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'It's just another Rambo film!'

March 27, 2003 16:43 IST

Thu Mar 20 16:07:00 2003
Your Views:The people of Iraq are behind him strongly and he has done a fair job in progressing the country. Unless there is a specific evidence that his continueance is a threat to World peace, there is no need for him to go

Thu Mar 20 16:07:02 2003
Name:Abdul Gaffar Jalaloddin Asadi
Your Views:This is high handedness of Bush and his allies on Iraq and its innocent people (women & children) in the name of outsing Mr.Saddam and to save the world of chemical weapons. Is it the solution to oust Mr.Saddam by targetting innocent people by America, who claims to be the champion of Human Rights. Mr. Saddam is the President of Iraq chosen by the Iraqi people and Iraqis want him as their President. If at all Iraqi people want Mr.Saddam Hussain to step down they have the power to do so, but are not doing so as they have full faith in him and his government. Hence Mr.Saddam Hussain should not go. His going out is not the solution, but withdrawing the attack by US and their alleys is the solution, and in doing so the whole world will be with US government and support it in future.

Thu Mar 20 16:07:09 2003
Your Views:In my view war is just like one dictator asking another dictator to step down and replace his own dictatorship.I strongly condemm any act of terrorism be it from the Iraq side or be it a white collar murder like being done by Mr George Bush. Mr Bush who never travelled outside the USA seems to have shorter vision and lack of exposure in the world political scenario and adament like a child to take over the Moon. If Saddam has done something wrong it should be panalised but not by America , who is USA to decide the fate of millions of people of IRAQ ?? It will lead to the death of UN as today this may be the case between Iraq and USA , tommorow it may be another country against which Mr Bush become mad to rule and ask the govt of that state to step down. Infact Mr Bush is diverting the attention of the American people from the failture of economics and bussiness front in USA. Let the innocent people be free from war , I request Mr.President to set aside the adament behavoir for the benefit of Democracy. Despite being shamful ending in Afagan War and clueless about the Main Culprit in war after disturbing peace & harmony gained nothing. USA must take a lesson.

Thu Mar 20 16:07:23 2003
Your Views:Democracy cannot be established by force and US attack is crowdedly and unjustified. The war is not meant for the establishment of democracy in Iraq but to fulfil the vested interest of US on oil resources. Nothing else than fulfilling the domestic need for fuel. But we have to see will it be similar to Vietnam War? Will American interest be fulfilled? Yes, this time oil is more important than human blood for US. Can one say US believes in democracy? One has to suspect why are they trying to through the elected president? What is the definition of democracy in US term? May be might is right (those who are strong should dominate the world by force) and share of the world resources should go to Britain and US???

Thu Mar 20 16:07:27 2003
Name:Siddhartha Ganguly
Your Views:No. Not at the behest of USA or its allies. If he has to go, the Iraqi people should decide as to when and how he should go. President Saddam may be bad but there are many such bad people all around the world, even at the top positions in variuos governemnts. This must not be the reason to throw him out and put a puppet in his place. And not in this way. The world peace is disturbed and we, the common people of the third world are deeply distressed at such US aggression defying the United Nations. What does it show? USA is bigger than the UN and that is not good for the world. The balance of world power may tilt tomorrow, then what happens? USA, whom we look at as the super-power and epitome of technological excellence for the benfit of mankind - how can they kill thousands of innocent people in a country which is half dead due to 12-year old UN sanctions. We can only pray that this effort of USA does not lead to Third world war or more terrorist attacks leading to death of hundreds of innocent people. Only hope that this war will come to an end very fast before anything 'worse' and 'big' take place.

Thu Mar 20 16:07:37 2003
Your Views:No.And .Never. But he has to sign to the UN that he wont use Biologiacal bombs in the future.

Thu Mar 20 16:07:37 2003
Your Views:Yes! Democracy should be acheived by force.All the world is playing a silent spectator when human rights are being violated on a large scale.This war should be the end of Saddam.It is high time the citizens of Iraq taste the spirit of Democracy.

Thu Mar 20 16:07:37 2003
Name:Nitin Rao
Your Views:Why should saddam go !!! Campaign started by Bush has gathered momentum through various US media of Saddam doing evil over people of Iraq. None of the stories can be verified or would come to people back as truth or made up stories. By utrocities what we hear through CNN happening in IRAQ may also be happening in US for people in general which are never reported or bad. US of A must not ACT as police over world, prime concern here in this WAR actualy will be what are the accruells USA & ENGLAND trying to gather for their own economy as well as votes for themselves since both the leaders have not turned around as what they promised to people in their respective country. Remains to be seen what will be the answer SADDAM gives to the attack , another funny news item is about IRAQ using chemical weapons, They were not given chance after inspection to destroy now US/UK started bombarding & expect SADDAM to give him self away quitly, Saddam should not use chemical weapon but US/UK can use in the name of better world??? Which world we are in ?? Tomorrow comes & we never know if US of A would like face of Saudi King or Indian leader since Uncle sam never liked them, Are we all ready?

Thu Mar 20 16:07:46 2003
Your Views:As per Mr. Bush Oil is thicker than blood. That is why he is killing lakhs of innocent people by bombing. To capture the oil rich country under their control. He is not fit to be a president of USA. Because American are asper my knowledge very nice people. But he is not. He has not thought that the IRAQIs are also human being. They are knowing how live in their country and who should rule their country. Bush should think of his country. If one American dies he will make so much hue and cry. Where his Missiles and Bomb and kill lakhs and lakhs of people. There are lot of childrens and aged people who can not run and take the shelter will be trapped under his Bombs and Missiles. The International community should come out against this kind of action. Let there be another world war. Another world war is better. Instead of surrundering to Mr. Bush. Bush is taken granted that all Americans are supporting him. God will help Saddam hussain and iraqi people from this assult. By Ivanc

Thu Mar 20 16:07:56 2003
Name:Ajay Kaul
Your Views:I think usa is bossing around a bit too much...it preaches a lot but doesnt practice even a bit of it. It's stand on Kashmir problem...support to Pakistan....asking india to maintain calm....all this on one side and it's own stand on Iraq and Afghanistan on other side. It does not have any evidence today against the Iraq Govt. and it is marching ahead to kill thousands of Iraqi civilians including women and children. I think the US is absolutely wrong...the situation is not so bad that he should declare a war...take the situation of india and pakistan...india has maintained so much restrain inspite of so much evidcence. And even the UN is not supporting such act of US. By going in for a war, Bush will prove himself for a bigger and a much more harmful dictator as compared to Saddam Hussain.

