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Yash: Lucky has loads of fun

Last updated on: February 23, 2012 11:32 IST

Yash: Luckyhas loads of fun


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Yash, the latest teenage heart-throb of Kannada cinema, has found success in his last two outings--Rajdhani and Kirataka. The two releases last year allowed Yash to play both the romantic hero and an action hero.

His latest Kannada film, Lucky, will hit the screens this Friday. In this interview with Srikanth Srinivasa, Yash talks about Lucky and his dual role in it.

What is Lucky all about and what is your role in the film?

I play a dual role in the film – Lucky and Vicky. They have entirely different get-ups and are contrasting characters.

It is a wonderful love story laced with humour, curiosity, and fun. The heroine's pet dog is the villain from the hero's point of view as he hates the dog and is also terribly scared of it.

I am the guy who is madly in love with the girl but she is so attached to her pet that she even dislikes interacting with people.

Image: Yash


'Ramya has acted superbly in the movie'

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How did you handle a dual role for the first time?

I have a new style--with a beard in one of the roles. I coloured my hair and the film had to be shot twice because of this.

We shot the portions for one role entirely and then shot for the second character before matching it with the other role.

Lucky is a stylish guy with a lot of attitude while Vicky is a well-behaved gentleman and a loveable guy.

On what basis did you accept this role?

I heard the script after finishing Rocky, when writer Ghose Peer narrated it to me.

I had worked with Dr Suri (director of Lucky) when he was director Prakash's associate in Gokula.

The script demanded a producer who was financially sound. This process took more than three years. Then, I took Ghose and Suri to Radhika who was keen on producing a good film.

Image: A scene from Lucky

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'The controversy between Ramya and me is trivial'

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Where did you pick up the dog and what went into making the dog an important character in the movie?

We summoned dog trainer Dilip who also owned the dog. The dog was very sensitive and it was a stupendous task to shoot with it.

The dog got royal treatment; it used to get tired quickly, and so was put into a caravan. We have even packed up early because the dog was fatigued!  

What was it like working with Ramya who is much senior to you?

It didn't matter to me whether I was working with Ramya or someone else.

Ramya has acted superbly in the movie. She is one actor who is loved by all and everyone would like to work with her.

Image: A scene from Lucky

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'Theatre and television helped me to grow as an actor'

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What is the latest controversy brewing between the two of you?

The whole controversy is trivial. It all started when she tried to pull my leg in one of the film's promotional events. I reacted in a similar fashion and pulled her leg too. It got blown out of proportion after she tweeted and withdrew her comments.

I think this whole issue will be sorted out once we talk to each other. I respect her for whatever she has to say because I take criticism and praise equally.

There are a lot of expectations from you after the success of Rajdhani and Kirataka. How do you plan to manage and maintain the same tempo?

Theatre and television have helped me immensely to grow as an actor. There's a certain degree of credibility that I have been able to build as an upcoming cinema actor.

I have to continue to strike a balance between playing soft romantic roles and action roles. I will continue to work in one movie at a time.

College goers want to see me as a lover boy while the cinema-going masses want to see me as one among them. There is a certain feel-good factor among youngsters that I would like to maintain.

What can audiences expect from Lucky?

The film has a lot of twists and turns with some confusion thrown in between that makes the film interesting and engaging to watch.

I believe that people should be entertained and this film ensures loads of fun and relaxation for the audiences.

Image: Yash

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