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Pakistan responds to India's proposals and also makes some new ones: Main points

October 29, 2003 16:32 IST
Last Updated: October 29, 2003 16:52 IST

The main points in Pakistan's reply to India's October 22 proposals to improve bilateral ties:

1. Welcomes Srinagar-Muzafarrabad bus proposal in principle. Wants check points along the way to be manned by UN officials and people should move with UN documents.

2. Sustained and serious dialogue needed.

3. India has proposed date for talks on technical-level talks for resumption of air links. Pak agrees to talks in 1st week of December.

4. Resumption of Samjhauta Exp because bulk of traffic through rail, so we believe it will serve India's purpose of people-to-people contact.

5. No link between talks on resumption of air and rail links.

6. Welcome resumption of sporting ties.

7. Welcome (novel) idea of visa camps in various cities. But problem is how to implement? Pak wants restoration of number of staff in embassy to pre-December 2001 levels.

8. Senior citizens welcome to cross border on foot.

9. Instead of increase in frequency of Delhi-Lahore bus, Pak says it is better to resume Samjhauta Exp because it will spare people a torturous 14-hour bus journey. India should have courage to restore rail links.

10. Pak proposes bus service between Amritsar and Lahore

11. Work with India on release of fishermen arrested by both sides, on humanitarian grounds.

12. Heart institutes in Karachi and Punjab province have offered to treat some poor Indian children.

13. Mumbai-Karachi ship: Issue can come up when the composite dialogue is resumed.

14. Rail between Sindh and Munabao: Issue can come up when the composite dialogue is resumed..

Pakistan also made some fresh proposals:

1. It will offer 100 scholarships to Kashmiris children to take graduation and post-graduation courses in Pakistan


2. Will offer treatment to aged Kashmiris


3. Help widows and victims of rape (which, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Riaz Khokar alleged, occurred due to the action of security forces). Wants UN agencies to identify such people.


Khokar said if India is sincere about bridging the gap between Kashmiris separated by the Line of Control, it would allow Kashmiris to accept the offers Pakistan has made.

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