Thu Mar 20 16:08:09 2003
Your Views:Saddam should be sent to himalays and make him saadhu - he will enjoy this place make him renounce everything

Thu Mar 20 16:08:14 2003
Name:KS Kiran Kumar
Your Views:It is just not the question whether Iraq is right or wrong by keeping weapons of mass destruction. Importantly, I do not understand what danger USA is envisaging, sitting thousands of Kilometers away from Iraq. For that matter, even USA is in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This is nothing but the bullying tactics of USA to take over the oil reserves in Iraq. Who the hell is USA to decide who will lead other countries. Bush Junior will be known to future generations as a war monging devil. As on today, if there is any rogue state, it is USA and not Pakistan :) Global political scenario now feels the absence of another super power to put brakes to USA's tantrums. I wish, all peace loving countries, shed their reservations and come out in public to criticise the ghastly acts of USA against small countries. May god bless all the people in Iraq and curse Bush Junior. W/Regards

Thu Mar 20 16:08:28 2003
Your Views:America is acting too much, if the peoples of Iraq want democracy they will get it by protesting against saddam, bush shouldn't interfere in other country's business. I think Americans wants to be kings of world. If we don't protest it, one day they may come against India with Pakistanis.

Thu Mar 20 16:08:29 2003
Your Views:US Still stands Justified though UN expressed its concern. US is highly selfish particularly Bush. Bush had to go.

Thu Mar 20 16:08:43 2003
Name:krishna kumar
Your Views:Saddam in power or not is an extraneous issue. The issue is here we have a leader who talks about ethics and morality of war or the lack of it on the part of Iraq but whereas US has been the only country in the world who has been commitng these atrocities with impunity . Remember Hiroshima, Vietnam, 1991 BOMBING OF 100,000 conscripts in IRAQ well after the cease fire, Carpet bombing with daisy cutters in Afghan. Do wehave to listen to this moralistic vitriol from this despot?

Thu Mar 20 16:08:43 2003
Your Views:Saddam will go... eventually. But what about Bush. He has started a trend which has made the world a free for all .

Thu Mar 20 16:09:13 2003
Name:Phanidhar Kolusu
Your Views:This is a decission Saddam has to take. But if I have to take give my virdict I have to place myself in his boots. Then if I were Saddam, in this situation there will be no question of leaving my naton leaving my folks to the mercy of an invader and the soveringty and cherished history and pride of the nation at the mercy of the conspirators. I will lead all the resources, citizens and their pride inthemselves in a such a way that my nation for generations to come will be proud of me and my co-patriots and add us in their folk lores. I will lead my poeple and fightback in such a grave fashion that the aggressor will feel ashamed of himself and tremle in his own boots and will be unnerved to handle his sophisticated equipment. I will make my soverign nation proud and put my life at the alter to provide the world with a buityful heroic story it can sing for years to come. There is no way to give up till the last drop of blood flows in the veins of a patriot. this blood was drawn from this soil and will fight till the last drop for this soil. JAI HIND

Thu Mar 20 16:09:15 2003
Your Views:Yes He should go.but peacefully not forcefully...He is an idiot and Dictator....

Thu Mar 20 16:09:16 2003
Your Views:No. he shouldn't go anywhere. he has to handle the situation. because citizens of iraq are with him.

Thu Mar 20 16:09:16 2003
Your Views:Sandam should not go. If Sadam ask Bush to go ...do he respect it. It is Iraq to decide who should rule.

Thu Mar 20 16:09:37 2003
Name:No he shouldnt go
Your Views:One cannot fight for peace. America could have impossed more stringent laws thereby depriving them of almost all the necessary comodities and the supplies forcing Saddam's people to outcast him and thorw him out of power.

Thu Mar 20 16:09:46 2003
Your Views:saddam shud stay BUSH MUST GO

Thu Mar 20 16:09:51 2003
Your Views:if we accept that saddam has to go then we need to accept that the first and foremost to go should is to be Bush coz dont we feel that Bush is acting Insane than Saddam.

Thu Mar 20 16:09:51 2003
Name:Aurobindo Mukerji
Your Views:George Bush has no business to be in this region. George Bush has no business or authority to be talking the way he is. Whether Saddam should go or not, whether Bin Laden is bad or not is not the issue - the question is whether we need an insane character like George Bush at all - What right has he to be playing with the lives of millions in this region.

Thu Mar 20 16:09:56 2003
Name:Keshav Totla
Your Views:No. Saddam must not go. Bush (not US)is using its superpower position in a wrong way. No physical evidences of biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction have been foung in Iraq. Further UN resolution has also not been obtained. Who in this world have given the right to Bush to attack any one whom he desires. Other countries must come forward and protest against him.

Thu Mar 20 16:10:13 2003
Your Views:George Bush has shamed the US founding fathers and has violated all norms of a decent society. This is probably the 'costliest' family feud, Bush taking the US to war on behalf of his father. Economically & politically a disaster for US!!

Thu Mar 20 16:10:19 2003
Your Views:Absolutely, Saddam has to go, evenif by force. Democracy has to be established anyhow, as the Muslim world has very little regard for Democracy and without it the world cannot have lasting peace. Only democracy can help protect muslims from falling into the trap of dictators & fundamentalists.

