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Bush, not Saddam, should go!

March 27, 2003 16:36 IST

Thu Mar 20 15:30:48 2003
Your Views:Bush should go, he is invading another country without provocation.

Thu Mar 20 15:30:52 2003
Your Views:He should not go. Who are we to say that Saddam shold go.

Thu Mar 20 15:30:55 2003
Name:Julfikar Islam
Your Views:If there is any Chemical & Biological weapons in Iraq then it is United Nation's headache to find it out.And they did the right thing by sending weapon inspectors.But the USA ignored everybody and begins the war.This war is just going to killed the innocent.And who is Bush to decide of Saddam's future?The Iraqi people will decide it.And Bush should know that half of Iraqi pepole is almost child.He begins the war just to show his power and to control the reagion and the oil.

Thu Mar 20 15:31:05 2003
Name:Akshat Khokhani
Your Views:I think that Saddam should not at all go. But instead Bush should be thrown out of power by the majority nations who are already opposing this so called war against Iraq on some basis of possession of weapons of mass destruction. Once the inspectors have concluded that there are no such weapons with Iraq US has no right to attack Iraq. I suggest that instead US should be attacked as it is attacking an innocent country & harassing its countrymen just to show them that Bush can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants. It is more a war of pride than a war for peace. So the final suggestion that I give is that all the war opposing countries instead of being afraid of US should oppose the war and also Bush and also US. US should be put on one side with all the other countries on the other side. So all you countrymen why r u still sitting there waiting for something to happen just get together & do something worthwhile.

Thu Mar 20 15:31:06 2003
Name:Pradeep Chauhan
Your Views:From this war America proved that , there is no need to collect mandate. Just go and do what u like. According to this theory Osma Bin Laden did very much right thing. And India also have to Start war against Pakistan. As there is no rule and regulation in International Politics. USA attack IRAQ becuase thye have fear that Sadaam will support terrorism. But India have proof than in that case no body can stop us to capture Pakistan. Jai Hind

Thu Mar 20 15:31:23 2003
Name:Abhijit Gupta
Your Views:Yes, he should go. We might not approve the way he is being shown the door but sometimes you need to take tough decisions instead of twiddling fingers sitting at the parliament & making politically right noises.

Thu Mar 20 15:31:24 2003
Your Views:First US shd. introspect whether it is doing the right thing by attacking Iraq. Saddam need not go b'cos it never attacked any country on its own including Kuwait. It is sheer arrogance on the part of US to forcibly oust Saddam.

Thu Mar 20 15:31:27 2003
Your Views:NO. Saddam should remain in power. IT should be the other way round. Bush should resign as he has not got the backing of the UN and is waging an illelegal war against Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 15:31:30 2003
Your Views:no! never!!

Thu Mar 20 15:32:02 2003
Name:Rajech Joshi
Your Views:Saddam shud'nt go...

Thu Mar 20 15:32:06 2003
Your Views:Yesterday there was a comic article where somebody tried to draw a parallel between the Iraq war and Hindusism. The only parallel I see in the whole thing is the Rape of Draupadi ... well you have all the stars presents here too ... Duryodana, Karna (Britain), the blind king and his consorts (the UN), the grand old Uncle(Russia-Germany-France),the foolish (Pandavas must be the Arab countries) ... would anybody like to guess who India might be ??? Vidur the wise man ??? Unfortunately no Krishna is sight here ... so far

Thu Mar 20 15:32:31 2003
Your Views:I can't see any necessity of Sadham to go out of the country. He never did any mistake excpt the last time he captured Kuwait. Now every body knows the Pakistan is the most terrorist country and recently they have arrested some guys related terrorist activities. so Bush should go and attack Pakistan only. I am sure, once Pakistan is distroyed world can live peace fully. Bush is going mad only ,and he never told why he want to do. But i think it is clear that he is gettins so much of financial benifit out of this war, other wise he won't do this. How come he become the survivor of Iraq? I feel pitty about Bush. He should stop the attack if he has any responsibility to the world.

Thu Mar 20 15:32:38 2003
Name:Sardar Basha
Your Views:BUSH is a FOOLISH IDIOT, without any reason how can he wage war, and trouble the innocent people of IRAQ. We must protest this and help iraqis to fight for their right.. We must PUNISH BUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:32:54 2003
Your Views:I think Saddam is correct and if he is wrong then i dont think any other country on the face of the earth is doing right. Every country has weapons of mass destruction then all the countries are crook. Bush is a fool and does not know what he is doing

Thu Mar 20 15:33:02 2003
Your Views:Americans attack is not justifiable.It seems that they want to hide themselves from the defeat to arrest bin ladenor it can be a move of ammerica to put pressure on pakistan to get bin laden.there is chance that laden may be in pakistan & he will be handed over agaist of the coast of war.pak deplomat can take benifit of this opportunity to save the country from bankcrucy. Any way the war is ilegal & saddam should fight it

Thu Mar 20 15:33:05 2003
Your Views:We have given power to a lunatic who doesn't have any concerns of human lives. For every drop of iraqi blood , Americans will pay a price. Also very sad that americans doesn't seem to learn from 7/11. The World is heading unipolar and who is going to stop Americans. I am unhappy ,sad and worried. God save lives. Jaikumar SG.

Thu Mar 20 15:33:09 2003
Name:Syed Abuthahir A
Your Views:The only people who are qualified to say whether Saddam should go or stay back are the Iraqis. And no one else. What Bush is doing is totally not acceptable. His intentions are clear. He has gone to the extent of exhibiting utter disregard for UN and the entire world in order to achieve what he thinks is right. You are only insane if you expected any thing better from such a brutal "super power" like America with some one Bush Jr. at the helm. God save the world!

