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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'In Bigg Boss 5, everyone was trying to be Dolly Bindra'

'In Bigg Boss 5, everyone was trying to be Dolly Bindra'

Last updated on: January 10, 2012 15:38 IST

'In Bigg Boss 5, everyone was trying to be Dolly Bindra'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Juhi Parmar won the Bigg Boss 5 reality show last weekend, but did she really deserve to win?

Several readers, and even former contestants are quite divided on her win, many opting for Sky instead.

We decided to ask some former contestants of the show, and see what they had to say about Juhi, and the other housemates.

Kashmera Shah


I liked everything about Bigg Boss season 5 because everybody reacted when they were attacked, unlike in previous seasons.


I liked Sky the most because he was honest. Pooja Missra was entertaining with her antics but towards the end, she started picking fights unnecessarily.


I somehow didn't like Shonali Nagrani after she blamed Pooja (Shonali raised a hue and cry when Pooja Missra snapped a broom by hitting it on the floor. Shonali alleged that a fragment of the broom flew into her eye and demanded Pooja's eviction).


Juhi deserves to be the winner. She didn't keep quiet but stood up when she had to. She was expected to win but I wanted Sky to win.


The allegations made against Amar were uncalled for especially coming from an adult movie star like Sunny Leone.

Image: Kashmera Shah


'This season was really ugly with lots of fights'

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Sambhavna Seth


This season was really ugly with lots of fights. After a point, you get really sick of watching the same fights every day. You can show positive things like your skill in dancing and singing. A repeated fight on the show doesn't work.


Sky was straightforward and honest and he deserved to win the show. I am very happy that Juhi has won, but my happiness would have doubled if Sky had won.


Juhi played safe; she too was part of the fights but didn't interfere too much and become a victim.


If Sky was unfair to Mehak, was it fair when Mehak entered the house as a wild card just two weeks before the finale? Nobody has entered the house in the last two weeks in the earlier seasons. So how can you say that only Sky was unfair?


Sid was a confused soul. I enjoyed watching him but I didn't want to see him as a winner.


I could connect to Laxmi Narayan Tripati. I liked the way she spoke. Unfortunately, she didn't survive in the house for long.

Image: Sambhavna Seth

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'Nobody deserved to win this season'

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Ketki Dave


The show was full of negativity because of too many fights. I didn't get to see the real person because everybody was busy playing games. I thought I would get to know them on the show but I didn't because they were fakes.


Juhi's biggest mistake was she kept supporting the wrong people like Sky and Sunny. Shweta Tiwari had fights only when she was attacked and never supported the wrong people.


I think Amar deserved to win. I am a little biased towards him because I know him personally. He was playing very well but what went against him was that he openly told everyone that he was playing games. The allegations made against Amar are absolute rubbish.


Pooja Missra has no control over her anger. She needs some counselling because she lives in a different world. Her perception of reality is very different.


I was stumped by Sky's behaviour because he was irritating and loud. I don't know him personally but I am sure he has a good side, but he was projected in a bad manner.


I was really happy when Salman Khan (the host) went inside the house and gave them a piece of his mind. He should have gone in much before. I think it was necessary to tell them to behave themselves on national television.


If you ask me, nobody deserved to win this season. But Juhi was the best among the worst. She was not as loud as the others and maintained her cool but supported the wrong people.

Image: Ketki Dave

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'People like Sidharth can never win'

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Bhaktiyar Irani


It is best not to watch the previous season's show before you go on the show because you could start behaving like those you see and lose your identity.


This season, everyone was trying to be Dolly Bindra. One rotten apple can spoil all, but this season there were a bunch of them.


The makers should stop getting common people like Siddharth Bhardwaj on the show. How many people knew who he was before the show? He must have thought by shouting and screaming he will be the centre of attraction.


Who has given him the right to kick a girl (he almost kicked Mehak)? Or shout at people like Sky, Juhi and Amar, who are so popular?


In an hour-long episode you want to see everything -- fights, singing, dancing, or some fun activity, not only fights. When I came back from Dubai, I asked my friends and sister about the show and they said they don't feel like watching it any more because of unnecessary fights.


Pooja Missra tried to copy Tanaaz (a contestant from the previous season) and kept using expressions like 'spare me.'


Salman Khan went inside the house to warn the housemates. It was superb. I think it stopped the flow of fights.


Juhi deserved to win because she was dignified and played it smartly. When there was a fight, she didn't retaliate but cried. Right from the third week I knew Juhi would win..


People wouldn't have voted for Sky because he was abusive, though he is good at heart. We all know that Sky is a moody person and if put in a house like this, he is bound to behave like that.


Mehak wouldn't have won because of all the controversies, and after host Salman called Amar spineless, I don't think anyone would have voted for him.


People like Sidharth can never win and so the most deserving candidate was Juhi.

Image: Bhaktiyar Irani

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