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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Why Anne Hathaway would be a great Catwoman

Why Anne Hathaway would be a great Catwoman

Last updated on: February 1, 2011 10:43 IST

Image: Anne Hathaway
Raja Sen in Mumbai
After much speculation, it was revealed last week that the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, will feature Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. (It was also revealed that Tom Hardy will play Bane, the super-strong man who once broke Batman's back, but we'll stick on Hathaway for now simply because she's prettier.)

Glamour notwithstanding, Hathaway's got a tough task ahead of her. After Julie Newmar purred to perfection in the original TV series and Michelle Pfeiffer made our jaws drop in Batman Returns, Halle Berry single-leggedly almost killed the character in the unwatchable Catwoman movie.

Is Hathaway the right call to resurrect Selina Kyle, Catwoman on the big-screen? My guess is yes, and here are five reasons why:


Hathaway's beautiful brown eyes were recently voted as the most desirable pair of peepers by a poll conducted across American plastic surgeons, and it's no surprise.

Those eyes are sharp, intelligent and very easy to lose oneself in, and far too sexy to look away from. Catwoman's always been a character with a near-hypnotic gaze, and Anne's eyes can more than do the job -- and throw in an extra twinkle for good measure


Image: Anne Hathaway
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Celebrated for being a positive role model as opposed to the waifish actress/model types who starve themselves skinny, Anne is a strikingly voluptuous young lady.

With legs that go on and on, and rollercoaster curves in all the right places, she'd slide wonderfully into latex or pleather or whatever catsuit Nolan wants her in.

She's also a supremely confident girl, and can certainly carry off the catsuit look with elan -- even outside of a hot Halloween party.


Image: Anne Hathaway
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Best evidenced by her spoofing in Get Smart -- where she mocked and yet gracefully matched Catherine Zeta Jones' memorable laser dodging in Entrapment -- Anne is one bendy babe.

Catwoman's going to have to climb, jump, parry, dodge and feint -- all while making men faint -- and it would unquestionably be fun to see Hathaway up her physical game for the job.


Image: Anne Hathaway
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Selina Kyle, that hottest of cat-burglers Bruce Wayne just can't get enough of, is nothing if not wicked, and anyone taking on the role must bring both sass and class to the table in the right mix.

Remember Michelle Pfeiffer swallowing the Penguin's bird? Hathaway, a wee bit more naughty than nice, has what it takes to be an irresistibly bad girl.



Image: Anne Hathaway
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Seduction is an integral part of Catwoman's game, as can be seen from her outrageous costumes not in the least given to subtlety. And it's not just in the way she looks.

Every aspect of her must scream desirability, just like the uber-hot Julie Newmar in the 60s TV series. Hathaway, who looks more ravishing with each film, has this part absolutely down pat.