Thu Mar 20 15:33:24 2003
Name:prasad gvss
Your Views:hi Maybe, but its for the people of iraq to decide. We have got no right to have a say! If i told Bush should go is it justifiable?? Iraq is no different.

Thu Mar 20 15:33:25 2003
Name:Amit Goyal
Your Views:No way!! Why should he? He is living in his own country, and has support of people over whom he rule. Its not like US troops, who are trying to run their regime in territories thousands of miles away from their country. We are just seeing an aggression which is as wrong (if not more) as was the Iraq aggression on Kuwait a decade back. I wonder if US is not using weapons of mass detsruction to dislodge Saddam, they surely are. What a fine example of double standards, and bullying. Still, I hope that world is able to get out of the mess Bush has created.

Thu Mar 20 15:33:39 2003
Your Views:Its an act of US imperialism.

Thu Mar 20 15:34:09 2003
Name:sona vijay
Your Views:Saddam need not leave his country. like anybody else including Mr.Bush, he has 100% right to live in his country unless the people of Iraq wishes to exile him. Democracy cannot be established by force since by definition, democracy is for the people,By the people.

Thu Mar 20 15:34:44 2003
Name:Ms. Nilufer
Your Views:Us seems to make people convinced that Oil is thicker than Blood. There is no justification for the present war or attacks on Iraq. US & UK have satanic intentions to get hold of the oil reserves and dominate the Middle East paving way for Israel. Unless America does not change its foreign policies and Until the atrocities towards Palestine people continue by Israelis, there shall be no peace in this world, never !

Thu Mar 20 15:35:06 2003
Name:Pratim Guha Biswas
Your Views:I think he should go for exile for the better of IRAQ. cause that would cause pressure on US as to what they should do. they will be watched and probably exposed if they try to take advantage. What my problem is ? Once saddam leaves who will take over - USA. no way- IRAQ is not like afghanistan. USA should leave IRAQ alone.

Thu Mar 20 15:35:14 2003
Your Views:as being believers in democracy u r not entitled to say anything against a nations leader esp if he is of foreign country. it is shameful on our part to say anything. its the right of the people of that nation to decide. Mr.Bush should give respect to Democracy, not to his own ego or something else in his mind. Mr. Bush should not let himself to become another Hitler of American origin

Thu Mar 20 15:35:26 2003
Your Views:Should Saddam go ? Of course he should. He must. Guys like him are not wanted in times like today, much like the Communists. His people probably despise and curse him every single hour of the day...only they keep their feelings to themselves, unless they wish to write their epitaph. No doubt about it, he has ruled with brute force and has forced subservience out of a proud people. He must go - either on his own will or by sheer force. Having sent him packing, it is then the duty of the entire world to take responsibility to aid Iraq to rebound and be a part of the mainstream, global world. Uncle Sam must exercise leadership in this aspect and can redeem their trigger happy behaviour by such an exemplary effort.

Thu Mar 20 15:35:27 2003
Your Views:The U.S. does not have the right to decide the governance of other country. Only the people of Iraq have the right to choose their own government. Be it a democratic/communist/socialist/dictatorial. The U.S. attack on Iraq amounts to a terrorist act, a fact which many countries will acknowledge. This war will have a very serious impact on world security. It will not be a surprise if many countries start resorting to muscle tactics to push their political or economical agendas. This war also raises doubts on the effcetiveness of the United Nations.

Thu Mar 20 15:35:59 2003
Your Views:Saddam should not go. An Iraqi should have freedom in iraq. Bush (US) is no body to ask saddam to go. US should look into thier affairs only. It is very clear US is eyeing a cange of leadership in Iraq so that they are in a better position to get maximium benefit from that region including the most important component OIL. It is rediculous what US is doing.It is inhuman and insane. All should condemn this. US and allies should understand a day may come where they will be at the receiving end. Who is Bush to order . I am deeply concerned about loss of innocent lives and calamities. UN should take a serious note of this and intervene under the best available clause of UN resolution connected to these eventualities. Countries like India should join hands and protest in full strenghth. See the adocity of US . When Turkish parliament refused permission to over fly US immdediatly slapped withdrawal of 6 Billion dollar facility given to turkey . Is it not Day light Black mailing Wish commensend prevails over bush and a full scale war is not carried out.

Thu Mar 20 15:36:11 2003
Name:Sriram Venkitachalam
Your Views:Sure Saddam should go. Would you have liked to remove Hitler? Yes i guess, Saddam is the same.

Thu Mar 20 15:36:44 2003
Your Views:Think is not done to bring peace to the world.The developed countries dont want the developing countries to improve.Looks like it.Saddam needs to go but war is not the solution for it.

Thu Mar 20 15:36:44 2003
Name:Manas Bajaj
Your Views:How does it matter ? (esp with a uniploar world ?)

