We invite readers to voice their views on issues that concern us all. Have you posted your views yet?

December 30, 2009
Pay tribute to Kannada superstar Vishnuvardhan
The Kannada superstar was one of the greatest stars of Kannada cinema.

Share your most bizarre New Year's Eve moments!
Everything's forgiven on New Year's Eve. But nothing's forgotten. So tell us the most outrageous things you've done or you know someone who's done on a New Year's Eve.

December 23, 2009
Jolie thinks fidelity is overrated. Do you?
In a recent interview, actress Angelina Jolie expressed the opinion that fidelity in relationships is overrated. Do you agree?

December 22, 2009
Are social networking sites killing productivity? Tell us!
A recent survey has found that productivity of professionals in the corporate sector suffers due to tome spent surfing social networking sites. Do you agree?

December 09, 2009
Does casual sex impact the young adult psyche?
According to a new study, casual sex does not cause emotional or psychological damage in young people. Do you agree?

November 27, 2009
Which is India's best Test win till date?
India thrashed Sri Lanka by an innings and 144 runs in the second cricket Test at Kanpur to complete 100 Test victories.

November 26, 2009
Does pregnancy harm a woman's career?
A majority of working women believe that raising a family harmed their careers and interfered in climbing up the corporate ladder, according to a new survey.

November 19, 2009
Are you looking forward to seeing Kamal Khan back in Bigg Boss?
Have your say!

November 03, 2009
The moustache: Mousy or macho? Tell us
So all you men out there, tell us what you think of sporting a moustache or not, and why. And ladies, do tell us whether you prefer men with them or without.

November 02, 2009
Wish Shah Rukh Khan a happy birthday!
The actor turns 44 today.

October 27, 2009
Are you being followed? Dealing with stalkers
A young girl lost her life in South Delhi two days ago at the hands of a jilted admirer. We invite readers share their experiences and opinions on how to deal with stalkers and jilted lovers.

October 26, 2009
Wish Asin on her birthday!
The actress celebrates her birthday today.

October 22, 2009
Discuss: Is Congress party back? Is the Opposition finished?
Did the Congress win based on performance or due to factors like Raj Thackeray?

October 16, 2009
Will you do an MA in Karunanidhi?
The University of Madras has announced that the institution will offer a masters course in Kalaignar (Karunanidhi) Thoughts.

October 14, 2009
Which Diwali release are you rooting for?
Will it be Blue, All The Best or Main Aurr Mrs Khanna?

October 09, 2009
Does Barack Obama deserve the Peace Nobel?
Do you agree with the Nobel committee's decision? Does Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 07, 2009
Wish Nobel winner Dr Ramakrishnan
The feat comes over a decade after Amartya Sen won the coveted award in 1998 in the field of Economics.

September 29, 2009
Who would you like to see on <I>Bigg Boss 3</I>?
Send in your choices!

September 18, 2009
Should Shashi Tharoor sign out of Twitter?
Tharoor has nearly 175,000 followers on Twitter. An account that he started when he launched his election campaign now may now cost him dear as voices urging him to log off Twitter keep getting louder by the day.

September 15, 2009
How would you remember Patrick Swayze?
Tell us.

September 11, 2009
Has justice been done in Nithari killings case?
Do you think Pandher will walk free in the other Nithari cases too? Three years on, do you think justice has been done to the victims of the Nithari killings?

September 03, 2009
Pay tribute to YSR
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has been killed in a helicopter crash in the dense Nallamalla forest, authorities confirmed on Thursday morning.

Poll: Are women more likely to cheat in a relationship?
And you thought men do all the 'goofing around' when the topic of long-term relationships arises -- a new shocking UK poll has found that women are more likely to cheat on their partners than men.

September 02, 2009
Do you know the area where YSR is missing? Tell us
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajashekhara Reddy's twin-engined Bell 430 AP helipcopter took off at 8.45 am on Wednesday and was scheduled to land at Chitoor district at 10.45 am. However, it soon lost radio contact and has been untraceable, ever since.

Who are Bollywood's most powerful celebrities?
Tell us!

September 01, 2009
Poll: Do you still use gifts from your ex?
Actress Jennifer Aniston was in the news yesterday for having worn a very valuable watch gifted to her by ex-boyfriend John Mayer when they were together. If you were in Jen's place, would you continue to use a gift from an ex?

August 20, 2009
What annoys you about fellow movie-goers?
Having someone kick you in the back of the seat or talking for the duration of the film can be a real pain and can spoil a trip to the cinema.