Thu Mar 20 16:10:42 2003
Name:Ataur Rahman
Your Views:YES!SADDAM SHOULD GO. Beacuse the us needs oil and in the process if some innocent iraqi people die who cares!nobody dare challenge the us superemacy and it is a democratic country and it wants every country to be the same. we(US) dont care the wishes of our own people because we can sideline the democratic and diplomatic procedure because it was created for the us and it can break it at any time and nobody should speak against it because the US says so.yes saddam should go

Thu Mar 20 16:10:53 2003
Name:Sanjay Bhatt
Your Views:No he should not leave Iraq. I feel Americans have to Backtrack this time as they are not having world support and if war continues for more then 2 months then the victory will be of SADDAM

Thu Mar 20 16:11:00 2003
Name:sanjay patel
Your Views:i believe that this is the war only for oil nothing else..If Iraq is having any mass destruction weapon then let it make clear by the UN authority.. Or if US likes the war against Iraq then they should convince the UN..They(US and its friends) should get an approval by UN... Please save the Iraq... As you cant buy your life once it lost... Blood is much thicker then oil.... american can understand this thing when they loss someone who are very close to their heart.. bye Sanjay

Thu Mar 20 16:11:28 2003
Your Views:On the contrary Bush should go and must go.India must reduce dependence on US and should take tough and active stand against the US.

Thu Mar 20 16:11:34 2003
Name:Guru Prasad
Your Views:US president Bush is NO. 1 teririst and should be punished first. It is jut the oil which is attracting him. OH god save America from Bush for the sake of the world pease.

Thu Mar 20 16:11:36 2003
Name:K Vinod Kumar
Your Views:No. Bush is a bully and a coward. After getting UN to disarm Iraq, Bush orders his high tech military to attack her. Americans think that if they offer green cards, scientists from other nations will defect. They think that other soldiers can be bribed to disobey orders. The US will learn its lesson.

Thu Mar 20 16:11:37 2003
Your Views:Why is american president is elected president. answer is no. it is only counting mistake of votes. a day will come that he will ask our prime miniter, president to go in exile. can we wait for that

Thu Mar 20 16:12:00 2003
Your Views:only one word no if iraqies r happy with him

Thu Mar 20 16:12:14 2003
Name:hari narayan
Your Views:it is the people of iraq to decide who should rule them. its none of americas buisness to what they call " redeem the iraqi people". those who have over thousands of ready to use nuclear weopens don't have any duty of de nuclearising a country which it thinks has the potential to make one in the next 20years time down the line. it will be innocent people of iraq who will be dying for americas oil politics.

Thu Mar 20 16:12:46 2003
Your Views:No. Mr. Saddam H. should not leave his country. its a prestige issuse. and what the allegation is made by U.S. i think they are wrongly and wronglyfully attack Iraq. after the UN inspecton it is clear that Iraq does not have any weapons of mass destruction. And condemn this war against IRaq

Thu Mar 20 16:12:47 2003
Your Views:Of course Saddam should go. He has proved he is an evil dictator. But the question is what is worth giving up to make him go, how many lives need to be wasted. I personally would rather let him stay for a few years than kill a few thousand civilians.

Thu Mar 20 16:13:00 2003
Your Views:This Bludy Junior Bush should go.

Thu Mar 20 16:13:33 2003
Name:S. Sridhar
Your Views:Saddam need not go just because US wants him to. Firstly, they are wrong in interfering into the rights of a country to elect its rulers; secondly, they have begun these attacks in blatant defiance of the UN directive which is ridiculous to say the least. Finally, they cannot play GOD to the world. They may next go to N Korea under the pretext of arms pile up and finally land up in our neighbourhood (Pakistan, where else) stating that Musharraf & party are supporting Al Qaeda or whoever. This HAS TO stop and all sane minded countries should get together at this hour of need to make world bodies like NAM relevant!

Thu Mar 20 16:13:37 2003
Your Views:US has sidelined international bodies like UN and NATO. They have no respect for anyone. They are out for cleansing the world of all evil like a school bully. Who has given US the right to go around killing innocent people in the name of peace? Will the world now be controlled by Bush Jr and his cronies? What terrorism threat does Iraq have to US? Countries like India have been facing terrorism for years but refrain from war understanding its seriousness. Had a war been fought on US ground, perhaps that paranoid nation wudnt have been so eager to have innocent blood shed. Right now its all happening in foreign lands. For power and violence crazy US, its just another Rambo film! Shame on the so-called super power for playing a world bully.

Thu Mar 20 16:14:55 2003
Your Views:The majority of people in Iraq must have a chance to elect their own leader. Instead of a having rigged/fake elections which give 100% vote to anyone Iraq needs "REAL" elections for the benefit of the people.

Thu Mar 20 16:15:28 2003
Name:Maqsood Alam
Your Views:Saddam must be rule in Iraq and never been omit from the people of Iraq as well as people who believe in Islam because attack on Iraq means US attack on Islam.

Thu Mar 20 16:15:43 2003
Name:mehadi ali baig
Your Views:this being bad to proclaim prejuidical war over iraq without laying any causes for the war by american president and i am being indian muslim with the power to speak as my right stand against the unwanted war against iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:15:43 2003
Your Views:WOuld you have asked the same question if Bush were asked to quit USA? Would YOU want to quit your homeland, because a bully asks? USA for all its 'greatness' is just a vehicle for the latest anti-christ, GEORGE W BUSH, Jr.! While Saddam Hussein is no innocent, neither is Bush! SO how would Bush react to anyone telling HIM to beat it, out of USA? SO why should he & his coterie expect Saddam to vacate? Insult upon injury? He controls the largest arsenal of Mass destruction-proudly talks about them too!.....yet, Iraq is the villian! Tomorrow, US Troops & bombers will move into Iraq from Kuwait (illegitimate offspring of USA & UK), and move towards the Southern Oil fields (the PRIME US OBJECTIVE), then, onto Baghdad. The other illegitimate offspring (ISRAEL) is smirking with glee... deliberately kept out of the news & arguments...despite the daily massacre of Lebanese! The greatest beneficiary of this WAR! BUSH ....who will get the Jewish $s and weapons... and control of the gulf oil! The greatest terrorist is BUSH,with his droves of terrorists who will massacre Iraqis to vindicate his father's blackened face .. Avenging his father's defeat is his inspiration !

