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'It was exciting to do an action role in Tadakha'

Last updated on: May 10, 2013 10:27 IST

'It was exciting to do an action role in Tadakha'


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Naga Chaitanya is back on the cinema horizon with Tadakha, the Telugu remake of the Tamil film Vettai directed by N Linguswamy.

As the release of his Autonagar Surya, which he has been working on earnestly, has been delayed, he began work on Tadakha, directed by Kishore Paradasani (also known as Dolly) and produced by Bellamkonda Suresh.

It is hitting the theatres today, May 10.

In this exclusive rendezvous at his Annaporna Studios, Chaitanya touches upon Tadakha, acting with the glamorous Tamannaah, and his future projects.

Why did you want to do a remake?

I got a call from the producer who told me I would suit the role and he asked me to see Vettai.

I wanted to do something commercial. When I saw Vettai, I felt it fit the bill as it was a good package.

What did you like about Vettai?     

I liked the characterisation of the role I was to play. Linguswamy ensures love, entertainment and action elements which cater to all.

Image: Tamannaah and Naga Chaitanya in Tadakha


'I watched Vettai but did not take anything from there'

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Was Vettai remade in Telugu also because it was an action entertainer and a hit in Tamil?

The Telugu audience enjoys entertainment, so there was scope for it to succeed here.

How is it adapted in Telugu? Were changes made in the screenplay?

Yes, changes were made in the screenplay. There was no Brahmanandam track in Tamil and that is introduced here.

Also, there are two more comedians, Srinivas Reddy and Vennela Kishore. Sunil's character and mine too are more entertaining. The Telugu film has more content.

You reprise the role played by Arya. How did you prepare for the role?

I watched the film but did not take anything from there. Everything was changed according to each actor's body language here, including mine.

Image: Tamannaah and Naga Chaitanya in Tadakha

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'Tamannaah is the glam quotient of the film'

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How exciting was it to do an action role?

It was exciting. I have never explored so much action. Here I do not beat up 100 fellows who go flying. I do realistic action.

The footage given to action is much more. There are four-five action sequences here – one in rain and one in fire too.

How has the action been orchestrated?

Action can get monotonous. We have taken care not to make it look too normal. There is a little different element too.

Tamannaah seems to have upped the glamour quotient a lot...

Tamannaah is the glam quotient of the film. In our previous film, 100 % Love, people expected a good love story. It was a college kids' love story – an immature one. What we couldn't do there, we have done here.

There are nice songs and dances in Tadakha. It's a good contrast from 100 % Love.

What was it like working with Tamannaah for the second time?

It was better. When we worked for the first time in 100 % Love, we were two new people, a bit shy trying to create the chemistry on screen.

This time we knew each other and were comfortable acting with each other.

Image: Tamannaah and Naga Chaitanya in Tadakha

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'Director Kishore Paradasani has a good sensibility'

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How was Sunil as a co-star? He's playing your brother for the first time.

He's a real inspiration. If you see his dedication - how he has transformed himself from being a comedian to an actor.

Now he's doing solo films which are doing well. He is someone to look up to and he is like my brother.

Is Ashutosh Rana reprising the role of an antagonist in Tadakha too?

Ashutosh Rana is playing the main antagonist but not the same character. The equation between him and me is changed here.

The film has been awarded the U/A certificate. Is it because of the violence?


How was it working with director Dolly (Kishore Paradasani)?

I saw his first film Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam. He has a good sensibility. I liked his approach to entertainment.

I saw the hunger in him to show action. We connected there and it worked out. He also wanted to prove himself commercially.

Image: Naga Chaitanya in Tadakha

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'I was disappointed when Dhada and Bejawada didn't work'

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The dismal performance of your last two films, Dhada and Bejawada, must have disappointed you.

Yes, I was disappointed. I am confident that Tadakha and Autonagar Surya will make up for those two films. I have learnt from the mistakes I committed and have done damage control.

What's the status of Autonagar Surya? Is it likely to release this year?

The film is done barring a week's work. I have given two years of my time to it. It's a good script.

I'm hoping Autonagar Surya will be what Shiva was for my father. It may release in the next six months for sure.

Your next film is the one you are doing with your grandfather and father, directed by Vikram?

Yes. We are producing it. We plan to start the shoot in June. It's a modern script and a laugh riot. Harshavardhan is writing the dialogues for it and Vikram has done the screenplay.

Have you signed any other project?

I will be doing the remake of my dad's film Hello Brother. Srinivas Reddy (director of Damarukam) is working on the script. Once it is ready, we will start to shoot.

Image: Naga Chaitanya and Tamannaah in Tadakha

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