August 17, 2009
Is Dravid's ODI recall the way forward?
The selection of the Indian team for the tri-series in Sri Lanka and ICC Champions Trophy has opened a Pandora's box. But one big question that needs to be asked here is: does Dravid form a part of the selectors' vision for the 2011 World Cup? Is he just filling in as a temporary replacement for a year or so till the youngsters get settled?

August 12, 2009
Is India ready for the Chinese threat?
India's Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Sureesh Mehta set the cat amongst the pigeons recently when he hinted in a speech that India could not match China military force.

August 10, 2009
Best Hollywood hottie to play Marilyn Monroe?
Tell us!

August 05, 2009
Would an Indian leader go to a hostile nation to secure the release of its citizens?
Would any former prime minister have travelled to a rogue country to negotiate for the freedom of just two of its imprisoned citizens?

Playboy is coming to India. Your Take
Playboy Enterprises, known for its adult magazine for men Playboy, is reportedly planning to launch its accessories, apparel, etc, in India by year end 'targetting young adults', even as the Indian American community has called it 'crude westernization'.

August 04, 2009
Kicking daughter-in-law not cruelty: SC
A husband and his relatives cannot be prosecuted for 'cruelty' towards wife merely because the mother-in-law or other family members had kicked her or for that matter threatened her with divorce, the Supreme Court has held.

Should Indian cricketers sign the WADA code?
So, what's the solution to the latest controversy to hit Indian cricket? Are the Indian players and BCCI are right in not signing the anti-doping code? Should the players fall in line and sign up for the clause like all the other top athletes around the world?

August 03, 2009
Sing your fave Kishore Kumar song!
And send in those videos!

July 31, 2009
The human cloning debate. Your take
The human cloning debate. Your take

Make Friendship Day special this year
We invite readers to post messages to their friends on the occasion of Friendship Day this year.

July 28, 2009
The 'doosra': an art of spin bowling or chucking?
What do you think? Should the Aussies' call to ban the 'doosra' be heeded? Should it stay as just another delivery in the armoury of off-spinners? Have your say.

July 24, 2009
Send us movie bloopers that you spotted!
We're sure there are many out there just waiting to be spotted.

What does it take to make a marriage work? Tell us
We invite readers to share their tips and experiences on how to make your marriage a success.

July 23, 2009
Who is the sexiest star on TV?
Tell us!

July 22, 2009
How should India tackle Pakistan? Tell us, and win a prize!
So go ahead and post your entry. Tell us in less than 500 words how India can confront the dangerous challenge

July 14, 2009
What do you think of Azad's <EM>azaadi</EM> from sex proposal?
If young couples watch the assorted mindless programming on telly till well past midnight, Health Minister Azad believes they will drop off to sleep instead of indulging in sexual hank-panky.

July 09, 2009
Have you encountered Sunny?
If you have ever encountered the batting legend during one of his many tours, tell us about your experience and your interaction with him.

Happy Birthday, Sunil
Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar turns 60 on Friday, July 10. Join us in wishing him on the occasion.

July 08, 2009
Sourav Ganguly turns 37
Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly turns 37 today (Wednesday, July 8).

July 06, 2009
Share your Guru Purnima tributes with us
Would you like to pay a tribute to your guru this Guru Purnima? Do so right here.

July 02, 2009
Share your water woes!
Share your water woes with and tell us how the water crisis has affected your everyday life. Also suggest ways in which the government can deal with the impending water emergency and the threat of a failed monsoon.

June 29, 2009
Should the Class X board exams be scrapped?
Will this improve the system, giving students a better, low-stress education? Or will it put them at a disadvantage when they appear for higher-level exams?

June 26, 2009
What is about MJ and Indians?
For many in India, English music was Michael Jackson.

Share your memories of MJ
Just one glimpse of his videos or seeing him on stage was enough to make the jaw drop. Such was his magic. What did Michael Jackson and his music mean to you? Share your memories of the legend with us.

June 25, 2009
Which actress makes a great Barbie?
Tell us!

June 24, 2009
Which are the sexiest ads on TV?
Tell us!

June 21, 2009
Congratulate Saina
Ace Indian women's shuttler Saina Nehwal wrote a new chapter in badminton history when she won the Indonesian Open Super Series in Jakarta on Sunday. The 19-year-old World junior champion beat China's world No 3 Wang Lin 12-21, 21-18, 21-9 to become the first Indian to win a Super Series event.

June 15, 2009
What went wrong for Team India?
In a must-win encounter, should India have gone in for experimentation?

June 05, 2009
Which are India's best projects? Tell us
What do you think about India's engineering prowess and infrastructure projects?

June 04, 2009
Your fave TV show?
Write in and tell us!