Thu Mar 20 16:16:02 2003
Your Views:balls!!! plz cut d crap...n let's be honest here........our views don' count.

Thu Mar 20 16:16:38 2003
Name:Hari Prakash
Your Views:I fully agree with the view that democracy can not be established by force. It is people of the country who can establish democracy. And lookig at the attitude of US towards a world body, I feel outragous. Why US has not same kind of view for other countries of the world who are dangerous like Pakistan, North Korea and others. Saddam must remain in power so that US could realize thar on a world forum she can not act on her own. It is being said that Saddam is not elected representative of his country, but that is true to many country. This is war for oil and business obviously and no rational human can support this.

Thu Mar 20 16:16:50 2003
Your Views:why?why?why?,why is the Americans crying for saddam's blood? but iam not supporting him.i feel he is a very selfish and cruel. he could have averted this war by leaving the country,atleast for the sake of his people who were so obedient and loyal to him. why is he pulling them to the land of no return. And also our own big uncle sam acting to be the policeman of this world have other ideas. in the sake of cleaning chemical weapons,they are looking with a cunning eye towards the oil wealth of the arabs.By disobeying UN they are clearly becoming arrogant and showing it out. Power rules isn't it?.With every one praying to avert the war why Bush and Saddam is busy in sacrifising innocent people.They don't know the meaning and value of life. I would say after opting for war both the leaders should have gone to the war front and fight till their end.War is never a solution to anything but only gives rise to thousand other problems.our noble laurates has nothing to say about this?where is the UN?Where are the world leaders? Man, our future is not safe. Definitly not safe.

Thu Mar 20 16:18:04 2003
Name:Sridhar Nandivada
Your Views:MISTAKE OF THE MILLENIUM!!! GO SADDAM GO !!!! Rippp the US Army. Jr. Bush and Tony have launched an illegal attack against a sovereign nation against international law, against the consensus of public opinion and without any reason other than the fact that they misjudged the international climate of public opinion. They have gone too far and were unable to turn back. Even if they want to take back a step back now, it costs more $$$ move artillery and Army than they have invested. This is not a holy war. The war is to get complete hold of the Oil in Iraq. Chemical and Biological weapons is only the outer flavor that Jr. Bush and Tony is showing to rest of the world. If these two Countries can declare war against Terrorism, India can also declare War against Pakistan which has got a noble cause. Jr. Bush and Tony has got no right to kill innocent human beings in Iraq. I have only one wish - America should face 2 more similar attacks of September 11 attacks. This time - destruction should be 100 times more than Sep 11 attacks. But humans should not die. Only the destruction of bridges and buildings (National property). Then Jr. Bush will understand the result of war. I mean it.

Thu Mar 20 16:18:05 2003
Your Views:George Bush - the face of America well expresses the autocracy of americans towards other nations.Are the rules and laws are not applicable for the lawmakers? US says Saddam is having dangerous weapons and for the cause of world peace they attack Iraq. Does this not appicable to US who have more and more dangerous weapons than any other country in the world? Why does US wants Saddam to move out of the country?? If George Bush is asked to leave US for the cause of world peace ,will he accept it???? Who is Bush to establish democracy in Iraq????Have Iraq people elected Bush as their president to do it???? War is a mear GAME for US to test their dangerous Weapons among the Innocent civilians of Iraq and acquire the Land of Oil resources.Today US takes the innocent lives of Iraq for acquiring Oil resources ????Tommorow it may happen to any other country ......God save the world from the Americans.....

Thu Mar 20 16:18:06 2003
Your Views:No I don't think that Bush or anyone person has the right to force Democracy. By doing so the entire essence of Democracy is lost, democracy is also giving people the right to choose for themselves. In any case Saddam has a right to stay where he is it is Bush who should stop trying to play the Knight in shinning armour. And as far as the UN is concerned I think they have turned themselves into a Cosmic Joke!

Thu Mar 20 16:18:36 2003
Your Views:Saddam need not leave Iraq in any case. It is really inspiring to see some body who can atleast dare to fight against reckless Americans.

Thu Mar 20 16:18:36 2003
Your Views:Yes. It might be a rather difficult decision for him to make since it involves sacrificing himself for saving miseris to his nation. But given his track record, he is not going to go away till he is finished. I think even the objective of the US led coalition is to get rid of Saddam more than anything with this war. But even after war, I think Iraqi people are not going to get justice. They will be in the mercy of the victors viz. US and probably some part of the booty will still be available to them for keeping.

Thu Mar 20 16:19:14 2003
Your Views:The question is is it more to it than OIL, Clearly now the base line should be OIL and not anything like weapons.America has not learnt after september 11, for god, country and coca cola !! led by a half baked moron !

Thu Mar 20 16:20:20 2003
Name:Samit Pal
Your Views:Who is Mr Bush to remove the leader of a country when the people of that country wants that leader. Its amazing how the US changes their objective. While initially it was to disarm iraq, now it is to oust saddam. One wonders what the actual motive is??

Thu Mar 20 16:20:29 2003
Name:suraj prasad
Your Views:bombs away... history is written by those who win, and here again it will be written by US. Few years later everyone will forget what actually happened. But is it so the case again? American may have pushed it luck to far this time. it has spelled a doomsday senario for the world.If America feels its security is essential so is those of the other nations, like INDIA, Russia and North Korea. Democracy and never be installed by force...look at Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Figi, it comes naturally as a soul of a nation. Regarding Saddam, we dont know if he has to go or not. If his qualities are seen as bad then there are many like him around the world who still rule with out any obstruction. Look at Burma, the military govt. took over, removing a democratic elected govt. Why dint US interfare then. Well if oil is found maybe we will see few cruise missiles firing away. Till Then...lets hope this world can be a better place to live where people will care and fight for more important issues. thats all..from a management student prespective, who is graduating into the corporate world shorty.

Thu Mar 20 16:20:34 2003
Name:Pankaj Mehta
Your Views:NO. Not because one man in the world wants him to go and unfortunately he possess wide range of economic and military power than he should. in fact by attacking iraq, america is strengthening the hands of militants and will result in high level of anti west feeling in other countries.

