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'She was like an elder sister to us'

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March 03, 2018 13:46 IST
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'It feels like a part of me is going away with her death.'
Readers from all over the world remember Sridevi.

We asked you Dear Readers to share your fondest Sridevi memories.

This is what the huge and irreplaceable loss means to you:




IMAGE: Sridevi in Himmatwala.

Name: Deepak Laljani

Sridevi was older to me by about 5 years and even before my birth, she had started acting in regional films.

She became famous with Himmatwala in and around 1983 and that was the time when we had given our 10th standard and were just out of school.

She was a reigning beauty.. a little on the heavier side in first of her few films, but her acting and dancing skills are beyond words.

She was like an elder sister to us.. who showed us the way that hard work coupled with patience helps to achieve all the success in life.

Losing her we have lost a dynamic personality, an elder sister.. but her memories will not diminish from our mind.. she will remain with us forever in the 300 odd films she had done so far...



IMAGE: Sridevi in Devaraagam.

Name: Deepak Raghavan

Sridevi has always fascinated me, as she has, to everyone across India.

For me, she never grew old. I was surprised to read that she was 54! The entire 80s and 90s, and the most recent English-Vinglish/Mom, crossed my eyes.

I am in shock. When I read article after article, stories from different people, I go from sad to crying. The emotions are heavy.

I consider myself unlucky of not being able to meet a person like her.

As a 7th grader, I remember seeing Chaalbaaz numerous times, when she spun her magic around both Rajnikanth and Sunny Deol, and whatever she made of Rohini Hattangadi.

Her Judaai was completely different from what she had done till that time, stepped away from being the main lead, giving a tinge of villainy to her character.

I am sure many would have forgotten her Army, which she did in 1996, a forgetful movie apart from her.

She is an irreplaceable actress. Of all the movies of Sridevi that I watched, I cherish and watch repeatedly English Vinglish the most.

She has definitely put her best acting performance in it (which is why the movie is a classic, not that she has performed badly in any of her other movies).

For us Malayalees, she gave us a number of memorable performances. She acted in about 26 Malayalam movies, most of it in the earlier part of her career (as a child artist too).

The best one I remember is Devaraagam, with her superb performance.

I pray for the departed soul, and may God give strength to her family.



IMAGE: Sridevi in Lamhe.

Name: Shilpa
Age: 35
Hometown: Los Angeles

I have been a Sridevi fan ever since I remember seeing movies.

Her beautiful eyes, her mesmerising smile can make any girl dream to grow up like her.

I loved the way she dressed just so simply in Chandni and looked amazingly beautiful still.

I used to get a new white suit stitched each year on my birthday, wear plain white bangles with them and feel like I am as beautiful as Chandni.

Even since my I watched her in Tere mere hothon pe, wearing a yellow georgette sari was my dream.

I have watched Chandni not less than 350 times and have grown up watching Lamhe no less than that.

Sridevi's untimely demise has saddened me and her numerous ardent fans all over the world..

She was and she will be my favorite actress always!

May god rest her soul in peace.. Hawa hawai girl... you will always be missed...!

You will be in my heart for a long long time.



IMAGE: Sridevi in Malini Iyer.

Name: Santhosh Gottigere
Age: 41
Hometown: Mysore

Growing up in a small town like Mysore, access to Hindi and Telugu films in theatres were few and far between unlike big cities like Bangalore.

Still, her popularity was not to be missed. Her charm, grace, beauty and ability to light up the screen was astounding.

There used to be a video parlour near my place where I would get Filmfare magazines to read.

Those days, Filmfare used to run a cover shoot of a different star every month. One month was different.

It was SRIDEVI. I remember even today one picture -- a red colored Kanjeevaram sari holding the tanpura with a eerie smile.

She looked like a Goddess! I went into a trance, gained my composure and asked the video parlour guy if I could take it home to read.

He informed me that the Filmfare copies had came in the previous day and two copies had already gone.

I have, he added, reserved this copy for a high profile client who called and pleaded to hold it for her. He laughed and asked, 'What is it about this edition that everyone wants it right now?'

He informed me that I was fifth in line for the copy.

I opened the magazine and showed the same picture -- he got his answer and just smiled. I had to wait my turn, make a couple more rounds to get the copy which came in 3 weeks' time.

I remember gazing at that picture and Sridevi looked like a dazzling diva. Such was her popularity.

Her stardom was unmatched. No one since has reached such heights. It feels like a part of me is going away with her death.

Miss you Sridevi.

You have worked very hard for your success. Now rest in peace.

Mrs India of Indian Cinema. Eternal Queen Bee.



IMAGE: Sridevi in Laadla.

Name: Anand Jain
Age: 33
Hometown: Kolkata

I was watching Sridevi's movies since my childhood.

I watched Mr India, Chalbaaz, Chandni, Nagina, Nigahe, Judaai. I liked most her dance in Chandni -- Mere hooton mein nau nau churiye and her dance in Nagina -- Main teri dushman.

Fantastic expression. Her facial and eye expressions were great and no actress can compete with her.

I really missed her comic role in Mr India and Chaalbaaz. I have watched Mr India every time it comes on TV. In Laadla, she was just brilliant.

Her dialogue will remain forever: 'Understand? You better understand.'

Thank you for entertaining us.

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