June 03, 2009
<I>The Tonight Show</I>: Which host do you prefer, Leno or O'Brien?
Tell us!

June 01, 2009
Would you consider marrying for money?
With times as tough as they've been of late, financial worries are taking a toll on other aspects of our lives, especially relationships. What are your views on marrying for money?

May 08, 2009
Wish Mommy Dearest a Happy Mother's Day!
Here's your chance to show your mom you care -- simply post a message of love and wish her a Happy Mother's Day right here on <I></I>.

May 07, 2009
Should RGV have tampered with the national anthem in Rann?
Have your say!

Which actress makes the best <I>filmi</I> mom?
Tell us!

May 04, 2009
Who has the hottest pout in Bollywood?
Tell us!

April 29, 2009
Best celebrity ads?
Tell us!

April 17, 2009
Do film stars make good politicians?
Tell us what you think!

April 07, 2009
Which stars have grown beautiful with age?
Tell us!

March 30, 2009
Did Team India underestimate the Kiwis in Napier?
Do you think India underestimated New Zealand in the second Test in Napier? Or were they just complacent, rather over-confident, after winning the first Test inside four days. Tell us.

March 24, 2009
Tell us: What do you think of the Nano?
Is this the car you were waiting for? Will you buy the Nano?

March 22, 2009
Was it right to move the IPL out of India?
Do you think the BCCI did the sensible thing by shifting the tournament out of India? Or was the Home Ministry right by not taking chances and not allowing the IPL to be held in middle of the elections?

March 13, 2009
Which are India's best banks?
Whom would you trust the most with your hard earned money?

March 06, 2009
Met A R Rahman?
Here's your chance to share your experiences

March 04, 2009
Will the IPL survive Lahore attack?
Should the government, in the interests of security, insist that the IPL not be held on schedule? Should IPL chief Lalit Modi postpone the tournament to a more conducive moment? Can he?

February 23, 2009
Congratulate Rahman, Resul!
Wish them!

February 12, 2009
Too much social networking linked to depression!
Researchers say that too much social networking on Facebook can leave you depressed and anxious! What do you think?

February 10, 2009
Who should replace Scolari at Chelsea?
Chelsea have begun the search for Luiz Felipe Scolari's replacement, and Dutchman Frank Rijkaard appears a leading contender. Rijkaard's fellow-Dutchman Guus Hiddink is also regarded as a prime target for Chelsea, although the Russia coach appeared to distance himself from the job on Monday.

February 09, 2009
Congratulate Rahman, Zakir Hussain!
Join us in congratulating the musicians on their spectacular feat.

V-Day special: The cheesiest pick-up lines ever!
We bring you the cheesiest pick-up lines -- and we want to hear ones you've come across too!

February 06, 2009
Your fave Rahman song?
Think back and write in!

Do you handle break-ups as badly as Devdas?
Have you ever suffered a break-up so nasty that it has clouded your ability to reason? We invite readers to share their break-up experiences and tips to cope.

February 05, 2009
What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
Tell us about the most memorable Valentine's Day you have ever spent with a loved one and what exactly you did for each other that made it so special.

February 01, 2009
Congratulate Sania-Bhupathi
Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi won the mixed doubles title at the Australian Open, beating the French-Israeli pair of Nathalie Dechy and Andy Ram 6-3, 6-1 in the final in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. The ace Indian duo thus made up for the disappointment of last year when they were beaten by Tiantian Sun and Nenad Zimonjic in the final.

January 30, 2009
Wish Sania-Bhupathi
Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi moved through to the Australian Open mixed doubles final after a comfortable 6-4, 6-1 win over the Czech Republic's Iveta Benesova and Lukas Dlouhy in Melbourne on Friday.

January 29, 2009
Have the Padma awards lost their sheen?
Does the fact that Olympic medallists Sushil Kumar and Vijender Kumar were overlooked raise questions about the fairness of the selection process? Do Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai deserve Padma Shris, considering the foremost criterion for the award is public service? Have the awards become irrelevant?

January 23, 2009
Wish PM Manmohan Singh a speedy recovery
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, where a by-pass surgery will be performed on him on Saturday.The PM had previously complained of uneasiness and chest pain. He underwent an angiography at AIIMS on Wednesday. According to a reliable source close to him, the prime minister's heart has three blockages. It has been found that one old blockage has reoccurred & two new blockages in his coronary arteries have been found.

January 21, 2009
Send in your Oscar predictions!
Which films/ actors/ actresses will make the cut, according to you?

January 20, 2009
Should <EM>Ghajini</EM> have got an A certificate?
Have your say!