Thu Mar 20 16:20:36 2003
Your Views:for one family one paerson can die, for one village one family can die, for one contry one village people can die, for one person one contry should not die. Mr Saddam has to take a decision on this.

Thu Mar 20 16:20:39 2003
Name:muthu rafeeque ahmed
Your Views:The UNO itself is not justifying between us and iraq. and unable to stop the war between them. it is not mr.saddam to leave his nation but itis mr.bush to leave his native because of un justification.

Thu Mar 20 16:21:42 2003
Your Views:Bush and Saddam will be remembered in history for destroying a nation and its people for personal vendetta and i am sure if there is a place after death where they could meet they would still be fighting there.

Thu Mar 20 16:21:52 2003
Your Views:I feel we shouldn't support Americans. Humanity should be given more importance rather than Oil. We should all stan one and fight against America. If Today its Iraq tomorrow it will be any other country. There should be certain rules and regulations, money power should be given importance.

Thu Mar 20 16:22:12 2003
Your Views:Who are we to decide whether Saddam stays or goes. It's up to the people of Iraq to choose their leader.

Thu Mar 20 16:22:50 2003
Name:Joby M John
Your Views:Sadam Husain SHOULD GO! He is an evil to this world... checkout his past and you will find out. Most people who support Sadam dont know his past. His evil face has not yet been seen by the world, but will soon if he is alive.

Thu Mar 20 16:23:57 2003
Name:Shafique Khan
Your Views:My wiew Saddam don't leave the country and use all any kind of missiles they have. Bush is a sick man this time Saddam whos next

Thu Mar 20 16:24:03 2003
Name:arun k s
Your Views:no need for him to vacate the scene. Infact my question is who is Bush to decide that Iraq needs a change in regime. Its none of his business.

Thu Mar 20 16:24:05 2003
Your Views:This is clearly a bush personal agenda than WMD, if what he says is what he means then he has to go behind WMD and not behind Saddam, and over and above that Bush doesnt have any Face to talk about saddam When he is supporting a Dictator like Musharaff, when he doesnt respect any public opinion then he is called a dictator and not a representative of a democratic country. Bush is always a war prone leader who always wants to fight with one or the other to divert his domestic attentions, When he is waging a war against the world community why shouldnt he be taken to international court for war crimes. And he has to be made responsible for all humatarian crisis and the Economic crisis caused due to the war and also all the American people should be held responsibe for having a leader of such a calibre. Its really pity for the world community whcih is not able to control a Individual. Let God Bless all of us.

Thu Mar 20 16:24:36 2003
Name:Sugata Datta
Your Views:Yes, he should go. His is a military dictatorship which neither supports democracy nor sanity, in so far as making weapons of mass destruction. But this is not the way.....US cannot attack Iraq in such a gross violaton of the UN charter. Why not disband UN then ? If US/UK are so sure of the Iraqi leadership's evil designs, why don't they table it at the UN and seek a resolution ? Diplomatic and other means were not exhausted before taking such a drastic step. The 'other' means are boundless for an imaginative mind !!

Thu Mar 20 16:24:36 2003
Your Views:yes yes he can do that. he has the capability and gudds that's all. wait and see

Thu Mar 20 16:25:17 2003
Your Views:One always thought that Americans were just lazy but intelligent people but they have proved the world wrong acting like fools by electing a blood sucking vampire who is a green greedy oil sucking monster. For thoughts of liberty fraternity, and freedom for the whole world and autocratic imperialistic thoughts for the self. As someone said all are equal but some people are more equal. Just like pol pot george bush will also go down in history as a perpetrator of mass crimes. and of course after all the war the american people will stand up and donate some bread crumbs to the left over iraqi population (if any)and satisfy themselves that they have done all that they could. There is not even a single world leader who cud warn bush in the same tone that bush was speaking and as a saviour of mankind as weapons of mass destuction r lying in the hads of a more dangerous cruel vampire who goes by the name of George W. Bush. May God Bless America.

Thu Mar 20 16:25:28 2003
Name:sriram n
Your Views:US Objectives Short Term: 1. Revive Economy 2. Change post Sept 11 Psyche 3. Oil 4. Retain power by demostrating power(machiavellian ??) Long term 1. Strategic hold in middle-east 2. Stranglehold on OPEC

Thu Mar 20 16:26:20 2003
Name:Vinod Nair
Your Views:Sadam should never flee from Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:27:10 2003
Name:vinay rajpal
Your Views:i think bush should go ...if india or the rest of the world should think that america has weapons that could target their country then do we attack america ..its just an egoistic country taking on the weak .. well america will repent later even if the war is won and saddam moved ..like the ghost of vietnam ..iraq will haunt generations of americans

Thu Mar 20 16:27:37 2003
Your Views:It is height of insanity.There is no value for human life.Bush makes lots of hue and cry about terrorist attack on US.Even for september 11 America is sololy responsible. Bin-Laden was groomed by CIA,is a well known secret. if bush is so much interested about fighting terrorism then what pakistan is doing?By not accepting un resolutions bush makes a mockery of world body,and has set a wrong precedence in this regard. His only aim is to control the 17% oil which is available in iraq.Let thousands of innocent iraq people and american soldiers die,no problem. Bush has drawn a paralell to the infamous hitlar.

Thu Mar 20 16:27:50 2003
Your Views:no

Thu Mar 20 16:27:53 2003
Your Views:The fact is US is the only remaining SUPER-POWER..So it WILL do what it wants as long as any of the other so called POWERFUL nations (incl India,China etc) dont lift a finger to stop them..

Thu Mar 20 16:27:55 2003
Name:saddam bye bye
Your Views:ofcourse he must go. he is a dangerous and a cruel man.

