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Dr Mehejebeen Merchant
Dentist, dance-buff

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August 23, 2003

'I wish every Indian would do his bit'


Nowhere else in the world will you find the kind of faith you find amongst Indians. We trust easily as a people, and that is a most positive thing.

As a dentist, I have experienced it: strangers trusting in me, whom they have never seen before, implicitly. You find such faith not just between a doctor and patient but in all human relations in this unique country.

Yes, I am proud to be an Indian. But no, I am not happy at where we are today. When the rest of the world is in the jet age, India should not remain in bullock carts. We need to catch upů Here are three simple things I wish for:

If our politicians would stop squabbling and are a little less selfish, we could take a big leap ahead.

If we could stress on education more, it would open minds and opportunities. My parents are from a conservative Khoja Muslim background, but education has changed them. They encourage me in everything -- from learning 'Hindu' Bharat Natyam to 'Western' ballroom dancing.

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I wish every Indian would do his bit. Whether it is fighting corruption or keeping our roads clean, if we all do what we should, India would be a place every Indian can be proud of without reservations.

As told to Chindu Sreedharan

'I hope our multicultural society never changes'

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