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Madhavan on a roll in Tamil too

Last updated on: November 22, 2010 14:45 IST

Madhavan on a roll in Tamil too


Shobha Warrier in Chennai

After acting as one of the 3 Idiots in one of the biggest hits in the history of Hindi films, Madhavan has signed a couple of new projects in Tamil which came as a big surprise to many.

After the successful Yaavarum Nalam (13B), and the unsuccessful Guru En Aalu, Madhavan has not had a release in Tamil which led the Tamil industry to think he has moved to Hindi cinema permanently.

But the actor has signed two films in Tamil, one to be directed by Lingusamy and another by his Yaavarum Nalam director Vikram K Kumar. He earlier acted with Kamal Haasan in Manmadha Anbu.

 Shobha Warrier finds out more.

You have signed Lingusamy's new film Vettai. What attracted you to the film?

The most important reason is Lingusamy. Secondly, I am getting to do a film with Arya. He has become a big success with all his films doing so well at the box office. He is a good friend and we used to talk about doing films together. Acting with Arya is exciting.

You acted in Lingusamy's Run long ago. Didn't he offer you any films all these years?

He didn't have any interesting scripts for me. He used to say, unless and until I have a good script for you, I will not offer you any film. That is the case with all my directors. So, Lingusamy didn't come to me with any film. Now that he has an interesting script, he offered it to me.

Image: A scene from Yaavarum Nalam


'A film like Dabangg does not require me'

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What do you look for in a script?

I don't look for anything in the script. I look for stories that we can relate to. I look for a film where the story demands somebody like me. A film like Dabangg does not require me but 3 Idiots required me.

Is it the character that you are interested in the most or the script?

The character first and the entire story, next. Also the team is very important.

It's also being made in Telugu...

I haven't done a straight Telugu film yet. So, I thought, let me start with Lingusamy. All my Telugu fans have been asking me when I would do a straight Telugu film. This is my answer to them.

Are you comfortable with the language?

I am learning it.

Would you dub in your own voice?

Of course. I will not let anybody else dub for me.

Image: A scene from Yaavarum Nalam

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'I'm going to take a break from acting after 14 years'

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Are you the protagonist or the antagonist in Vettai?

Definitely not the antagonist. It's a double hero film.

After Yaavarum Nalam, you are going to act in Vikram Kumar's next Tamil film...

Yes, Yaavarum Nalam was a successful suspense thriller but this time, we are going to make something totally different! I am excited about that project too.

You used to talk glowingly about your experience of working with Kamal Haasan in Anbe Sivam. How was the experience of working with him again in Manmadha Anbu?

With him around, there is never a dull moment. The man astonishes and stuns me even now. In Manmadha Anbu, I had the greatest time with the entire team. K S Ravikumar also was real fun.

We heard you are going to take a sabbatical...

Yes, I am taking a break to spend some time with my family. I wanted to do it before I cross 40. I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. I want to do these kinds of stuff. I am also planning a bike trip across Europe.

Is it the first time after you started acting that you are taking a break?

Yes, after 14 years.



Image: A scene from Yaavarum Nalam

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