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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Shonali: Waited for justice but never got it in Bigg Boss

Shonali: Waited for justice but never got it in Bigg Boss

Last updated on: December 27, 2011 12:59 IST

Image: Shonali Nagrani

Model Shonali Nagrani may have missed out on the wild card entry in Bigg Boss 5 but she's had some candid things to say about her former companions in the house.

The starlet will also be seen on Bigg Boss again as she gears up to co-host the reality show with Sanjay Dutt for its new year's eve episode -- Aapka Farmaan.

She took questions from fans on Rediff Chat recently. Here's an unedited transcript for those who missed it:

shonali nagrani : Hello everyone good to be out and fantastic hearing from people who I have never met.

Sunil Shukla : sonali who was yr best friend in the BB
shonali nagrani : Sid was my best friend. Amongst the women Juhi and I were the only survivors for 11 weeks

ronny : Dont you think Juhi,Sky,Sunny,Pooja Bedi group always tries to be too bossy and dominating?
shonali nagrani : @ronny Annoyingly bossy and dominating and controlling thats why I had to run away from them.

'Pooja Bedi was mannerless and inconsiderate'

Image: Shonali Nagrani

ronny : Do u think Biggboss manipulates and creates situation to bring the worst in housemates?
shonali nagrani : @ronny From the lack of sleep to no hot water to freezing air conditioning inside to the bugs and insects outside, everything is manipulated

Sajid Khan : What do you think Bigg Boss 5 is good platform for publicity, How much benfitt you got from there. #
shonali nagrani : @Sajid The fact that I am chatting with so many well wishers who I have never met says everything about how popular the show is.

'Pooja Missra got one chance to save her image and she blew it'

Image: Shonali Nagrani

nikhil aggarwal : was pooja misra changed when she came bck with andrew
shonali nagrani : @nikhil No, we thought she had changed. It was her chance to clean up her image and she blew it.

Jaggs Misra : Hello . How was your experience at Big Boss House. What is the reason of your eviction?
shonali nagrani : I guess competing with ex-big TV stars like Amar who already had the Saas Bahu vote bank was not to my advantage.

nabeela k : How was Andrew Symonds as the housemate? He spoke well about you and called you and Sidharth as his only friends.
shonali nagrani : Andrew's snoring would put me to sleep at night. We would play cricket together and he would call me the best second slip catcher.

'Sid or Juhi will win Bigg Boss'

Image: Shonali Nagrani

Rajul Rastogi : who do u think will win BB
shonali nagrani : @Rajul I think it will be between Sid and Juhi

manish soni : Is quarrel in BB rating funda for the celebrity and TV channel?
shonali nagrani : @manish The people inside think it is raising the TRP's and the people right now inside are the one's who have quarreled from day one.

Sajid Khan : Shonali : What do you think Big Boss affected on your real
shonali nagrani : @Sajid I have learnt how to fight without raising my voice and without using bad language. I never liked confrontations but now I can deal with it. I have also learnt how to cook some good food

ronny : Adored your friendship with Sid. If you cud give a message to Sid now.. what wud that be?
shonali nagrani : @ronny Thank you so much for being a wonderful and trust worthy friend inside and hopefully outside as well. I was fortunate to have a friend like him and after seeing the episdoes I wont be surprised if he wins so please vote for him

'Juhi and Sky have a reasonable understanding'

Image: Shonali Nagrani

Saurabh Kundan : Are yoo open to doing "Item Numbers"?
shonali nagrani : @Saurabh-Kundan I love dancing and I love the camera and if the song makes me really want to dance I'll happily do it

ronny : What do you have to say about Pooja Bedi? She bitched a lot about you behind ur back with annoying duo of Juhi Sky
shonali nagrani : @ronny I have not seen those episodes but just because she bitched me out doesnt mean I have to talk ill about her. Its a show and whatever you do shows your true colours to the viewers so her talking ill of anyone shows her in bad light

manish soni : what was wrong with Pooja in BB? she was psycho ??
shonali nagrani : @manish She was an attention seeker as she wanted all the camera on her all the time. Mannerless and inconsiderate. The only thing predictable about her was her unpredicatbility.She was annoying too

'I tend to believe everything everyone says'

Image: Shonali Nagrani

shonali nagrani : @ganga Yes they do have a reasonable understanding. An understanding that is very rare to attain in a jail like Bigg Boss

Rehas Habeeb : I feel so sorry for you whenever people in biggboss house used to play pranks on u
shonali nagrani : @Rehas I tend to believe everything everyone says so I am a perfect candidate for pranks and being manipulated. .

Rehas Habeeb : please change ur laughing style......its really bad....
shonali nagrani : @shonali I wish I would not laugh like that.

'I hate liars and hated being called one'

Image: Shonali Nagrani
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani

rajat : Hi Shonali ! What was the most depressing experience of Bigg Boss 5? Please tell us...
shonali nagrani : @rajat when pooja misshra used a broom and I was proved to be a liar while her only punishment was a direct nomination by Bigg Boss. I hate liars and hated being called one. It was one point in the show when i wanted to run away as I was waiting for justice and I never got justice.

Rishi : You have to believe but i sopped watching BB post your exit. When will i see you again on small screen?
shonali nagrani : @Rishi Soon something is on the cards on the show itself... will keep you updated