Thu Mar 20 16:28:04 2003
Your Views:No,no one can decide whether Saddam go except his people.other contries sould not do anything on other country.Liang

Thu Mar 20 16:28:05 2003
Your Views:why bother into others bussiness always if one doesnt like a particular country just use weapons and put the blame on world saying "its for the benifit of people"

Thu Mar 20 16:28:19 2003
Name:Sumesh Gandhi
Your Views:Its time for US to go. I think all the other countries should unite & give Bush such kick on his backside that he never ever thinks of attacking any other country. Does US have guts to attack Paks from where most of the terrorist required by them were found??

Thu Mar 20 16:28:24 2003
Your Views:Clear evidences are not established regarding possession of Chemical & Biological Weapons by Iraq. War / Killing of thousands of innocents is not the route for removal of these weapons even if they possess. First of all what qualification US has to say even that other countries should not possess these when they have Nuclear Stock piles which can kill not only the present but the future generation also. In addition US has the capabilty of targetting any spot in the world with their nuclear stock pile. Iraq even if they posess Chemical weapons, they do not have the capability of striking far off places. When they take a step towards usage of this kind of weapons, the whole world community can join hands and counter before these weapons are used. Even great Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa did not advice a small kid to not to eat sweets because he himself was eating then. He called the child after one month and adviced him during which time he himself first stoped eating Sweets. Us knowing very well the Pakistan's attitude of supporting Terrorism against India for decades which is more hazardous than possessing of Chemical weapon (not using them), is supporting Pakistan in all indirect ways.

Thu Mar 20 16:28:42 2003
Your Views:I think George W Bush should go.What is the use of UN in this world if any nation can just take a unilateral decision and go and attack other countries based only on suspicion and no concrete evidence.Any action should be taken only if the weapons inspectors find evidence against Iraq which they havent yet found.George Bush is using force as a personal vendetta to settle scores his dad had started.

Thu Mar 20 16:28:43 2003
Your Views:BUSH should go ! Not Saddam ! Indian govn. should withdraw all the DOCTORS in US.. This will create a havoc in US. China also should stop all exports to US

Thu Mar 20 16:28:50 2003
Your Views:I think George W Bush should go.What is the use of UN in this world if any nation can just take a unilateral decision and go and attack other countries based only on suspicion and no concrete evidence.Any action should be taken only if the weapons inspectors find evidence against Iraq which they havent yet found. George Bush is using force as a personal vendetta to settle scores his dad had started.

Thu Mar 20 16:28:55 2003
Your Views:Although Am no Saddam fan, it's my opinion that Sadaam should not leave. He has no reason to. He has complied with UN's demands and quite frankly, his stay is wanted by his own people. USA has defied UN authority and Bush has behaved like a World Dictator. Bush is taking this whole issue too personally, not caring about the innocent civilians who are going to be killed by this assault. Bush has also ignored World Opinion on Iraq and has gone ahead with the war for no appropriate reason. Britain, Australia, Spain and other supporters of U.S. have to be ashamed of themselves. They cannot think on their own and they're blindly doing whatever U.S. wants them to do. This war is a total outrage. It's very disappointing!!!

Thu Mar 20 16:28:59 2003
Your Views:y Should saddam Go out of his own country, he is a elected leader. (atleast a refferend) I feel by supporting Musaraff, Bush is more damgerous than Saddam, Who is keep One Billons lifes in stake.

Thu Mar 20 16:29:02 2003
Your Views:I think George W Bush should go.What is the use of UN in this world if any nation can just take a unilateral decision and go and attack other countries based only on suspicion and no concrete evidence.Any action should be taken only if the weapons inspectors find evidence against Iraq which they havent yet found. George Bush is using force as a personal vendetta to settle scores his dad had started.

Thu Mar 20 16:29:29 2003
Your Views:Well first of all would like to express my deepest sympathy to the people of Iraq.They arre innocent civilians and should not be targeted.However i also support the attack on Iraq to an extent.First of all the war should be limited to only finding Saddam and his stooges.This is because only they are the culprits and not the Iraqi civilians and once they find him the job of reconstructing Iraq should be handed over to UN and this includes the oil fields that many people claim is the reason the US is attacking Iraq.But this doesn't mean that the job of Allied forces is complete.They must ensure that troops from other arab countries like Turkey should'nt enter Iraq .They must ensure that Iraq is divided into parts dominated by a particular community and they must be given inependence so that these people can live in harmony and make efforts to progress than keep fighting among themselves like the case in Afghanistan

Thu Mar 20 16:29:36 2003
Your Views:Why should Saddam go? Who is Bush and US to interfere any nation's interests? Let Iraqi people to choose their leader. Today US attacks Iraq, who couldn't say tomorrow they will not attack any other nation? US is not a big brother of all the nations. Let Iraqi regime to fight for their survival and should teach a lesson to mad Bush. Bush says his country is totally against terrorism and they themselves lift all the sanctions against Pakistan and blindly supporting them to ago ahead with their policy of helping terrorists on the other hand. For all post-war consequences only Bush & US is responsible.

Thu Mar 20 16:30:11 2003
Your Views:It's none of my business to choose some other country's leader. It's up to Iraq to decide who they want. Not me or Bush.

Thu Mar 20 16:30:20 2003
Your Views:No. USA only wants Iraq for controlling oil. Theories about weapons of mass destruction etc. are all hogwash. Saddam is man enough to not care for USA. Bush wants to help the US oil corporations - the 7 sisters (Esso, Mobil et al) as they are based from his homestate Texas. Saddam should not go.

Thu Mar 20 16:30:31 2003
Your Views:It is for the people of Iraq to decide. Other nations need not poke their dirty nose in the governance of Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:30:32 2003
Your Views:no Saddam should not go

Thu Mar 20 16:30:39 2003
Your Views:I dont think so. I dont think US has any rights to decide who is in power in which country. No one in the world likes Bush but do they have a right to bring him down. I think ist like the pot calling the kettle black. I would go with this war if US was willing to declare its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction too.

Thu Mar 20 16:30:46 2003
Your Views:Since US President Bush is behaving like a child, Saddam should leave for the sake of world peace

Thu Mar 20 16:31:32 2003
Your Views:No saddam should not step down.What bush is doing is absolutely wrong and fraud.Bush is not acting as a professional minded person.That too he realesed all restrictions on pak.This is too controversy.This is not good for Bush govt.it may lead to his death also.