Thu Mar 20 15:36:46 2003
Your Views: Has the USA declared the weapons they to UN. Who are they to ask someone else to do so. Do the USA think that they can do anything to any one. Remember that USA survives because of other people invest in their country. I strongly support a " QUIT America " movement against this war. All the countries in the world should join together & fight against the " SUPREMACY" mentality of USA. By saying this i don't mean that we have join hands with terrorist states... We should stand united against terrorism & human rights. I don't think people of IRAQ or any country had requested USA to save them by attacking IRAQ / SADDAM I don't understand why the hell other countries or keeping quiet. USA should be taught a lesson by other nations standing united against WAR. If USA continues go in the same way, their END is not too far. I raise this question to the citizens of USA including their president. What are you looking for from this war? Your Blood thrust is not over even after seeing so many people dying in wars ? Remember life is like ECHO... "Life always gives you back what you give out.. Life is not coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings..." Spread love & Peace

Thu Mar 20 15:36:53 2003
Your Views:I think there is no point in the demand of America that Saddam should go. He is heading a country. America has nothing to do with another country's head. This will become a bad precedent for all future problems. America may be strongest and big country. But that should not be the reason to demand the other country's head to go. Usually, every problem will have a solution. But this is not actual problem and created by America because of ego problem.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:01 2003
Name:Janakiram rao
Your Views:Democracy should be established by force 'only by the people'and 'only in their country'. No Nation has the right to impose democracy on other Nation whose people do not want it. USA has no right absolutely to change the regime in Iraq or elsewhere. The president of USA would be better off listening to people of USA who do not want innocent blood shed 'of Iraqies' or 'of American'.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:09 2003
Your Views:Why should he(Saddam) go? Here the policy followed by U.S is very guilty and it's clearly pointing their revenge on saddam. As my concern they don't have proper reasons to attck on Iraq. How they give guarenty that targets reach only their rival apart from him this leads to many civilions death. It's like "Father's(Sr.Bush) dream Son(Jr.Bush)achievement" :-( Wait & see wht happens next...

Thu Mar 20 15:37:12 2003
Name:Dr Prasanth V
Your Views:Ya. That will clear the sky for a peaceful world.His fall will mark the end of the most brutal,animal rule the earth has ever seen.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:18 2003
Your Views:I would like to give my views on this , I feel now the US is making it an issue purely on going on an ego trip , and in the bargain the economy of quite a few countries is going to for a toss . The US themselves are facing a recession lot of job cuts and the economy too is not very healthy keeping all these in mind there was no need for the US to go so long. The Iraqis and more so Mr Saddam is not hampering their day to day issues. It is an absolute waste of manpower , money and every possible thing which is going to effect the world economy. Mr Saddam i am sure after all this he would have subsided enough even without getting into war. I am sure more than 70% of the US citizens would agree to this view.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:18 2003
Your Views:where should saddam go,its his country??? bush has given him an ultimatum to leave his country in 48 hrs -ridiculous americans have gone too far. restrain in kashmir,and here war with no reason.the problem is the world has become weak kneed,in front of america,and the british have shown,what an americain stooge ,even the canadians are silent.bush should go ,not saddam.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:36 2003
Name:Suresh Kumar
Your Views:I think No. It means His war is against Saddam and not against Iraq. If Saddam says Bush to leave America, will he leave? Bush is saying that he is fighting against terrorism is not correct. If he is really fighting against terrorism, why is he not taking any actin against Pakistan who is a root of terrorism. But in actual, he is just showing his power and disturbing innocent people of Iraq by his power. But if War occurred, It will be dangerous not only to others but to America itself. Suresh

Thu Mar 20 15:37:37 2003
Your Views:The policing americans are forgetting are senseless on what a crime they are doing. The cowards after dismantling what ever weapons IRAQ had is attacking them .Will they be ready to show what they posess if any thirld world demands so. Why is bush so concerned about what is going on at IRAQ. It is high time that the other countries understand this could happen to them. The forces opposing war (Righly so) should stand united and isssue statement restraning washington for its misdeeds. Why is washington not concerned on the happenings in Jammu and Kashmir and restraining india from attacking pakistan when many have agreed to pakintan being a terrorist state. Mr Bush you better wakeup from punishing innocent civilians of IRAQ. Mr Hussain may approach the countries oposing war and let his country be checked thoroughly. Meanwhile let UN be dissolved.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:48 2003
Name:Parag Bhujbal
Your Views:it really isn't important who goes or stays, but what matters is under which authority is the U.S. going ahead to dethrone the Head of a country... is it logical/ethical. US have failed to prove the nexus between Al-Queda & Saddam ..then why r they going ahead... and why hasn't US taken the same stand in respect of other countries of which it has credible evidence and the world knows about the links with Al-Queda and other terrorist organisations. this is high hypocrisy and double standardness... IRAQ= Food for Oil U.S.= Blood for Oil

Thu Mar 20 15:37:53 2003
Your Views:I'm unsure of how bad Saddam is for his own people. The way Bush is taking the whole thing is wrong. Bush named this as Operation Iraqi Freedom but I've not seen any person of Iraq claiming freedom from Saddam. It's very clear that Bush is fulfilling his own desires by attacking Iraq and that too after the denial of UN. After Taliban, it seems as if Bush has developed a taste bud for war and playing dirty. Against Taliban it was justified but against Iraq, clearly not. Bush went ahead claiming that Iraq has hid its weaponary in civilian area and what was the purpose of USA when they claimed it? Very simple, USA is going to attack the civil areas too and there will be whole lot of casualities. Saddam may be or may not be a dectator but Bush clearly is. He wants to fulfill the work left pending by his dad Bush Sr. Bush was an oil man b4 and his passion for treasure of oil is clearly seen. So all that USA is planning or doing is for oil, Bush' newly developed passion for war and being Hero and to carry on with his father's work. I'm 100% against BUSH and SADDAM should stay.

Thu Mar 20 15:37:53 2003
Your Views:Uncle sam and its allies making a serious mistake by declaring war against Iraq.without any approval from international body,US adopting a hegemonistic attitude which is highly uncalled for.united nation became reduntant.Russia,France and China who are the permanentmembers of security council should takemoral andconsistent stand to oppose the war.War is unjustified.It hit economy ofthird world countries very hard.India shouldn't take middle path.New Delhi stand should be clear and must support for peace(against war).

