October 3, 2000


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Declaration on Strategic Partnership
between the Republic of India and
the Russian Federation

The Republic of India and the Russian Federation, herein after referred to as the Sides

PROCEEDING from a desire to further consolidate their traditionally close and friendly ties to mutual benefit.

DRAWING upon their rich and fruitful tradition of cooperation in various fields accumulated over half a century since their establishment of diplomatic relations.

EMPHASIZING the fundamental and lasting importance of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Russian Federation of 28 January 1993, which was a continuation of the bilateral Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation of 9 August 1971; of the Declaration on the Further Development and Intensification of Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Russian Federation of 30 June, 1994; and of the Moscow Declaration on the further Development and Intensification of Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Russian Federation of 30 June, 1994; and of the Moscow Declaration on the Protection of the Interests of Pluralistic States of 30 June, 1994.

CONVINCED that the further comprehensive development of their bilateral ties would promote progress and prosperity in both states and the consolidation of positive trends in the world as a whole.

SEEKING to impart a qualitatively new character and long term perspective to their multifaceted bilateral relations and to actively develop them in political economic, trade, scientific, technological, cultural and other fields, in the years ahead and into the 21st century.

PROCEEDING from the conviction that it is necessary to build a multipolar global structure based on sovereign equality of all states and peoples, democratic values and justice.

CONFIRMING their adherence to the common ideals of peace democracy, rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, non-violence and secularism.

RECOGNISING their special responsibility by virtue of being among the largest multiethnic, multilingual and multireligious States.

INSPIRED by a desire to jointly contribute to the strengthening of international peace and security, the democratisation of international relations, as well as to the promotion of the establishment of a new just and stable world order.

REAFFIRMING their commitment to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter.

DECLARE as follows:

  1. The Sides hereby proclaim the establishment of relations of strategic partnership between them. Based on mutual understanding and long term confidence in each other, this envisages the elevation of their multifaceted ties to an even higher and qualitatively new level, while imparting them with a specially close and dynamic character, both in the bilateral field and in the international arena.
  2. This strategic partnership between the Sides is based upon the principles of sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity of States, non-interference in their internal affairs, mutual respect and mutual benefit.
  3. Such a strategic partnership would include enhanced cooperation in the following fields.
  1. Political
  2. convening of annual Summit level meetings

    regular bilateral political and foreign office consultations on issues of mutual concern

    closer cooperation at the United Nations, including its specialized agencies and institutions at other international and regional fora

    further intensifying their efforts aimed at strengthening international peace and security, general and complete disarmament, systematic and progressive efforts to reduce nuclear weapons globally, with the ultimate goal of eliminating these weapons, nuclear non-proliferation and the peaceful settlement of disputes

    joint initiatives on key international and regional issues

    informing each other of planned foreign policy initiatives in the international arena

    non-participation in any military-political or other alliances or associations or armed conflict directed against the other Side, or in any treaties, agreements or understandings infringing upon the independence sovereignty, territorial integrity or national security interests of the other Side


  3. Trade and Economy
  4. strengthening close cooperation within the framework of the Indo-Russian Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation, as well as other joint bodies of business and Industry representatives, with a view to expand trade and economic relations

    deepening and diversifying cooperation in sectors such as metallurgy, fuel and energy, information technology, communications and transport, including merchant shipping and civil aviation

    further development of cooperation in banking and finance, and improving credit and insurance facilities so as to promote bilateral trade

    creating a favourable environment for mutual investments and guaranteeing their protection.

    simplifying customs and other procedures and promoting the removal of non-tariff barriers and gradual lowering of tariff barriers

    establishing effective mechanisms for interaction between Indian and Russian entities with a view to achieve sustained expansion of bilateral trade in a long term perspective.

    encouraging contacts between regions in both countries with a view to promoting trade and economic cooperation

    simplifying rules and procedures for travel by entrepreneurs and businessmen of both countries

    further enhancing the quality and international competitiveness of their goods by, inter alia, promoting the joint development and sharing of the latest technologies

    exploiting to mutual benefit the new opportunities arising out of the integration processes underway in the world economy

    enhancing cooperation and coordination at international trade, economic and financial bodies

    jointly exploring the possibilities of regional trading arrangements with third countries

  5. Defence
  6. consolidating defence and military-technical cooperation in a long-term perspective

    deepening service to service cooperation

  7. Science and Technology
  8. promoting existing and new forms of cooperation in fundamental and applied scientific research, expanding the exchange of scientists and scientific information, establishing direct ties between scientific research/higher educational institutions

    cooperating in areas such as oceanology, agricultural sciences, medical sciences and biotechnology, environmentally clean technologies, meteorology standardisation, metrology and certification of each other's products

    jointly exploring the possibilities of commercial application of the results of scientific and technological research and development

    cooperating in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the peaceful use of outer space

  9. Culture
  10. further promoting cultural cooperation and a wider exposure to each others' cultural heritage and achievements

    activising contacts between peoples and organisations including in the fields of culture, education, mass media, youth and sports.

    promoting tourist exchanges and cooperation between tourist organisations in both countries.

  11. Science and Technology

  12. cooperating in the fight against international terrorism, separatism, organised crime, and illegal trafficking in narcotics

    cooperation in rendering mutual legal assistance in civil and criminal matters and in matters relating to extradition, as well as in other related areas

  • The strategic partnership between the Sides is not directed against any other State or group of States, and does not seek to create a military-political alliance.
  • Signed on 3rd October 2000 at New Delhi in two originals each in Hindi, Russian and English languages.

    Prime Minister of the Republic of India


    President of the Russian Federation




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