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Hrithik Roshan's 10 Whistle-Worthy Entries

January 10, 2024 12:04 IST

When Hrithik Roshan enters a film frame, it's like a silver screen wearing sunglasses. (Fighter promos, we are looking at you!)

Drama and dynamism envelop the air and a promise of something delightful fills the air in anticipation.

Things may not always pan the way planned, but HR's chiselled hunk charisma along with a solid mix of talent and intensity makes him a treat to watch.

Believe it or not, our desi Greek God is all of 50 today, January 10. Sukanya Verma celebrates Bollywood's golden star with 10 of his coolest introduction scenes.



He came.


He saw.


He conquered.

Hrithik's entry scene in War offers a wolf-whistle inducing visual demonstration of the phrase that's designed to drool at the slo-mo machismo of its object of affection on and off screen.

Just look at the gaping faces of his colleagues, guys!


Vikram Vedha

Twenty five minutes into the movie, Hrithik Roshan finally arrives on the scene to reveal the man behind the quietly building legend of the fierce and formidable force called Vedha.

Given the original, featuring Vijay Sethupati in the same role, had already set the bar so high, it was imperative Hrithik gets the tone right at the onset. And he does by giving it a completely different spin in his own brand of masala.


Dhoom 2

Hrithik, juggling between a coy queen aboard a fancy train and a cool thief landing atop it by flying down a parachute in a bid to steal Her Majesty's crown faster than one collects takeaway, is all kinds of wild and wacky fun.



Speaking of guilty pleasures, we can never have enough of Hrithik outracing a horse in all his flying mane and pumped biceps glory in and as Krrish, one of Bollywood's rare, successful superheroes.


Don 2

Hrithik making a suave entry at a la-di-da ball as part of a Mission Impossible sequence in Farhan Akhtar's Don sequel, starring Shah Rukh Khan in the titular role, makes for quite a pleasant surprise.

Of course, the real punch arrives when Hrithik pulls out the mask to reveal the real man behind the mystery.


Jodhaa Akbar

Horses and Hrithik seldom go wrong.

The actor makes quite a grand entry as the royal in battle mode and gear in Ashutosh Gowariker's lavishly scaled historical embodying the majestic spirit of Emperor Akbar.



A seething, smouldering Hrithik aces the remake of Amitabh Bachchan's Agneepath by firing on all cylinders as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan 2.0.

And the dahi handi scene where he first storms into a sea of blood red gulaal coated crowd to rock the show is as crowd-pleasing as it gets.


Mission Kashmir

Vidhu Vinod Chopra's trouble-in-the-Valley potboiler shows off a young Hrithik's trademark sizzle.

Tearing through the ceiling in a thumping fashion, holding the watertight security at gunpoint only to take off with all their privileges, the light-eyed star asserted his masala hero prowess early on in his career.



Unlike the hype and hullabaloo accompanying the aforementioned scenes, there's no loud music or razzmatazz to announce Hrithik's presence in the frame.

Rather Farhan Akhtar's minimal film-making lets the magnificence of Ladakh's pristine setting and a young army officer ready to take charge that lends his sombre introduction a sense of purpose and calling.



As a euthanasia-seeking quadriplegic magician in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's melodramatic Guzaarish, Hrithik earned tons of accolades. His first scene in the movie chronicles his daily routine wherein his caregiver Aishwarya Rai Bachchan takes care of all his morning rituals.

The hopelessness of the situation truly hits when a pestering fly perches itself on his nose leaving the man with no choice but to smile and make peace with it.