Thu Mar 20 15:38:03 2003
Your Views:Democracy must prevail..even by force. A dctator speking forefully on behalf of his people is a reason just enough for supporters of democracy to enforce one, especially since those people themselves cannot do so.

Thu Mar 20 15:38:07 2003
Name:vasu babu
Your Views:Should not go. It is their internal polity and US has no business to involve and do as they wish for its internal politics and gaining control over others for its political gains.

Thu Mar 20 15:38:34 2003
Your Views:No, Saddam should not leave Iraq after all it is his land and Bush has no right to order him so. Bush has got into this war only because of his interests. He is forgetting that he would be the cause of thousands of innocent deaths(either Americans or Iraqis). I strongly contempt his actions and it is not a humane act. See what US did in Afghanistan, he killed many innocents and in the end,could not trace Osama-bin-laden also. Same would be the result here, only the general public would suffer and these politicians will satisfy their egos at the cost of people's life. Shame on them.

Thu Mar 20 15:38:35 2003
Name:Deval Vakilna
Your Views:In the interest of the larger people of Iraq as decided in a Democratic Country, Saddam Hussain should leave Power and go settle in some country that offer him a place to live peacefully without any further activity in Politics or back door games of Power, ect.

Thu Mar 20 15:38:57 2003
Your Views:No, he should not go. Us is not justfied to attack Iraq. Bush has no right to ask Saddam to step down. If Saddam ask they same question what bush will do. You can not establish democracy forcibly. Take India as example. Gandhiji's Non violence only achieved independence to India. Not Gun/bombs.

Thu Mar 20 15:39:01 2003
Your Views:The US and its allies have not provided sufficient evidence or not able to convincingly put forward why there is a imminent need to attack Iraq. In any case, we cannot expect Saddam to leave iraq based on the warning of US. This very domination of the US is what they have been figthi ng against - even to the point of suicide attacks. If he were a person who would leave (that is submission), he would not hav ebeen in this position (of being warned to leave) in the first place

Thu Mar 20 15:39:06 2003
Your Views:Saddam is the wrong target and targeting Saddam shows the inefficiency of US on controlling the Terrorism. Rather US should find and eliminate the Terrorists like Osama who is taken in shelter in Pakistan which US claims as an ally in the war against this terrorism. Clearly the US Agenda behind this war is not a fight against the terrorism.

Thu Mar 20 15:39:35 2003
Your Views:Iraq is saddams country, who is bush to guide the iraqi people to tell saddam to leave his own country. Actually this war of America against iraq is like a dictatorship attitude of america against saddam. The disarmament of saddams military power by america is also not justifiable as america themselves have many mass destruction weapons with them. About saddams future it is the people of middle east to decide. The actual drawback or reason for this war is that there is no unity among the arabi people among themselves. Even now the war can be promoted to peace only if the arabi people come together and settle the disputes if they really want to.

Thu Mar 20 15:39:52 2003
Your Views:The U.S. does not have the right to decide the governance of other country. Only the people of Iraq have the right to choose their own government. Be it a democratic/communist/socialist/dictatorial. The U.S. attack on Iraq amounts to a terrorist act, a fact which many countries will acknowledge. This war will have a very serious impact on world security. It will not be a surprise if many countries start resorting to muscle tactics to push their political or economical agendas. This war also raises doubts on the effcetiveness of the United Nations.

Thu Mar 20 15:39:55 2003
Your Views:Saddam should go. victory for united states proud indian support us

Thu Mar 20 15:40:05 2003
Your Views:No, not at all. Who the hell Bush is to ask Saddam to go into exile. In the present scenario, it seems Osama Bin Laden is a threat only to a few countries but this bloody George Bush is a threat to the whole world. If not for all, in my view (in the pesent scenario), Osama Bin Laden is a HERO. This is not bcoz of his greateness but bcoz of the foolishness of Mr Bush (Jr).

Thu Mar 20 15:40:05 2003
Your Views:Dont Care

Thu Mar 20 15:41:08 2003
Your Views:yes, saddam should be thrown out for ever & ever. Now he is reponsible for killing of iraqi people. Can he not get out of the country atleast for the sake of his people. People who are going back of him will realize once his regime is ousted & new govt. is formeed in iraq....it's not vey far......... End saddam menace

Thu Mar 20 15:41:10 2003
Your Views:There is no need to go any where.he is the person who can challange the worlds super power with confidence. I think he is a real warrier. He is the man on the earth who can chage the history.he is Mr SADDAM the great.

Thu Mar 20 15:41:13 2003
Your Views:Why should saddam go out from his country, Its this people like bush, tony, and what is spain pm name is do not know, since they possess WMD and which is in full display. let allah decide where they will belong on the day of judgement. May allah bless those who are on the right path.

Thu Mar 20 15:41:23 2003
Name:Lakshmi Narasimhan
Your Views:It is total injustice done to iraq by bombing the innocent people. US claims the attack on Iraq for terrorist related issues, can US bomb pakisthan border with Afghan where the Al-queada leader, Osama bin laden is residing.

Thu Mar 20 15:41:24 2003
Name:Hardik Shah
Your Views:Why should Saddam go?? What has he done?? Everybody has right to self defence. Saddam might have some deadly weapons, but has he ever used them against anybody?? What does US think of itself, Everybody knows that US is being autocratic, but no body has guts to come out openly against the US.