Thu Mar 20 16:31:34 2003
Name:V.T. Shashikala
Your Views:Yes Saddam should go? We all know that US wants oil nothing else. US is acting as dictator, when UN inspectors are neutralising mass destruction in the Iraq,I dont think why they have to war on Iraq without UNs approval. This shows the war is only for oil and nothing else. If Saddam leaves US cannot do anything, Iraqi people have new government, without there consent US cannot claim for oil. So Saddam should go to stop the killings of innocent people of Iraq. US has to be thought a lesson by UN permanent members, that such conducts in future will not be entertained any more. Today Iraq? Tomorrow North Korea? the list goest on. US wants to hold world which is highly impossible. This US act may lead to third world war. Please Bush and Saddam dont your ego clash cost the peace of the world.

Thu Mar 20 16:31:36 2003
Name:Kedar Pewekar
Your Views:I still do not get the reason why US has attacked Iraq. If I try to list down the reasons (other than ofcourse OIL)I do not get single reason justifying the US attack. 1. Iraq having terrorist link with al-qaida. There is no single evidence US has produced on this. 2. On Iraq having a cruel dictator in form of Saddam, so does most of the middle east countries including US close ally Saudi Arabia, not to mention countries like pakistan, Mayanmar and many african countries. So, is US going to go to war with every one of them? + one should not forget that among all the Arab countries Iraq is the most liberal, be it in terms of women rights or attitude towards non-muslims. 3. Saddam posesses WMD, so does India, Pakistan, North Korea, China, Iran and God knows how many. Apart from above, the hypocrisy is, North Korea is being offered aid by US for similar reasons for which they are attacking Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:31:44 2003
Your Views:The attack of usa and allied foreces on iraq is clear violation of uno.bush indicating his supremacy, he shows himself as world police cop and control everyone itis fair and correct.he is keeping quiet about the terrorist activities in jammu kashmir and supporting terrorist activities in pakistain occupied kashmir.

Thu Mar 20 16:32:09 2003
Name:Ajay Shenoy
Your Views:Dear Sir, Why should Saddam go ? Because these are all US policies, where they had supported Saddam at the time of Iran war. Now because of US Eco. situation is worse they are using these tactics. In future China can take such type of disadvantage to invading on Taiwan or Indian territory. US is blidely going ahead, they can not blaim Paki becuase there interests are involved into them. US had supported Taliban and now same are opposing them. US has to understand one thing that, if you have strong enough you have to change the world into peace and economical balance. You will get lot of real friends.

Thu Mar 20 16:32:21 2003
Your Views:Hi all, Please spend a few minutes to read this & think about it. Let us unite to prevent the war.A Last minute effort. All the nations in the world has threat from one & another.Are they all acting like us(U.S.)? South Korea - North Korea,India Pakistan,Israel-Palestine & the list goes on.... First of all,it is we(U.S) who helped Iraq & Al - Qaeda with warfare. At some point when they turn against us,then we(U.S). projects them as the enemy of MANKIND. Let us speak about the need of the hour.... We(U.S). say - Saddam Hussein must leave the country within 48 hrs. Who are we to order him?Is Saddam or Iraq under our control? Has Bush got 100% votes in the elction ?But Saddam has.It shows how his people like him to be their president. If somebody comes to our house & says to get out of our house - will we be quiet?How would we feel?It is the position of Iraqis. I don't know why there are no protests in this last 48 hrs against Bush policy of war. We are putting the lives of our brothers & sisters engaged in war & also the lives of Iraqis.Is human life such a cheap one? After the Kuwait war,for the past one decade Iraqis are quietly leading their lives. Did they cause any trouble to U.S.?Nothing. But U.S. says that they are helping Al-Qaeda.If we go back & turn the pages of history the very first person who helped Al- Qaeda would be U.S..Today Pakistan is also helping the terrorists especially Al-Qaeda.We all know it.How comw they let the Al-Qaeda people into their country & then for getting monetery help from U.S. they arrested the backbrain of September 11th attack. Then why Iraq alone ???????? Al Qaeda killed a tens of hundreds of thousands lives.But we are worst than them by going to war as it would kill millions of lives leave the effect of it ofr generations to come as the Vietnamese.We are only responsible for the Vietnamese who suffer even today because of some weapons & gases used in that war. It is because Iraq has the 2nd largest oil resource. U.S. wants its base in the Gulf region as it was in the 80's when Iraq was U.S' puppet. Why are we like the flock of sheep? Just going behind Bush eventhough we know from the deepest of our minds that he is doing wrong? Is it a goal of the Bushs' family or their party's to engage in war? Why would Al-Qaeda do the September 11th attack as soon as Bush came to power? What about the state of U.N.?it is a puppet of U.S.?Will it & all the nations of the world be quiet if any other nation that did not get the approval for war in U.N.wages war? Then why an organisation?U.N.failed to fulfil its purpose for which it was created. If this act of Bush's lead to 3 rd World war.Then it would be a shame for us & our country. Let us all protest against the Bush government in all ways we can & try to prevent the war.

Thu Mar 20 16:33:04 2003
Your Views:We want peace! Who give authority to US to attack Iraq? US Main motive is to control the Iraq's oil; WMS & Exile of Saddam is only US drama

Thu Mar 20 16:34:16 2003
Your Views:yes for the peace and survival he should

Thu Mar 20 16:34:16 2003
Your Views:democracy cannot be eastablished by force.war on iraq is wrong use of power,oil is not thickher than blood

Thu Mar 20 16:34:23 2003
Your Views:yes for the peace and survival he should

Thu Mar 20 16:34:24 2003
Name:Haritha Jayan
Your Views:I think this is just a personal grudge the reason why Mr.Bush is all frustrated about Iraq and personnally with Mr.Saddam. The act of America is more of a bullish (UN whats that all about) recently on email protest i got this explanation "You know if you had a dog that every time you passed by it bit you, and every tine you said, "Please don't, let's be friends." Eventually you would just pick up a stick and hit it. Maybe then it would get the message. This dog has been doing this for 12 years. So it no longer believes the UN because the UN just won't pick up the stick. Either they are afraid of the dog or they are in bed with the dog. Both are bad scenarios. But i think US has got no right to advise other whats wrong or right. No one appointed them as the judge of the world. And for that matter should Saddam go, let the People of Iraq decide.

