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Anita Bora | May 31, 2003 12:23 IST

Get some canine advice, explore the unexplained and find out which Matrix personality you are

If you're looking for advice with a canine twist, then this dog lady won't disappoint. The topics are diverse, from dog visitation rights after separation to dealing with bad doggy habits, this agony aunt has answers for anything related to dogs, love and life.

So there's New Tricks where the dog lady posts her latest columns. Best in Show is a collection of her favourites. And if you're interested in Woof Wear, you can choose from an exclusive collection of Dog Lady T-shirts. Needless to say, this one's only for dog lovers.


Remember playing Chinese whispers? Well, this project could be likened to the game. The site claims: "Other People's Stories is dedicated to the time-honored tradition of stealing other people's material and we therefore recognize our debt to those from whom we've stolen and acknowledge that these stories do not belong to us." Every story featured along with a picture, is one a contributor heard from someone else. It also tells you upfront that it has no qualms about stealing other people's stories.

So you might have a poignant story about a journalist's first-hand experience in Iran or a fascinating tale about a stolen letter. And if you have one to tell, that is heard from someone else, not boring, and can be easily produced online, then go ahead. You can take part in the project too.


This being the 100th year since the first flight is a landmark year in aviation history. A Time special looks at some of the inspiring events and people who dared to dream and make it possible for us to fly. From the Wright brothers to Neil Armstrong, the section profiles the 20 most influential aviators.

It all started with the 12 second spin that Orville Wright in his Flyer on December 197, 2003. Later, his brother Wilbur flew it around for 59 seconds. The plane was a wreck by the end of it, but history was made that day.

Other moments in military, space and commercial aviation history have also been highlighted. There's a look at fashion in the skies through the years. In the 1940s, with the world at war, airline uniforms had a military bearing. In the 1970s, Southwest Airlines experienced a dramatic jump in ticket sales when its flight attendants start wearing white go-go boots and hot pants! Perhaps, a good strategy that airlines can employ today, to boost their ticket sales.

**** is a useful site to bookmark. It provides an interface to graphically compare nations. Using a form, you can compare different countries on set parameters like crime, economy, education, health, media etc. What's more you choose, only the countries you want to compare can be included.

So for example, the site tells me that the education literacy rates for India and Pakistan are 52 and 42.7 per cent respectively. A great tool for journalists, researchers and academics who constantly need this kind of data. There are also other useful sections like flags and maps of the world.


With Bhoot hitting the screen this weekend, this seems to be a good time to focus on ghostly and unexplained incidents. And there seems to be no dearth of them. Unexplained America explores mysteries that have captured the imagination of the public through the years.

Read all about the mystery that Houdini could not solve; 'Mothman', one of the strangest creatures to ever grace the annals of weirdness in America and the case of the Grime sisters, an unsolved Chicago mystery. Spine tingling tales that keep you on the edge.


For Matrix fans eagerly awaiting the film's release here in India, this quiz is useful distraction. After you answer a few questions, it reveals which Matrix personality you are. My result: "You are Morpheus. You have strong faith in yourself and those around you. A true leader, you are relentless in your pursuit."

Want to have a go?


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