Thu Mar 20 15:41:46 2003
Name:Basavaraj Biradar
Your Views:No, not at all he must be there.Because, US Had not taken in to consideration what was the view of all the countries in this world. It is not good to attack on the innocents , who allowed for the weapon inspectors and they are co-operating them and these US peoples always threating them about war.

Thu Mar 20 15:41:59 2003
Name:Manoj Anand
Your Views:Saddam is a hero who has dared to break the American monopoly. Iraqi should be proud of such president. What George Bush is doing may be called a crime against humanity. He wants to prove his supremacy over the world which has virtually been challenged by Saddam Hussain. Americans must be given a lesson. Bush can be called a notorious opportunist leader of this world. I suggest economic blockade should be imposed by all on Americans.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:00 2003
Name:Sanjeev Manurkar
Your Views:No.Saddam should remain in his position and fight the US Terror.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:40 2003
Name:Firdos Karai
Your Views:Let Saddam be. Instead Bush and Tony should leave Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:40 2003
Your Views:There are a couple of points which lead me to the extremes in thoughts about the war. 1.What does US found in Iraq to go with 300,000 troops and attack them? In which way they(Iraqi's) are a threat to world(Americans have a tendancy to say World instead America - courtesy World Baseball, etc.) peace. 2. What is that which urges US to go ahead and attack even after 75% of the WORLD is against it? and what is the part of UN or UN's feature? 3. Is it just WMD? it's pathetic to say US lead 300,000 troops of 3 nations are going to crush Iraq which is just as big as California in search of WMD. And the rest of the world is just going to sit and watch with words of mourn and anger. This is human rights abusal by the power of US to the core. 4. How does US and the allied nations going to compensate for the Billions spent here? and the lives going to sacrificed here? If it is meant for world peace why can't they spend the same for Iraqi kids, people who die starving in Africa, people who are below poverty line in Asia or the kids all over the world who are forced to be sex workers and so on? God help us to be humans and let America be led by a human and NOT BUSH.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:40 2003
Your Views:No. Only Bush needs to go. Chief weapons inspector Blix's reports says that Iraq has complied with UN resolution 1441. But US knowingly violated UN charter and international law. -Selva

Thu Mar 20 15:42:40 2003
Name:Sarfraz Vanoo
Your Views:Down with US. Pres. Bush by going against the UN resolutions has made it clear that he doesnt respect UN or any other organisation or country which does not support it fully. This is a lesson for the entire world that America respects none. So you either support it or be ready for their wrath. This time it is Iraq. Tomorrow it could be any other country..may be India. Saddam by not agreeing to Bush's demands has given a defiant stand that America is not the ultimate. May Allah give Iraqis the strength at this difficult hour to survive. We all are with you, our Iraqi Brothers and Sisters.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:40 2003
Your Views:No, he shouldn't lrave iraq...........

Thu Mar 20 15:42:42 2003
Your Views:Better the Great Dictator George W Bush should go and make this planet a better place to live.

Thu Mar 20 15:42:43 2003
Your Views:V wish Saddam to face the war and disturb the americans! Coz. america wanna rule the world and shld not be?

Thu Mar 20 15:42:49 2003
Name:Gautaman Rajamanickam
Your Views:The US has made a mockery of the the UN and the community first by expecting the security council to fall in line, by calling the UN a body without back bone and atlast by violating the UN charter. US,Britain has lost their moral grounds to speak for the UN and the intentions of US & Britain in any international issue will be seriously doubted. The International community now looks upon UN to take immediate action to decide on the fate of the US and allies. It is more than apparent that the war on iraq is for stationing the defence forces in the gulf and increase US's presence in the region to control the oil wealth. Unfortunately, Mr.Bush is unleashing a provocation on the already churning up international terrorism and paving the way for spoling world peace. Democracy established by force can never sustain and it will only complicate the polity of a nation. Moreover, US does not have the capacity or authority to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq. The act of US and allies is an unforgivable act of agression in civilised world. Saddam must be removed only by trialing against him in International court and his removal must be carried out only with the complete approval of UN

Thu Mar 20 15:42:49 2003
Name:Amithab sen
Your Views:Yes he should go. Let us appreciate stand of USA. It is astep towards removing this menace

Thu Mar 20 15:43:04 2003
Your Views:Its really foolishness that USA demanding saddam should leave his own place. How one can interfere in others problem. In my view no has a right to ask the other person should leave his home without any cause. saddam should not leave his country

Thu Mar 20 15:43:24 2003
Your Views:Saddam should not leave his land till he dies. i doubt, if he has any weapons of mass destruction, as he is not osama landen. he only dreamt of strong regime, thats it and bush wants to capture his oils for presenting to his father, thats the real story