Thu Mar 20 16:34:40 2003
Your Views:US should stop its imperialism

Thu Mar 20 16:35:06 2003
Name:azad sharma
Your Views:no way. If he is god gifted for oil infra.or source from god,then we should not feel jealous for this?try to be acceptable for god?do not try to lose the future of whole usa for this.

Thu Mar 20 16:35:09 2003
Your Views:Its time for Bush to go and not Saddam. Bush to satisfy is selfish motives is putting the world at stake. Thanks

Thu Mar 20 16:36:08 2003
Name:dinesh kareer
Your Views:First we have to take note of Kuwait invasion for which saddam can never be forgiven. becuase of which the sanctions where imposed and iraqi people suffered for a decade. now if saddam is there the sanction cannot go and iraqi people will continue to suffer. So for good of iraqi people it better saddam goes. but he wont go so easy, it has to be forcefully done. which means again iraqi people have to suffer. and america will never go to war without their personal interest. it is oil politics or some other issue. if america cared for human values where were they when millions were masscared in burundi and rawanda(there are many such instances where american never bothered). so saddam or america both are wrong. i am sorry for iraqi people and hope this war is short and they get a chance to lead a normal life. and finally what to we do with United Nation ??? really thats another question remained to be answered.

Thu Mar 20 16:36:45 2003
Your Views:democracy cannot be eastablished by force.war on iraq is wrong use of power,oil is not thickher than blood,Bush should resign and usa must be thrown out of the un and sanctions imposed against them,for supporting terrosism in pakistan,israel and the rest of the world,us should be isolated and all the us citizens should be told to leave all the countries where there interests are

Thu Mar 20 16:36:46 2003
Your Views:NO If Saddam has the support of his own people who is America and Alied nations to dethrone him. If saddam is a cruel dictator what is Gen. Musshraf can you tell Mr Bush.

Thu Mar 20 16:37:08 2003
Name:Milan Chatterjee
Your Views:It is not a question of Saddam going in exile or staying in power and face the americans.The question is that after the finishing of Saddam business which country will then be faced by USA and it's servant country UK.The USA is searching fr the slightest pretext to attack the country.The next country on USA's watchlist is N Korea,but i guess that it is of lower importance to USA than Iraq because of the huge amount of OIL and Natural Gas Iraq possess.

Thu Mar 20 16:37:27 2003
Name:Hari Narasimhan
Your Views:Bush or USA have no right to ask SADDAM to step down. This is a bad precedence. I hope this does not affect the world

Thu Mar 20 16:37:50 2003
Your Views:Bush should go instead of Saddam. When he took over office from Clinton itself we have guessed that he would go for a war on IRaq. What are the world bodies doing They should act now and stop this barbarious act

Thu Mar 20 16:38:28 2003
Name:Ameeta Sharma
Your Views:If Saddam has to go Musharraf should go first why is Bush Covering him or is Pakistan Bush's Hid out

Thu Mar 20 16:38:48 2003
Your Views:Saddam should go - not by force, but voluntarily. He should promise transfer of power to a democratically elected body within 6 months ; election held under the supervision of United Nation. This will be the face-saving solution for Bush,Blair and Saddam

Thu Mar 20 16:38:51 2003
Your Views:WELL Bush must go. its the us who put him in place against ayyatollah khomani. the world can do with a beat constable (bush) around. today it is pakistan that theey are neglecting as a potential terrorist country and tommorow it will be the pak army ratheer than anybody else who will be a threat to world peacee. the american policy of ad-hochism is resonssible for their plight be it afghanistan, south america, cuba, yogalsavia, syria or else where. its the short sightness of the american foreign policies and a lack of moral standing that will one day spell their doom....this is the begining.

Thu Mar 20 16:39:03 2003
Your Views:1. By not getting the UN mandate, Bush has made it reduntant. I feel if UN cannot protect IRAQ it should be dissolved since this is a warning for all countries. Be with US or face their weapons. Its not a war for WMD, but to enrich the gloomy American economy, to tap oil wells of IRAQ and to give the weapon producers their share. If there is no war in this world what will the US wepoanry do?? What will their industry survive on?? Its not an attack against an individual, but an attack against an entire civilization. I dont think anybody supports Saddam, but its his people who have chosen him. If they dont want him they would have fought against him. Its not America who should dicate ruler's of other country. If the situation is like this I think the time is near when all the coutries will have to succumb to american culture of doing whatever they are feeling and not to respect other's freedom and other's right. Mr Bush, I think you will be regarded as the son of hitler, who spread across hatred with love for blood.

Thu Mar 20 16:39:09 2003
Name:Mohiuddin Khan
Your Views:No,He should not go,he is to remain as persident of Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:39:40 2003
Name:pankaj mittal
Your Views:for the benefit of the mankind i think that saddam should step down and leave iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:39:53 2003
Your Views:YES ,Saddam should go! But then not by War please.. Already the suffering iraqis have had enough. By unleashing a war against them would be a terrible mistake. Instead the iraqi opposition should be made powerful or some kind of military coup. I wouldnt allow someone to come and sit at my home , just becoz my father doesnt treat me properly , would I ??

Thu Mar 20 16:40:00 2003
Name:sumesh dhasmana
Your Views:No!! saddam should face the uk cuz which weapon is being distroyed at iraq that (and much dangerous than thos already have US) I think this is not war against terror or against dangerous weapons its only war for OIL. US need self control on iraq. Nothing else its only only US slefishness

Thu Mar 20 16:40:07 2003
Your Views:Bush should go. Not Saddam beacuse he is a good leader. And he is Iraq pride. Bush is evil & a lier.


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