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Two Kannada films fight it out this weekend

Last updated on: September 22, 2011 12:31 IST

Two Kannada films fight it out this weekend


Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

Komal is back in Maryade Ramanna, a film that revolves around a hospitable family.

"If the family likes you, you will be treated like a king, but if they dislike you, there are no chances of you coming back from their home alive!" says Komal.

Despite belonging to a rival family, the hero, a daily wager, enters the home of this family to settle a land dispute but whether he will succeed and, most importantly, come out alive, leads to the climax.

"The climax is the highlight of the film. We have shot it in the same place where the original (Telugu film Maryada Ramanna) was shot. A set was erected near Kadapa and it gives a rich look," says Komal.

The other highlight of the film is a talking bicycle. Superstar Upendra has lent his voice for the cycle. In the original, Ravi Teja was roped in.

But why did Komal choose to do a remake? "As they say, old is gold. The Telugu film was inspired by a silent film called Our Hospitality. When the Telugu film was about to release, there were similar apprehensions. The fact that a director who had given a blockbuster like Magadheera chose to do this film with a lesser known hero like Sunil, raised more doubts in the minds of industry people. But the film went on to become a huge hit and grossed Rs 40 crore. Unlimited entertainment is what awaits my fans," justifies Komal.

The film will simultaneously release in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolhapur. In Karnataka, it will be released in 153 theatres. The actor's previous solo hit, Kal Maja, was released in more than 70 theatres.

Image: A still from Maryade Ramanna


Manasology: A film about a father-daughter relationship

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Releasing alongside Maryade Ramana is Manasology. The film features the brother-sister duo of Deepak (director) and Amoolya (lead actress).  

Deepak's debut as director is about a father-daughter relationship. But didn't Amoolya's recent film also carry the same theme? "In Kanasu..., you saw the father being protective and responsible for his daughter; here it's vice versa," says Deepak.

Achyut Rao plays the father.

The film is based on a true story. It draws inspiration from the life of a girl Deepak had met while working on Love Guru. Deepak also says that Amoolya's character in the film is a lot like the real her. "It's the Amoolya you'll see at home. The character is very dignified."

And did Amoolya being his sister make his debut any easier? "Her acceptance boosted my confidence. But on the sets we didn't behave like siblings. Her professionalism came in handy all the same."

Speaking about her role, Amoolya says, "The film will tell the meaning of true love and by love, we don't mean just the one that exists between two lovers. It could be between friends or the one between parents and children. I play a student of music and am a girl who displays immense maturity." 

Rakesh Adiga who starred in Josh is cast opposite Amoolya. Sadhu Khokila will provide comic relief.

Anoop Seelin is the music director. "There are six songs in the film and local singers have sung all of them. A folk singer, Ravindra Sulgavi, has also been given a chance in the film. There is a rap song in which both English and Kannada have been used. We have also used a qawali number," says Deepak.

Image: A still from Manasology

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