December 8
The Rubaiya episode
December 10
The rulers, their doings
December 11
This man saw it all
December 13
Victims of the gun
December 14
Homeless in homeland
December 15
The UN stand
December 16
Wronged rights
December 17
Reviving the economy
December 18
How much longer?


Day 2: December 9
   Bitter Memories

    The decade through the eyes of lawmen, Kashmiris and ex-militants

Chindu Sreedharan

Life in Kashmir has been one endless nightmare for the last 10 years.

Everyone there has suffered. The security personnel will tell you what it is to fight a war bound by civil laws. Most times the enemy is unknown. And backed by a sullen, hostile population.

The militant will list you the atrocities by 'the army of occupation.' Tales of torture. Gory killings and gruesome encounters. Life on the run.

Then the Kashmiri. He will share with you the trauma of life between two guns. The horror of brutal deaths. Rights violations. The rape of self-respect.

For a picture of what the decade means to different people, interviewed five men and a woman from varying backgrounds. Hear what they say:

   The Lawmen
    'We are not killers!'
    'Losing a boy destroys you'

   The Kashmiris
    'They took my son away'
    'I hate India'

 The ex-militants
  'Leave Kashmir alone'
  'Blood is not the solution'

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