Do wealthier men make better lovers?
Research conducted at Newcastle University has found that the amount of sexual satisfaction derived by women from their partners is directly proportional to said partner's wealth. What do you think?

January 19, 2009
Has Akshay lost it?
Have your say!

January 15, 2009
Award-winning film of 2008?
Tell us!

January 14, 2009
Who has the hottest bod in tinseltown?
Tell us!

January 13, 2009
Are you too busy for love?
Actress Sadie Frost is too busy to spare a thought for dating or love. Do you find yourself sailing in that boat? Are you too busy to bother about love?

January 12, 2009
Wish the <I>Slumdog Millionaire</I> team!
Wish them!

Did the right people win at the Globes?
Have your say!

Congratulate Rahman!
Have your say!

December 29, 2008
Can democracy take on terrorism? Tell us!
In view of the increasing number of ruthless terror attacks across India and the war rhetoric between India and Pakistan, do you think that democracy, not war, is the only way to answer terrorism? Tell us!

December 15, 2008
What do Indian guys lie about on dates?
Tell us what the typical Indian male is sure to fib about when it comes to wooing the opposite sex.

December 12, 2008
Wish B K S Iyengar on his 90th birthday!
BKS Iyengar, renowned Yoga Guru and founder of Iyengar Yoga, turns 90 on December 14.Iyenger, who runs the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, has been practicing yoga for over 75 years. He is widely credited for popularising yoga across the world.

December 03, 2008
Will you watch <EM>Rab Ne...</EM> next week?
Have your say!

December 02, 2008
How do YOU plan to make a difference?
Everybody is raging over the terror strikes that have rocked Mumbai, particularly the youth. Tell us how YOU are going to make a difference!

December 01, 2008
VVIPS, please don't come to Mumbai
Write and discuss what you think of VIP visits to terror-hit Mmbai so that the political class get the message -- loud and clear.

Was RGV insensitive? Tell us!
Have your say!

November 29, 2008
Wish Our Heroes in Uniform!
At this emotional moment, pays tribute to our Heroes in Uniform. Come, join us, in celebrating our Real Life Heroes.

November 24, 2008
Should India trust Zardari?
Will he go the way of other Pakistani rulers?

<I>Bigg Boss</I>: Did the right person win?
Tell us!

November 13, 2008
Should <I>Deshdrohi</I> be banned?
Tell us!

November 12, 2008
Would you pay for a plastic bag?
The mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has proposed charging six cents for every plastic shopping bag issued at the cash register. Should India have a similar policy?

November 11, 2008
Who will win <I>Bigg Boss 2</I>?
Tell us!

November 06, 2008
Share your memories of Sourav
India's most successful captain Sourav Ganguly is set to bid farewell to the international game at the end of the ongoing fourth Test against the Aussies at Nagpur. The left-hander walked in to bat at the fall of VVS Laxman's wicket in India's first innings on Thursday afternoon.

Say goodbye to Ganguly
India's most successful captain Sourav Ganguly is set to bid farewell to the international game at the end of the ongoing Test against the Aussies at Nagpur.

November 03, 2008
Share your memories of Anil Kumble
Share your memories of Anil Kumble - your meetings with him, your encounters in public spaces, your anecdotes, photos, even videos. Tell us.

October 29, 2008
Congratulate Vishy Anand
Viswanathan Anand added another feather to his cap when he successfully defended his World Chess title in Bonn on Wednesday night.

Who is the best dancer in Bollywood?
Tell us!

October 27, 2008
Sensex fall: Your forecast
The bloodbath continues at the bourses with the Sensex crashing below 8K.

October 23, 2008
Is this the end of low-cost flying in India? Tell us!
Even low cost carriers IndiGo, Paramount Airways are now in talks to join the Jet Airways-Kingfisher Airlines alliance to cut costs. After Kingfisher took over Air Deccan, fares have gone up steadily. Other low cost carriers have also hiked fares.

October 22, 2008
Chandrayaan launch: Greet scientists
Greet the scientists on achieving this major milestone!

Which star should be immortalised on screen?
Tell us!

October 21, 2008
The best animated character?
Tell us!

October 17, 2008
Congratulate Sachin Tendulkar
India's ace batsman Sachin Tendulkar became the highest Test-run scorer in Mohali on Friday when he scored 15 runs in the first innings of the second Test against Australia.

October 16, 2008
Are you afraid you may lose your job?
The global recession is taking a toll and the tremors are being felt in India as well. On Wednesday, Jet Airways sacked 1,900 employees, many others are likely to follow suit.

