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It is only the 'fallen' that rise

Who will be the next leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party?" This one question, constantly fired at me by my friends and acquaintances, has left me in a quandary. What kind of an answer am I supposed to give?

Immediately, the next statement follows. "It is important because this person will be the next prime minister in 1997."

Who will that person be? Sitaram Kesri? Sharad Pawar? Rajesh Pilot? Who?

If I say their guess is as good as mine, my friends will be unhappy. Do they know and will they appreciate the fact that I need all their horoscopes?

I have given some very good predictions with the help of the horoscope of the Congress party. Though I do not have the horoscopes of Kesri or Pilot, I do have one horoscope of Pawar with Vrischika lagna, which was made available to me some years ago. It was on the basis of this horoscope that I had made a prediction about Pawar's move from the centre to the state in the Vishwa Vijay Panchanga. He did move, resigning from the defence portfolio to become chief minister of Maharashtra. Then, in 1996, he returned to the centre.

According to Pawar's horoscope, with Vrischika as lagna, he is now passing through the mahadasha of Jupiter, antardasha of the Moon and the partyantara dasha of Venus, all involved in fight and secret manoeuvering. He might feel that he will never have a better opportunity to become leader of the CPP and, from there, take the next step and become prime minister of India.

The fight, then, is on. But will Pawar succeed? He might. For he will demand the highest post first and may, if his calculations go wrong, take the next best, and manoeuvre himself into that all important slot at a later date during the year. Pawar may see 1997 as his year of destiny which, astrologically speaking, it is.

What about Kesri? I cannot answer as I do not have his horoscope. But he must be having a good period, otherwise he could not have become the Congress chief and oust P V Narasimha Rao with a determination no one had ever credited him with. If he is passing through a good period, he may still accommodate Pawar and leave Pilot to fight the battle alone.

And Pilot? I cannot say anything without his horoscope.

What does the horoscope of the Congress party show? This party is an 18-year-old teenager, it was born in January, 1978, and is only two years senior to the BJP (born in 1980). The Congress is now entering the last of its teen years. In this process, it will pass through the Rahu-Saturn-Mercury period.

Mercury, which is in the 10th house, represents a bania here. Is Pawar a bania? Does Pilot belong to this community? Kesri, of course, is one. Earlier too, Mercury indicated that a bania would become Congress president in 1996. When it comes to choosing the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party, will the bania element prevail once again?

We astrologers resort to the planetary position of the crucial day as an alternative. In this case, it is January 3, 1997. On this day, Mars and Rahu will be opposing Saturn and Ketu very closely. The Sun, with retrograde Mercury in Dhanu, will be afflicted by both Mars and Saturn. It is a perilious situation. Two other persons, who are not visible now, will become active before January 3 and will tilt the scale perilously in favour of the bania.

Hence, I will not make any prediction. But Mercury clearly indicates that the Congress has a good chance of forming the government at the centre. Further analysis of the horoscope shows that the Congress manoeuvres will take shape by February 27. Till then, Prime Minister Deve Gowda can hope that the costly yagna he is performing will consolidate his position. But how is he sure that Gods will be pleased so easily?

For the fall of Deve Gowda government during the budget session and the rise of Congress are clearly visible. As they say in Delhi, "It is only the 'fallen' that rise."


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