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Flt Lt Manish Chand, 28 years
Fighter Pilot, Indian Air Force

Tell us your dreams for India

August 26, 2003

'There should be more respect for the armed forces'

I want to see India powerful and capable of Force projection beyond the confines of the subcontinent.

There should be more respect for the armed forces, accountability for public servants, and induction of the Advanced Jet Trainer in the IAF.

I want to serve the Indian Air Force with dignity and pride at the cutting edge of its fighting potential.

If there is one thing we really need it is leaders who can motivate the masses with their personality and personal conduct.

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Our biggest problem is population, illiteracy and corruption. My personal dream is a new generation of proud Indians and a country devoid of corruption and obnoxious politics.

As told to Josy Joseph

'I dream of building a martial identity'

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