October 11, 2008
Wish Amitabh a speedy recovery!
It's time once again for fans and well-wishers all over to wish our most beloved superstar Amitabh Bachchan a speedy recovery

October 10, 2008
Is your money in banks safe?
There are rumours that ICICI Bank is in trouble, with reports that people are rushing to withdraw their savings. The bank, and finance minister P Chidambaram, both attest ICICI is safe and all banks have enough liquidity. What is your money strategy in these troubled times?

October 07, 2008
How has the financial crisis affected you?
Even as the business world is reeling at the amount of money that has been lost, the real tragedy is being enacted in the homes, hearts and minds of the individual victims the hundreds and thousands of people whose financial ability has been decimated, whose glowing future is suddenly unclear.

Beginning of the end for Fab Four?
Is Sourav Ganguly's retirement the beginning of the end for India's 'Fab Four'? If so, does India have the reserves to make up for their absence in the near future?

September 30, 2008
Who is the worst TV judge?
Tell us!

September 29, 2008
Where will you smoke from October 2?
Where will you smoke from October 2?

Your fave Mahendra Kapoor song?
Do write in!

September 26, 2008
The hottest dad in Bollywood?
Tell us!

September 24, 2008
Best children's film?
Tell us!

September 23, 2008
Who's the best action heroine in Bollywood?
Tell us!

September 22, 2008
<I>TZP</I>: India's best choice?
Have your say!

September 17, 2008
Hottest Bollywood debut so far?
Tell us!

September 08, 2008
Is it the end of the road for Sourav Ganguly?
Is it time for Ganguly to quit international cricket? Should 'Dada' keep fighting to make one more comeback? What do you think? Tell us.

August 29, 2008
Post your favourite recipes here!
We invite readers to swap recipes using our message board -- enjoy!

August 27, 2008
Should music be banned in cars?
Do you think listening to music in vehicles should be banned? Or should other cities too impose a similar ban? Tell us!

August 25, 2008
Have you been through a painful break-up?
We invite readers to share their experiences with relationships gone wrong.

August 20, 2008
Single agency should tackle terrorism: Kalam
Advocating a national campaign to eliminate terrorism from the country, former President APJ Abdul Kalam has suggested a single agency for gathering and dissemination of intelligence.

August 18, 2008
Your fave pin-up girl?
Tell us!

August 14, 2008
Deepika or Preity: Who makes a better face on TV?
Would you prefer to watch a younger woman entice you into buying something, like Deepika or Katrina? Or would you prefer the classic beauties like Preity, Ash and Rani? Tell us!

August 13, 2008
Sania-Sunitha crash out of Olympics doubles
A half-fit Sania Mirza and rookie Sunitha Rao tried every tricks in the book but still could not avert a defeat against top seeded Russian duo of Svetlana Kuznetsova and Dinara Safina in the second round of the women's doubles tennis event of the Beijing Olympics on Wednesday night.

Share your Raksha Bandhan mis-adventures!
Often close friendships might take an uncertain turn when a close pal decides to take your relationship to the next level -- the brother-sister level. How do you dela with the situation if you feel more romantically inclined?

August 11, 2008
Harassed by a courier company?
Share your tale of horror with other rediff readers.

Is SRK the most unpopular star in the industry?
Have your say!

August 05, 2008
Movies that you love watching over and over again?
Tell us!

August 04, 2008
The worst sequels ever?
Tell us!

July 30, 2008
Pay your tribute to Ishmeet Singh
The budding career of talented singer Ishmeet Singh was cut short when he died in a tragic accident in the Maldives on July 29.

July 25, 2008
Wish Somnath on his birthday!
Today, as the Speaker turns 79, show your appreciation for his principled stand in the face of adversity by wishing him on the occasion. Click here to send your wishes!

July 24, 2008
Who is the most kissable celeb?
Tell us!

July 23, 2008
Is Shah Rukh selfish?
SRK has been accused of spurning some of his closest friends, including Salman Khan.

Happy Birthday, Himesh!
We celebrate the singer-turned actor's birthday by asking readers to send it their favourite Himesh songs.

July 17, 2008
Guru Purnima: What did you learn from your guru?
The guru-shishya tradition has been an important part of our education system for centuries. What did you gain/learn from your guru-shishya relationship? We would like to know about it.

July 10, 2008
Do we treat our martyrs right?
Do we treat our martyrs right? Tell us!

July 08, 2008
Sourav Ganguly turns 36 today. Wish him on his birthday
Sourav Ganguly turns 36

July 07, 2008
Are you looking forward to Ekta's <I>Mahabharat</I>?
Have your say!