Thu Mar 20 15:43:24 2003
Name:Siddhartha Rao
Your Views:Every country and its people have the right to choose the kind of leader they have, or want to have. No outsider has any business in expressing disliking for another country´s leader, let alone take action on count of its disliking. There are many countries in the world where democracy is non-existent. Pakistan and China being the important ones. It would be wrong to conclude that the Iraqis dislike Saddam any more than say, the Pakistanis dislike Musharraf. Iraq made a mistake long back by attacking Kuwait. A mistake it has paid for dearly by means of crippling economic sanctions. But, this latest wave of action by the US and its handful of "allies" is totally unjustified... and is a classic case of an elephant trampling an ant, a crippled one at that. Unfotunately, the US does not realize that this action will probably create more Bin Laden´s than it can ever handle. The billion dollar question is: Are the billions of barrels of Iraqi oil worth the hatred in the minds of the millions of Iraqi people for the US? And, I feel, the US´ answer to this question is far from correct.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:24 2003
Your Views:I think it is unjust to ask Saddam Hussien to leave Iraq. Bush is more interested in Iraq's oil rather than in the welfare of the Iraqi people.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:27 2003
Name:ks rajan
Your Views:The continuity of Saddam Hussain will hamper the prosperity of the Iraqi people as the World is governed by the Super Power USA and the sanctions imposed on Iraq will not go until Saddam Hussain is removed. The rich reseve oil now half used will come out in full which will enable developing countries to pay less for the oil they import from Gulf region. When Iraq will grow economically their sufferings also will mitigate in a big way. Whoelse other than US has the economic and military strength to disarm the Iraqi President. It is better that Sadam goes and a government elected by the people come to power.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:28 2003
Name:Mathew P Castelino
Your Views:Yes, Saddam should go.Democracy should prevail in Iraq.Iraq could be dangerous and irresponsible in handling nuclear technology.But again Bush Jr. doesnt have the moral authority to dispose him off.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:36 2003
Your Views:no,never.mr.sadham should stay at iraq only.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:37 2003
Name:p. srinivas reddy
Your Views:saddam should not go. world should rally behind him to teach a lesson to hegimonistic ameraca.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:45 2003
Your Views:Saddam should not leave his land till he dies. i doubt, if he has any weapons of mass destruction, as he is not osama landen. he only dreamt of strong regime, thats it and bush wants to capture his oils for presenting to his father, thats the real story, in my opinion..........but bust will succeeed, usa is the power - after all.

Thu Mar 20 15:43:55 2003
Name:Jitendra Singh
Your Views:My answer will be No & Never. becoz international community is not fully convinced to attack Iraq.Bad Luck Bush .

Thu Mar 20 15:43:57 2003
Your Views:I think it is unjust to ask Saddam Hussien to leave Iraq. Bush is more interested in Iraq's oil rather than in the welfare of the Iraqi people. He should not be attacking Iraq at all.

Thu Mar 20 15:44:07 2003
Your Views:Yes! this dirty evil saddam must go to hell!!!!!!! must kill him before he attacks the whole world! saddam is very similar to adolf hitler!

Thu Mar 20 15:44:19 2003
Your Views:Its Iraq's internal matter let them settle. who is US to tell who will run a country???

Thu Mar 20 15:44:33 2003
Name:Phiroze Dungore
Your Views:Dictators and religious fanatics that threaten world peace should be dealt with an iron hand so that terrorism does not raise its ugly head ever and claim innocent lives. The US of A under George Bush has taken up this responsibility for the rest of the world. On several occassions in the past america has fought for humanity and freedom. On several occassions US mothers have sacrificed their sons so that others can live in peace. This time again this mighty country has risen to the occassion to rid the world of the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. All peace loving and righteous nations should support the USA atleast morally as they and they alone have the tenacity and military might to fight against all that represents evil.Good Luck and God speed. May god bless the armies of Britian and the US of A.

Thu Mar 20 15:44:51 2003
Your Views:Saddam should definitely fight against America.Will any of you Indians keep quiet if America says that our Prime Minister should leave India within 48hrs? It is up to the people of Iraq to decide whether they want Saddam or no, and not the Americans!!By fighting against Iraq, America has ridiculed the existence of U.N.

Thu Mar 20 15:44:53 2003
Your Views:there is absolutely no reason for saddam hussain to go out of the power. every country elects their own leader and a third nation has got no right to interfere into one country's internal affairs. by attacking the iraq U.S has made the existece of UN a mere academic. every nation in the world should protest the attack on iraq and should start fighting aganist the americans for thier attatitude. today it has happend to iraq then it can be to north korea then it can be to india who knows, donot trust these US people .they r not the people to be trusted.

Thu Mar 20 15:44:58 2003
Your Views:No.

Thu Mar 20 15:44:59 2003
Your Views:American Army should withdrawn the forces from Gulf.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:01 2003
Your Views:100 percent Saddam should go Then only possible to save thousands of lives who are innocent.I'am very pity upon the politician who think themselves even though the people selected as a leader to protect them.They misuse their position.Please God forgive them.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:04 2003
Name:Capt. Arvind M. Pradhan
Your Views:Saddam should not go at the whims and fancy of some super power. Democracy should not be established by force.Oil can be thicker than blood.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:06 2003
Name:Deepak Gupta
Your Views:According to bush, Iraq has destructive material in hand. Why don't we ask the same question to Mr. Bush. How much of the destructive material he has destoryed so far. Secondly, He wants to capature everything or we say he wants to empower the other counteries too because of to show its own monoply and his own importance. Third :- US can solve this problem without doing war. I am highly surprised to see the attitude of Mr. Bush as But they didn't do this because they want to eliminate the Iraq people. By doing war, Did they earlier eleminates the Iraq ... I say no. Your most adhered responsibility is to remove terrorism but not to eliminate the people of Iraq. Where is Osama bin Laden, .... According to Bush, before a war against Laden.... We shall kill the Laden and his soldiers ....After more than a month war, Still they are not able to trace out the Laden. So far as i am concern I think Mr. Bush is doing stupid action nothing else. Try to solve any kind of problem with Love not by doing war.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:06 2003
Your Views:Whether Saddam should stay or go should be decided by Iraqi people!BY ignoring the UN opinion USA has committed a grave blunder.Now any country can quote this war as a precedent and invade another country.One cannot help concluding that the US is only after the oil-wells. Its intentions are suspect and it comes across as the biggest bully in all history! It is a really sad development for our world. Now there is no meaning for sentiments like global cooperation and general welfare. Each country has to fend for itself and beware of 'Super Powers'. It is a shame that such unjust wars are created and executed in the name of democracy. I am not at all surprised by the support provided to USA by countries like UK and Australia who anyway do not carry much influence by themselves in global matters. It is rather painful to hear Mr.Blair trot out justifications for Mr.Bush's actions as if Bush were the President of UK also. Men of straw have come to occupy seats of power and they make decisions which affect so many people.Their actions will hurt so many ordinary people globally.I am sure they will regret their actions later on.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:09 2003
Your Views:The Americans and the US feels that they are the big brothers of the world. For the interest of the west WTO, GATT, TRIPS, TRIM and all new words were invented to rule the entire world. The days of dictating india is not far away. Like if in Ayodya the other day if the majority hindus including the muslims wish to have a giant temple and if the US didn't please with it, they can even dictate terms with the government of india at that time. For that matter every other nation will be under the fearful eyes of the US. In any case there are not much ground knoweldge to give any comment. Thanks to the media who have never came out openly about the happenings in Iraq especially during the Saddam's regime.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:17 2003
Name:Abhinandan Kumar Singh
Your Views:no he should not.. the way bush is doing is not justified...

