houses and boats, its not going to help.. any specific info on the kind of help that a lay person can do? Where can we send money? How to send money to the PM's relief fund?
Ganesh Nadar :  nationalised banks are accepting money for the PM's relief fund

madhav : Is the participation of celebrities in relief programmes helpful or are they doing such things for fame?
Ganesh Nadar : they are helping; the motive is irrelevant

anilh : well if the number of dead is only 9,500 and if people have been toiling to clear the bodies since the last 7 days, then why is it that there are still many still to be extricated?
Ganesh Nadar : too much debris

darwa : have you collected information from Colachel personally? Your coverage does not includes some real facts
Ganesh Nadar : i was there for two days sir

madhav : Hello Sir, many non-governmental agencies are collecting money for relief. I want to know whether it is being used for what it is meant?
Ganesh Nadar : nobody shows their accounts to reporters

naiduprasad : how is the situation over rameshwaram
Ganesh Nadar : rameswaram is safe

mira : ganesh, do you have any suggestions on what NRIs can do (other than contributing to the PM fund, NGOs.)?
Ganesh Nadar : they can come here and help re-build the infrastructure

Jes : Wwhere exactly in colachel area is it best to do volunteer work.. is it kurumbanai or mandackad?
Ganesh Nadar : kottilpadu

soumyarout : Hello Ganesh, What r the precaution govt is taking to avoid epidemics?
Ganesh Nadar : tetanus injections. spraying chlorine, sprinkling bleaching powder

narendradv : Ganesh, Any damage to temple at kanyakumari
Ganesh Nadar : none

anurag80 : Hello Ganesh, Last few days have been a lot of panic and suffering. How many days (weeks/months) do you think it'll take to complete restoration work??
Ganesh Nadar : a year, at least

sriram.iyer : Hello Ganesh are there any deaths among the animals there?
Ganesh Nadar : surprisingly no.

mira : Where the people who lost their homes staying?

Ganesh Nadar : In relief camps – schools, churches, marriage halls

Nandhu : What is the government planning to prevent this in future?
Ganesh Nadar : installing a warning system

zahid : ganesh! is any possibility for anyone to misuse the relief money
Ganesh Nadar : lots

ajayG : Do you think local authorities are enough sensitized about the post disaster health problems?
Ganesh Nadar : yes

sriram.iyer : Has the aid started coming in yet?
Ganesh Nadar : yes, lots

Kalpa : Mr.Ganesh, Why doesn't our government allow NGOs into Andaman inspite of the necessity?
Ganesh Nadar : the government has not stopped anyone

5256 : Hi Ganesh, Is it the 1st time that India is encountering tsunamis?
Ganesh Nadar : as far as i know, yes

mh_jbp : in what way can we know about the missing people?
Ganesh Nadar : the concerned district collectors shud be contacted

Nidhil : Do you reporters also try to assist in relief work?
Ganesh Nadar : no, we don't

mira : Ganesh, is there any fear among locals about another earthquake/tsunami soon? Do people want to move out of kanyakumari to safer places in the interiors?
Ganesh Nadar : they fear the sea but will not leave their native place

narendradv : Ganseh, Do you think the nuclear power plant at kalpakkam is safe as the govt is saying?
Ganesh Nadar : it is

aashii : i m on my way to nagapattinum. plz tell me wat is the most needed thing there so i can carry it from mumbai
Ganesh Nadar : cash

Karthic : Hi Ganesh, I just want to know if the relief works are reaching the victims in time
Ganesh Nadar : yes, most of the time

narendradv :  HAM operators can help people by providing communication services. Am I correct Ganesh?
Ganesh Nadar : correct

preetigoel : Ganesh, do you think the relief material being distributed in affected areas is being done effectively?
Ganesh Nadar : effective but slow

sree : i'm sorry, but doesn't it sound stupid that "YOU" are one of the first ones to reach the spot and you are there to "just see and report", not to help...i mean shouldn't you guys carry at least something to help the affected.
Ganesh Nadar : we do our job, sir : am trying to put together a team of 10-15 volunteers and we are looking to adopt a small locality (or village) and work towards medium to long term rehabilitation on all levels. will the govt allow such an effort?
Ganesh Nadar : certainly sir

Patriot : Has the government done the needful or is there anything more that's expected to be done?
Ganesh Nadar : lots more. People need houses, boats, nets and psychiatrists

Ganesh Nadar : thanks folks. It's been a pleasure talking to u but i have to go. c u sometime . god bless u

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