July 04, 2008
Tell us your Mumbai traffic horror story
If you are a Mumbai-ite, you must have your favourite traffic nightmare story

July 01, 2008
Share your rain experiences
If you have dared to venture out in this unfriendly weather, share your rain experiences with us. Tell us which parts of the city have been the worst hit.

June 27, 2008
Pay your tribute to Sam Manekshaw
Pay your tribute to Sam Manekshaw

June 26, 2008
Which 2008 movie are you looking forward to?
Tell us!

June 25, 2008
The worst date ever? Tell us!
While a lucky few meet that special someone on their first outing, others have to suffer through lack-lustre conversation only to end the night bored and worse, disillusioned. Tell us your dating disaster!

June 20, 2008
What do you think of Bill Gates? Tell us
We would like you to share with us your experience of working with or meeting him. We would also like you share with our readers any photograph that you may with him. You can also write in your views on Bill Gates to us.

June 19, 2008
Is Bill Gates the greatest entrepreneur ever?
Do you believe Gates' departure could change Microsoft forever? Would you say Gates is the greatest entrepreneur ever? Why? Tell us!

Are you a victim of office gossip?
We invite readers to discuss how they cope with gossip mongers in the workplace.

June 16, 2008
The best model-turned actresses?
Tell us!

Drunk driving: What's wrong with India's youth?
Cases of drunk-driving related injuries and deaths, mostly involving the youth, are on the rise. What can we do to prevent this serious problem? Tell us.

June 13, 2008
Wish your dad a Happy Father's Day
We invite readers to post messages, wishing their dads a very happy Father's Day.

June 12, 2008
High heels: Very sexy, even more unhealthy?
The next time you wear high heels to look taller, just give a second thought -- the fancy footwear could cause permanent damage to you, a new study has claimed.

June 10, 2008
Did the right films win?
What do you think? Did you agree with the choices? Tell us!

Your favourite Priyadarshan movie?
Have your say!

Was your college admission a nightmare or a breeze?
What was it like when you applied to college? Share your experience and advice.

June 09, 2008
What is your forecast for the markets?
Rising crude prices and weakening global markets on Monday pulled down the benchmark index below 15,000 mark with the market dipping over 700 points due to heavy selling.

June 06, 2008
Career vs Relationship: How do you balance it?
How do YOU juggle your career and personal life? Tell us!

June 05, 2008
Which film are you looking forward to?
This summer, infact the first half of this year has been quite dry with hardly any hits.

June 04, 2008
What's the lowest you ever paid for petrol?
The prices of petrol and diesel have been constantly rising, pushing up the price of every commodity. Today, petrol costs almost Rs 56 a litre and diesel Rs 40 per litre (in Mumbai), having been increased by Rs 5 and Rs 3, respectively, on Wednesday.

Will you vote for Sanjay Dutt?
Do you welcome Dutt's decision? Do you think our very own Munnabhai will bring a smile to our faces with his jaadoo ki jhappis?

'I was scammed by my cellphone service provider'
A Get Ahead reader complains about the unfair practices of his cellular service provider. We share his story and invite readers to discuss their experiences.

June 02, 2008
Has social networking ever landed you in hot water?
A British family's home has been trashed after their teenage daughter posted an open invitation to her birthday bash on social networking sites. We invite readers to share similar networking-related experiences with us.

May 27, 2008
Will <I>Sarkar Raj</I> mark RGV's return?
Now, with his latest film Sarkar Raj, starring Amitabh Bachchan, his son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai, nearing release, we can't help but think that this is the film that would either make or break Ram Gopal Varma's career.

May 23, 2008
How do you cope with a jealous lover?
A Mumbai youngster was brutally murdered by an actress and her possessive naval officer boyfriend. We invite readers to comment on jealousy and aggression in relationships.

May 21, 2008
Readerspeak: 'OBC? Rich? Welcome to IIM!'
We publish reader responses to last week's message board, asking readers to comment on the IIT-IIM fee hike.

May 20, 2008
Worst reality TV shows?
From Rakhi Sawant's antics to bickerings behind the scenes and sometimes right before your eyes, reality shows are here to stay. But more doesn't necessarily mean better. While we do not want to name names, you can. Which are the worst reality TV shows?

Worst Bollywood film ever?
Last year itself we've seen some really big doozies like No Smoking, Saawariya and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, to mention a few. The question is which is your least favourite film?

May 19, 2008
Are you happy with your appraisal? Tell us
Are you happy with your appraisal this year? If you aren't satisfied with your increment, are you planning to ask your employer for more? Are you threatening to resign or have you already received an offer letter from your company's competitors? What's your next step post-appraisal?

May 16, 2008
Have you used social networking to better your career?
Have you used social networking sites to better your job prospects or know anyone who has? Tell us!

