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 1. 'I dream of an India with no poor or hungry'
   - AIDS Orphan

 3. 'Schooling in India is a sheer waste of time'
   - School drop-out

 5. 'Today, the need of the hour is unity'
   - Quran teacher

 7. 'Even in 2010 I want to serve this country'
   - Black Cat Commando, National Security Guard

 9. 'I hope insurgency in the Northeast comes to an end'
   - Hostess at a South Asian restaurant

 11. 'I have never thought of begging'
   - Hawker at traffic signal

 13. 'Life here is easier for the rich'
   - SSC topper from night school

 15. 'India's social support system is unique'
   - Doctor specialising in psychiatry

 17. 'I want India to be terror-free'
   - Anti-dowry crusader

 19. 'I want to move around J&K without fear'
   - Shikara boatman

 21. 'Each child must get an education'
   - Primary school teacher

 23. 'India is becoming an exclusive elite nation'
   - Lawyer fighting for the rights of gays, lesbians and sex workers

 25. 'India must pay more attention to its poor'
   - Dabbawala

 27. 'The poor don't nurture dreams'
   - Sweeper, deputy prime minister's office, North Block

 29. 'Kashi is not just a city, it's my dharma'
   - Dom -- worker at cremation ground

 31. 'By 2010, we will send someone to the moon'
   - Class XI student

 33. 'Cops take one-third of our earnings'
   - Hawker at railway station

 35. 'We need to shed our inertia and move faster'
   - Student

 37. 'Indians have become disillusioned; we've given up'
   - Television actress

 39. 'India has great heroes'
   - Madarsa student

 41. 'If politicians change much can change'
   - Vegetable vendor

 43. 'I wish every Indian would do his bit'
   - Dentist, dance-buff

 45. 'Many in my village can't manage two meals a day'
   - President, Bihar Students Front, Delhi University

 47. 'We need leaders who dare to dream'
   - DJ and model

 49. 'India no longer has the clarity on what it wants'
   - Lawyer and researcher

 51. 'Our leaders should build a new India'
   - Former President, Lucknow University Students Union

 2. 'In IIT I decided I would not leave my country'
   - CEO, Tachyon Technologies

 4. 'If we have progressed, why am I pulling a rickshaw?'
   - Rickshaw puller

 6. 'Leaders today are sucking people's blood'
   - Prisoner

 8. 'What I make is respected by the whole nation'
   - Stitches the tri-colour

 10. 'Yes I have a dream -- to go back to Kashmir'
   - Kashmiri refugee

 12. 'India has to get rid of this chalta-hai attitude'
   - IIT student

 14. 'India is my country and I love it'
   - Agricultural worker

 16. 'We must stop identifying each other by our religion'
   - Fisherman

 18. 'I look forward to an India of the youth'
   - MLA

 20. 'Every aspect of life in India is corrupt'
   - Catholic priest

 22. 'Freedom means nothing when I am chained like this'
   - Sex worker

 24. 'I love India and want to go back'
   - Indian software consultant in USA

 26. 'I want an India with no religious clashes'
   - Pujari

 28. 'Our greatest problem are our politicians'
   - Television journalist

 30. 'India is split into two worlds'
   - Economist

 32. 'In 5 years time I will lead my men'
   - National Defence Academy

 34. Hema Ramachandran, 25
   - Social worker

 36. Syed Mohammed Abbas, 23
   - Tourist guide

 38. 'We have the freedom to fulfil every dream'
   - Student, IIM-Ahmedabad

 40. 'I am moving forward. Just like India'
   - Dealer at a BSE brokerage

 42. 'We don't teach our children the reason to live'
   - Teaches computing to the blind and runs her own institute

 44. 'I hope our multicultural society never changes'
   - Housemaid

 46. 'India's biggest problem is corruption'
   - Usher at multiplex

 48. 'India should change for good not worse'
   - Truck driver

 50. 'When will we have better healthcare?'
   - Primary health worker

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