Thu Mar 20 15:45:17 2003
Name:samir attar
Your Views:NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:45:27 2003
Name:Shankar Srinivasasn
Your Views:Saddam's Track record has never been encouraging. He invaded Kuwait in 1990 for no ostensible reason. His mindset, therefore, is dictatorial and hegemonistic. Now that Bush has gone into Iraq..... he should do complete job so that we don't have this Saddam Hussain factor cropping up time and time again.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:31 2003
Name:Razi Zaheer
Your Views:So the point is if saddam should go then bush should go before him because if saddam is a madman , then mr. bush is a madman with 1000s if wmds. There is no doubt to the fact that Saddam must go as he is indeed a outlaw. But then Mr. Bush is not acting as a wiseman also he seems to a be bigger danger to world peace than Saddam as of now. What is happening right now definitely is taking us towards a war of worldwide scale. Saddam sould go but should go with the help of UNO Mr. Bush does not need to act as the Hawaldaar of the whole world. If this is against the Terrorism I am sure this would just aggeviate the hatered of Arabs against Amrica. This war is making the task of the Extremists much easier. After the fall of USSR no doubt that USA is the only super power left. I think this is the show of US power, Mr/ Bush is just trying to show the world his might and his belief that they are the biggest bullies of the world. They have proven it by not paying any heed to the combines opinions of all the other world powers who are together condeming this action. FRANCE, GERMANY, CHINA & RUSSIA. Together are still nothing in front of USA alone.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:46 2003
Name:George Philipose
Your Views:The war is totally unjustified. Saddam should not leave Iraq. The international community should make strong protest against this unilateral decision of Bush.

Thu Mar 20 15:45:56 2003
Your Views:Considering Saddam gassed his own people, the Iraqis probably will sigh in relief when he is gone. However, Bush's idiotic gestures are getting on our nerves. He goes on US national TV and makes statements having no basis or evidence, just mindless and baseless one-liners. Just goes on to show, if you beat your drums loud and enough, there are enough stupid people who will rally around you. It also goes onto show, how a deft use of the word "patriotism" can force people to digest every word uttered by the administration in cheerful glee. In all these months, after watching the US media, I still can't understand what patriotism has to do with removing Saddam. Bush's piggybacking on everchanging objectives for this war need world leaders to question him, but alas, politicians will be too busy to get favors, rather than standing against this comic tyrant. There can be no excuse if civilian Iraqis die as a result of this invasion, but probably there is some light at the end of the darkness that might befall the Iraqis; they will be more free from their present situation.

Thu Mar 20 15:46:03 2003
Name:krishna chandra mishra
Your Views:Military attack on iraq is a gross violation of international law and UN system. It is also the clearest example of one super power taking the entire world to ride just to satisfy its leader's ego. The US hegemony and double standards have come to the fore. I wish the entire world stands united in not just condemning the US and allies but also acting in a concrete manner. It is high time the super power is cut to size.

Thu Mar 20 15:46:24 2003
Your Views:YES!YES!YES! Saddam has to go. How long will the world stand by and watch atrocities being committed against people of Iraq. Just try to view this from the Iraqi people's view. End tyranny!Support the Iraqi people and not saddam.

Thu Mar 20 15:46:24 2003
Your Views:looking towards the welfare of the country saddam has to go.

Thu Mar 20 15:46:33 2003
Your Views:No Saddam should not go, I think US President Bush should leave this planet Earth. Becos of him I think there will not be any peace in this earth any more. We India which have more than 20% of world population still fighting our Indian Land occupied by Pakistan in UN and lost more than million of people in past 5 decade and trillion of dollars to fight with Pakistan and its supported terrorists. Not only that this also the main reason for India's obstacle in Development. Still respecting the UN and peace in this Earth. Else Pakistan and US are nothing against India. I Feels US is also responsible for India's situation becos US is supporting Pakistan in all ways. In that case India should wage WAR against USA.

Thu Mar 20 15:46:40 2003
Your Views:I think that he shoud go but the way that the US are doing it isnt right

Thu Mar 20 15:47:01 2003
Your Views:Why should Mr.Saddam go? What Mr.Bush is doing now is against the wish and wish all UN's resolution and protest most of the people in various countries. Mr.Bush is eyeing on oil rich Iraq and seems to be greedy and selfish. If god is alive, He should be punished for all his wrong deeds.

