Name: Seetal R Patel, London

Background: Systems administration manager. Founded the site with a handful of others in 1997.

"I grew in Secunderabad, close to the Hakimpet AF Base. As a kid I was fascinated by the fast jets and helicopters. Also many close family friends came from a military background. That's what got me interested.

"I maintained an independent site since 1996 and was originally approached a few others who had sites running of their own or wanted to contribute to mine. The idea of maintaining separate sites was not really feasible because of work duplication and technical issues.

"A consortium of military sites on a single server was proposed and accepted by all of the founding members.

"I spend approximately 2 hours per day. BR is very much a part of life (a hobby if you like)."
Name: Kapil Chandni, Mumbai

Background: Family business and own ventures. Formally came on board in 2001.

"I was always passionate about Indian Armed Forces. It was in the mid-1997 when I was looking for something related to the forces and I stumbled upon BR.

"I was tracking their progress for some time and kept in touch with its progress. Since there was so little about the military, we would send all kinds of information to each other, like newspaper cuttings and that kind of stuff.

"And it has been an interesting journey. Some people have left, new people joined.

"Communicating across time zones is not that difficult because of tools. Email was always there. Everybody has certain responsibilities. If I need to update my section, I only have to get in touch I need to get in touch with those involved. Managing time is demanding, but not very difficult. "
Name: Jagan Pillarisetti, Hyderabad

Background: Executive marketing with a software organisation. Associated with BR since January 1999.

"My interest was generated by reading numerous World War II comics. I read Air Chief Marshal PC Lal's 'My Years with the IAF' in 1988 and was hooked.

"I tried unsucessfully to join the IAF and later decided to read and write about its history instead. I promptly started a site ( Towards the end of 1998, I was invited by the BR team to join the team and merge the contents of both sites.

"Personally, working on the HTML work is my way of 'unwinding' after a days work. Usuallly, I do it between 10.30 pm to 12.00 noon.

"Sometimes we travel for interviews and new content. Last year I travelled over 14 days and to four locations (Delhi, Bombay, Pune, Bangalore)."
Name: Shiv S, Bangalore

Background: Surgeon who joined the team in 1997

"I have had a deep interest in military aircraft since schooldays. I am an incurable patriot.

"Compared with sites by Seetal, Rupak and Jagan - my own site was modest - and I found Bharat Rakshak when they mirrored the 1971 war history.

"My personal contribution is mainly in discussion forum moderation, and making video clips."
Name: Nikhil Shah, New York

Background: An enterprise information technology manager, he joined BR in 1997.

"My motivation: Realising that information in public domain on India's strategic interests and issues was woefully inadequate and recognising the need to represent India in a positive and forcefull manner. A general liking for our men in the uniform, great appreciation for their hardwork and an unfulfilled urge to be a member of that illustrious community who routinely sacrifice their lives so that I can purse my dreams.

"I end up putting in 1 to 2 hours everyday on an average monitoring, administering and researching discussion threads, events, contents and BR members."
Name: Sachin PK, Bangalore

Background: Software engineer, joined the team in January 1999.

"I was an NCC Cadet and that lead to my interest in the Armed Forces. My interests are in its long and glorious traditions, customs and India's well being.

"I personally did not maintain a Web site for the defence, because by the time I joined the team, the site was already up and running. I came in as a visitor to, helped the then Web masters with information and finally joined the team. My first mail was to Rakesh Koshy, regarding a few corrections in the Army Rank insignia and structure. This was some time during the end of 1998.

"I am also the Web master of Amar Jawan.
Name: L.N.Subramanian, Philadephia

Background: Manager (IT solutions) for a software company. Got involved with BR in late 1997.

"I was interested in Air Force (I guess too many Commando comics as a kid). Did not make it to AF but continued to have interest in defence.

"The complete lack of interest in the average Indian towards security matters, the lack of respect given to our martyrs etc and the absolute lack of mention of our role in WW2 in the foreign media is my motivation.

"I was late on the Web scene and found that BR already existed. I was invited to join later. Also along with Jagan, I maintain the IPKF section. Presently mostly concentrate on army matters.

"Initially spent 8-16 hours a week on the forum and other work."

7) Name: Mr Kapil

"I want to see India as a developed nation, ranking with the best in the world.

"One thing I want to do -- if I can, is to provide education for all so that citizens can distinguish between good and bad to resist corruption, communalism etc.

"Communal riots, hatred fanned by perverted arguments on religion, must also end. Our biggest challenges are population and discrimination in the name of religion.

"I would like to end corruption that is eating us from inside. That is the biggest obstacle faced by this great nation.

"I want to continue being an army soldier even in 2010 and keep serving this country in the years to come.