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Tell us your dreams for India

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 'We need leaders who dare to dream' - Day 10
 'We don't teach our children the reason to live' - Day 9
 'Indians have become disillusioned; we've given up' - Day 8
 'In 5 years time I will lead my men' - Day 7
 'The poor don't nurture dreams' - Day 6
 'Freedom is nothing when I am chained like this' - Day 5
 'I want India to be terror-free' - Day 4
 'India has to get rid of this chalta-hai attitude' - Day 3
 'Even in 2010 I want to serve this country' - Day 2
 'I dream of an India with no poor or hungry' - Day 1

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India is not just a country. It is our identity.

India enthrals, elevates and captivates. It can be infuriating, but those who know it love it unflinchingly.

There is no country like India. There are no people like Indians.

Every day, men and women from different parts of this vast nation rise above religion, class and language to create a country that is unique and beautiful. Together they form the true wealth of this country.

In its 56th year of Independence, rediff.com celebrates the Indian spirit through the lives of 56 Indians. Individuals, diverse as only this country can be, yet bound together by the wonder that is India.

An 11-part, 56 slide series:

India 56, Archives

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'There should be more respect for the armed forces'
Fighter Pilot, Indian Air Force

'I dream of building a martial identity'
Founder GTT

'I want people to abide by the rules'

'We do things as well and better than the West'

'In India there is always hope'
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