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Meet the hero of Kamasutra 3D

Last updated on: May 27, 2013 09:37 IST

Meet the hero of Kamasutra 3D


Shobha Warrier in Chennai

Rupesh Paul, the director of Kamasutra 3D hasfinally found a hero for his controversial film Kamasutra 3 D, with Sherlyn Chopra in the lead. He is King Mal Khan, a model.

Rupesh Paul talks about his hero.

How did you zero in on King Mal Khan for the male lead?

We required a male lead for the character of Prince as well as a naga sanyasi. We wanted a fit and healthy male for the character who could perform martial arts and, at the same time, the tandav dance effortlessly.

In our several auditions spanning three months, we only found men with either six-packs or eight-packs, which was a complete no-no for the character.

We had almost lost hope when we saw King Mal Khan. Even though he had some 'packs', within a few weeks of our first meeting, he turned out to the perfect man that we were searching for.

Image: King Mal Khan


King Mal Khan's dedication impressed me

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Can we know something more about the actor?

King Mal Khan is a model. He has been in the industry for some time now. But I must say that this man has a lot of potential. His dedication impressed me.

How has he prepared himself for the role?

He has really worked hard for it. He brought himself to a shape that goes with the character and the fitness that is required to anchor the martial arts and the tandav dance. In fact, his is still preparing himself.

Are you training him in martial arts like the Indian kalarippayattu?

Yes, proper training in martial arts is definitely required. We are training him in kalarippayattu form mostly.

I want the character of the Prince to look absolutely perfect and I am not ready to compromise.

Image: King Mal Khan. Inset: Director Rupesh Paul

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'King Mal Khan will appear nude in the film'

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Does he have to appear nude in the film?

Yes, definitely. King Mal Khan is a smart and bold man. He knew that there would be nude sequences.

He is quite straight with his opinions and decisions and is ready to experiment with anything as long as his character demands it.

When will you start shooting with him and Sherlyn together?

That is a million dollar question to be kept as a secret!

How has the Cannes experience been? How has the response been to the trailer and the heroine?

We received an overwhelming response in Cannes for the trailer and the book release.

People in Cannes just went ga-ga over Sherlyn and so did the shutterbugs! All the delegates were appreciating us for our efforts and supported us in our endeavour.

Kamasutra 3D has already set a record at Cannes with the highest gross of pre-sale international rights. What more can a director wish for!

The Cannes experience has taken me to infinity!

Image: King Mal Khan

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