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Palan Pal, 25
Vegetable vendor

Photo: Bimal Das

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August 22, 2003

'If politicians change much can change'

We have made good progress in the agriculture sector. But the road to our village remains as bad as ever. Wasn't half a century enough to fix things?

Business has improved because of advancement in transport facilities. Now I don't have to bother about how I will bring my vegetables. What I do now is load them on a truck and they deliver it to the market.

Progress means more jobs, comfortable life and peace. The government must ensure there are more jobs and I hope in the next few years this is done.

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Most politicians only care about themselves, but if they change much can change. If we don't tackle corruption and unemployment, development will mean little as it will then not affect ordinary people like us.

I don't think my luck is going to change and I'm going to get rich.

As told to M Chhaya

'We don't teach our children the reason to live'

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