May 14, 2008
Wish Madhuri Dixit!
Madhuri Dixit, who has mesmerised viewers for years, will remain in our hearts even if she doesn't make a comeback to the movies any time soon. Today, the woman with the dazzling smile turns 41.

You have a bad credit history, so no loan for you
Did your bank ever reject your loan application because you were reported falsely for having bad credit history? Tell us.

May 13, 2008
'Social networking websites are for teens!'
We publish reader responses to a previous week's message board, asking whether social networking websites are only for youngsters.

May 12, 2008
IIM fee hike: Will it affect deserving Indians?
Will the fee hikes announced by India's six IIMs affect deserving students? Will you now put your IIM plans on hold?

May 09, 2008
Wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day!
We invite readers to post messages, wishing their moms a very happy Mother's Day!

May 06, 2008
Who's your most downloadable star?
Have your say!

May 02, 2008
Wish Bipasha Basu!
The actress turns 29 on May 5.

April 30, 2008
Does your NGO need volunteers?
Is your NGO looking for volunteers this summer? Post your requirement here!

Do you have a sneaky colleague? Tell us!
Have you ever dealt with a sneaky office colleague? Has he/ she ever gotten you or someone you know into trouble? Share your experience and advice.

April 29, 2008
Is social networking only for youngsters?
What would your reaction be to seeing an elderly family member on a social networking site? Tell us!

April 28, 2008
Premarital pregnancy: How do youngsters cope?
We invite readers to send in their experiences with regards to premarital pregnancy. Privacy is assured.

April 25, 2008
Price rise: Is the UPA govt to blame?
The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance on Thursday formed a human chain in Parliament complex to protest price rise while its leader L K Advani asked the government to quit and go for elections if it was unable to control inflation.

Are you looking for summer recruits?
Are you or your company on the look-out for summer recruits? Put up your job postings here!

April 23, 2008
Wish Tendulkar on his birthday
Sachin Tendulkar turns 35 on Thursday. Join in greeting the Mumbai batsman on his birthday. May the year ahead be full of runs and success.

April 22, 2008
Readerspeak: 'What's better than best friends in love?'
We publish responses to last week's message board, asking readers whether marrying one's best friend is a good idea or not.

April 21, 2008
Are Indians the best decision makers?
Maruti Suzuki India has rejigged its management structure appointing five Indians in crucial decision-making positions.

April 18, 2008
Congratulate Ash, Abhishek!
Wish Ash and Abhishek on their first wedding anniversary.

'Beyond a point money can become a source of worry'
On April 7 we asked readers if money can buy happiness. our readers seem to have had differing opinions on the matter. Here's what they had to say.

April 16, 2008
What changes would you like in MS Windows?
Microsoft Windows has today become an inevitable part of our work life.

April 15, 2008
Should film stars run the Olympic torch relay?
According to IOA chief Suresh Kalmadi, the Olympics encourage people from all walks of life to carry the torch.

Is marrying your best friend a good idea?
It often happens that two close friends end up getting married. Do you think it's a good idea? We invite our readers to comment.

April 11, 2008
How are you coping with price rise?
All over, families are devising ways and means of beating inflation. From skipping fruits to cutting down on quantity to keeping some things off the family table, it's a tough call that's before us. How are you coping with price rise?

Price rise: Who is to be blamed?
Inflation has surged to over three-year high of 7.41 per cent due to rising prices of fruits and vegetables, pulses, cereals and manufactured items.

April 10, 2008
Job quota for Maharashtrians? Tell us
Two months after targetting north Indian migrants, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader Raj Thackeray has raked up son-of-the soil issue demanding 80 per cent job reservation for Marathi-speaking locals in private sector.

April 09, 2008
Is the IPL right in barring websites?
Do you think it is a right move by the BCCI to forcibly stop internet websites from reporting on cricket matches? What are your thoughts on the IPL's latest move? Tell us.

April 07, 2008
Do TV serials promote the Hindu way of life?
Most Indian serials are about traditional North Indian families, and do tend to celebrate Hindu festivals with more gusto than any other festival.

April 04, 2008
What do you think of the clothing at Fashion Week?
We've featured a few creations from every designer to showcase his/ her collection at the recently concluded Fashion Week. We invite readers to comment on these garments.

April 03, 2008
The sexiest girl band?
Tell us!

April 02, 2008
Should Aamir, Saif carry the Olympic torch?
Though we're not saying the actors were right or wrong, we would like to know from you, dear readers, what you feel about the actors' support for the Beijing Olympics games? Tell us!

