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Lata-S D Burman: 9 Hidden Gems

October 03, 2023 16:56 IST

We celebrate S D Burman's 117th birth anniversary and Lata Mangeshkar's 94th birth anniversary with nine priceless SD-Lata gems.

IMAGE: Lata Mangeshkar with S D Burman. Photograph: Kind courtesy Lata Mangeshkar/Instagram

'Give me a harmonium and my 'Lota', and I will give you an outstanding composition,' Sachin Dev Burman once famously declared.

True to his word, almost every song he composed with Lata Mangeshkar was a smash hit like Kaanton Se Kheench Ke Ye Aanchal (Guide) Khayi Hai Re Humne Kasam(Talash), Kora Kagaz Tha Yeh Man Mera (Aradhana), Ye Tanhai Haye Re (Tere Ghar Ke Samne), Jeevan Ki Bagiya Mahkegi (Tere Mere Sapne)...

What about the ones that never got the attention they deserved? Subhash K Jha highlights 9 hidden gems.


Hum Pyar Ki Baazi Hare from Sazaa (1951)

One of their earliest songs together, it is primarily recalled for Lataji's haunting Tum Na Jane Kis Jahan Mein Kho Gaye.

Try this one for its throbbing pains of separation.

It's almost like a precursor to SD-LM's Piya Bina Piya Bina in Abhimaan.


Pighla Hai Sona Door Gagan Par from Jaal (1952)

It was indeed rare to hear Lataji in a Guru Dutt film.

In this espionage thriller, we got Lataji's gold rendition of Pighla Hai Sona Door Gagan Par.


Khaak Hua Dil Jalte Jalte from Shahenshah (1953)

By the time this film emerged, Burmandada was dithering between Geeta Dutt and Lataji as his preferred voice.

Geeta had some solid songs in this film, but this timeless plea of the broken heart is the clear winner.


So Ja Re So Ja Meri Akhiyon Ke Tare from Jeewan Jyoti (1953)

Master manipulator of melodic excellence that he was, Burmanda got both Lataji and Geeta Dutt to do separate renditions of the lullaby, So Ja Re So Ja Meri Akhiyon Ke Tare.


Dil Jale To Jale Gum Pale To Pale from Taxi Driver (1954)

In this Navketan film, it wasn't Geeta Dutt who sang the smoky seductive number filmed on the lovely Sheila Ramani.

Yes, you guessed who did.


Aa Khilte Hain Gul O! Meri Bulbul from Sitaron Se Aage (1958)

This was the last song, a whimsical, semi-dreamy ballad that Lataji sang for Burmandada before their infamous three-year cold war.

Makes you wonder how they could tear themselves from each other's artistry.


Baharon Ki Mehfil Suhani Rahegi from Benazir (1964)

Benazir is one of SD's most under-rated scores with such ageless classics as Husn Ki Baharen Liye and Alvida Jaan-E-Wafa.

But my pick is this plaintive mujra composed like a surreal dirge and rendered with such profound grief and nostalgia by Lataji.


Suno Suno Meri Dukhbhari Dastan from Chhupa Rustam (1973)

Vijay Anand's Chhupa Rustam, starring Dev Anand and Hema Malini, flopped, but the music by Burmandada lingers in memory, especially this heartbreaking song of a damsel in distress.

The situation was lifted from Vijay Anand's Johnny Mera Naam.

But Burmandada on Hema was every bit as inviting as Kalyanji-Anandji's Babul Pyare in Johnny Mera Naam.


Shyam Vaye Bine Shyam from Chaitali (1973)

One of the most beautiful songs from Lataji and Burmandada's repertoire is a Krishna birha bhajan to rival his son RD's Raina Beeti Jaye from Amar Prem.

Remarkably, this Hindi song was composed for a Bengali film.