Thu Mar 20 15:47:20 2003
Your Views:No one has the right to ask intefere in another countries internal matters. Saddam can rule Iraq as long as it is opposed by Iraqi people

Thu Mar 20 15:47:30 2003
Name:Francis Patel
Your Views:No. Either Bush should show the world what Saddam possesses or else shut his mouth. Without substantial proof he is committing crime against the innocent people of Iraq. Why doesn't Bush attack Pakistan who is spreading terrorism.

Thu Mar 20 15:48:02 2003
Name:George Washington
Your Views:This is the worst diplomatic failure we have seen in history. There is no justification for attacking Iraq. I call upon all right thinking people to kill Americans, destroy American assets, rape American women, molest American kids

Thu Mar 20 15:48:02 2003
Name:manas kumar
Your Views:wish him all the best !!!

Thu Mar 20 15:48:04 2003 Thu Mar 20 15:48:05 2003
Name:prasad mohan deshpande
Your Views:Saddam should fight against the us.

Thu Mar 20 15:48:30 2003
Name:maseulla bukhari
Your Views:no saddam should not go. mr Bush should better to do bussines in US.

Thu Mar 20 15:48:54 2003
Your Views:Its disappointing. Shamelessly Iraq has been attacked, inspite of the whole world being against it, even the American people. Appears Bush is settling personal vendetta. First it was Afganistan then Iraq, dont know who'd be next in the line... Is this bush's kingdom that he is sticking out at? I believe he is only calling trouble for the world. Dont know what happens tomorrow, if anyone rises to support Saddam, then... there could be a world war. And its the Americans who have to be executed

Thu Mar 20 15:48:56 2003
Your Views:yes in my view saddam hussein should go, because he has held the world at ransom by keeping dangerous weapons, his animosity with kuwaith regime is uncalled for and heis really a tyrant he has not kept anybody who questions him in his country , he is a dictator such leaders bring the end of world better it is crushed and the whole nation is rebuild , money is not a problem as usa will fund major chunk of rebuilding costs and it to the advantage of citiaens of baghdad that they can live under american regime without being in usa and iraque can be in the mainstream of society as a developed country

Thu Mar 20 15:48:58 2003 Thu Mar 20 15:49:07 2003
Your Views:Bush is behind the Oil and the money behind it. He has no intentions of setting anyone free or removing Chemical or biological weapons program. America has always played the ball in its own interests and not in the interests of the world community. This time UN was made a laughing stock. I think it is high time that other nations take stern action against Bush Administration.

Thu Mar 20 15:49:21 2003
Your Views: I think Iraqi people has to decide whom they want and not by other countries.I think US and allied forces doing all this, just to take over oil wells nothing else.If really they feel Iraqi people's are not living in good condition then for same cause US has to take war against North korea and all other developing countries.

Thu Mar 20 15:49:23 2003
Your Views:I this Saddam should go....but this is not the right way....the UN should try and remove him,for he rules with a iron hand over iraq...but bush has no right to destroy another country according to his whims and fancies.

Thu Mar 20 15:49:24 2003
Name:T V Jayan
Your Views:Uncle Bush is not just trying to annihilate Saddam Hussein, but murdering global democracy. He has no right to interfere in the sovereignty of another country. Doom to him and his war-mongering team.

Thu Mar 20 15:49:25 2003
Name:PK Purinder
Your Views:Only the people of Iraq should decide whether Saddam should stay or go. USA does not have the right to act as a global policeman. There are many worse dictators around, including Musharaf and the UAE Royals. What is USA doing about them? USA periodically wants to engage in war to give boost to their arms industry. Also putting a puppet regime in IRAQ will allow them to control Iraq's vast oil reserves. Thats the motive. And finally, what about the weapons of mass destruction piled in the States. Those things can destroy the whole world many a times. Why do they need such an arsenal? What about chemical and biological weapons of USA? Who is going to inspect them?

Thu Mar 20 15:49:30 2003
Name:jojee m issac
Your Views:Saddam won,t go .He should be the president of iraq

Thu Mar 20 15:49:35 2003
Your Views:Saddam has been a dictator and he has perpertrated atrocities against Iraq's citizens. But at this point of time, one wishes that the US loses this war. This is like choosing between the bigger of the two evils. -Shankar

Thu Mar 20 15:49:39 2003
Your Views:Due to this unilateral action of war on terrorism , the USA , is achieving many long lasting economic results .United Nations , where there are nations who want to discuss USA's proposals before being accepted, is broken .A big crack is created amoung the European unity , during a time when EURO was gaining strength over US Dollar , ( even Saddam Hussain started asking payments in Euro) . NATO's credibility will be split after the war and USA will continue to take its own decisions .Future of WTO has to be seen .USA can set up a new body for international law . Once the war is over USA will have clear control in the pricing of the oil ,with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq more than half the world oil production ( OPEC could be neglected ).And this will give clear lead for USA against the upcoming economic competition from the giant emerging economies like China , Korea and even India . ( Last day USA has reduced the export of steel to China , in the name of expected war ) Whether we agree on the legality or not , we have to face the emerging facts .

Thu Mar 20 15:50:04 2003
Name:Devil Bush
Your Views:Bush and his family should be stationed in Iraq for the next few days ... let us see how he feels when he sees his near and dear ones getting killed and hurt.

Thu Mar 20 15:50:08 2003
Name:K. Gopal
Your Views: When compare to the magnitude of the war, yes, he should move. In last two decades, sitting on the 1/6th of the world's oil reservere, he is making the life of iraqis life more, more complex, instead of flourishing. Iraqi people will get good life once he exits.

Thu Mar 20 15:50:23 2003
Your Views:No. Saddam should fight back and let the Americans know that no country in the world can tolerate this type of Behaviour. George Bush shall be sorry for doing all this.


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