April 01, 2008
Funniest moments in movies?
Tell us your funniest moments in movies. After all, isn't April Fool's Day a day of laughter and fun!

Wish Ajay Devgan!
Join in wishing Ajay Devgan on his birthday. The actor turns 39.

March 31, 2008
Is Katrina the number one heroine?
Out of the five recent releases, Katrina Kaif has had four hits in Namastey London, Partner, Welcome and Race.

March 25, 2008
Should government schools teach in English?
The Congress general secretary, who kicked off his five-day tour of Karnataka on Tuesday, said students from poor families should be provided English medium education as it would help their future. Do you agree with Rahul's assessment? Should English be made the medium of instruction in government schools? Tell us!

Which actor should retire?
Which actor or actress would you advise, dear reader, to try a different career? Have your say!

March 24, 2008
Should govt, pvt sector staff get same pay?
The Sixth Pay Commission on Monday submitted its report to the government, presumably recommending a 40 per cent hike in salary for central government employees.

Who should be on a stamp next?
After Madhubala was immortalised on a stamp last week, we ask you who should be next. Have your say!

March 19, 2008
Wish Rani Mukerji!
Rani Mukerji turns 30 on March 21, 2008. Give her your best wishes.

Who is India's most over-rated actor?
Who do you think does not really deserve to be called a 'great actor'?

March 18, 2008
Tibet: Should India be more pro-active?
Should New Delhi sacrifice Tibet at the altar of its ties with Beijing or should it adopt a more pro-active stance on the issue?

Who is Race's hottest babe?
Which stunner do you think is the hottest woman in Race? Is it Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif or Sameera Reddy?

March 17, 2008
Who's your Bollywood cover girl?
Who do you think makes the best combination: who is the most saleable, most attractive, most unique and interesting actress you'd put on the cover to make audiences buy it?

March 14, 2008
Who is Bollywood's most underrated?
Performers like Kay Kay Menon, Ranvir Sheorey, Pankaj Kapoor, Konkana Sensharma, Vinay Pathak, Zakir Hussain, Pawan Malhotra and the fantastic Irrfan Khan come to mind. But this is your decision.

March 13, 2008
Wish Aamir Khan!
Still fit and fresh-faced enough to pass for a college student, the last year has seen the versatile Aamir now maturing into a full-fledged director -- while remaining one of the country's most sought-after and selective stars. Join in wishing the superstar a very happy birthday.

March 11, 2008
Should the new roads, airports be toll-free?
No matter which route you may take to travel, you are forced to pay for the fees development of a road, a bridge, airport or a flyover. You may be offered more amenities but everything comes at a steep price!

Your say: Bollywood's sexiest scene?
Saif and Bips get it on in Race, but who's really set the screen on fire?

Readerspeak: 'We are more racist than Americans'
We publish responses to last week's message board asking readers to comment on violence against Indian students in the US.

March 10, 2008
Are new IPO rules good? Tell us
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is planning to reduce the time gap between opening of an issue and the listing of securities on the bourse and make the registration norms for foreign institutional investors (FIIs) more flexible.

Will Indian hockey regain lost glory?
What do you think has been the problem with Indian hockey in recent years? And will Indian hockey ever be able to regain lost glory? Tell us!

Readerspeak:'Women are superior to men!'
Last week, we asked readers whether Women's Day should be celebrated if both sexes are considered equal. here are some interesting responses!

March 06, 2008
Your fave Subhash Ghai film?
Tell us!

Share advice, tips for IIT JEE 2008
Share advice on how to crack the IIT JEE 2008!

March 05, 2008
How did India beard the lion in its den?
India ended their troubled tour of Australia on a high note when they beat the hosts by nine runs on Tuesday to win their best-of-three finals series 2-0.

Your say: Violence against Indian students in the US
Do you have an opinion on the violent attacks on Indian students in the US? Tell us!

March 04, 2008
How do you save on taxes? Tell us!
Investing money for saving tax is an art. How do you save on taxes? Tell us. The best responses will be published next week, right here on!

March 03, 2008
Filmfare Awards Show: Were the Khans out of line?
Tell us!

If women are men's equals, why is Women's Day celebrated?
We ask our readers to comment on whether Women's Day should be celebrated if both genders are considered equal in these modern times.

March 02, 2008
Congratulate the U-19 World champs
India won the Under-19 cricket World Cup for the second time when the team, led by Virat Kohli, beat South Africa by 12 runs in a rain-interrupted final in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday night. Shot out for a paltry 159 after being put in by South African skipper Wayne Parnell, the champions of the 2000 edition of the tournament fought back with some tidy bowling to restrict the South Africans.

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