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'I dont want to get into a comfort zone'

Last updated on: November 16, 2012 12:27 IST

'I dont want to get into a comfort zone'


Vijay G in Kochi

With two successive hits, Second Show and Ustad Hotel, Dulquer Salmaan has started his career as an actor with a bang.

Many believe that it is his willingness to experiment with roles that has helped him make this dream debut.

Now he is keeping his fingers crossed that his third release, Theevram, directed by newcomer Roopesh Peethambaran is equally successful. It opens today, November 16.

In this interview, Dulquer talks about Theevram and more. Excerpts:

What is your character in Theevram like?

I can't reveal much about the character as there are some suspense elements in it.

He is called Harshvardhan and is an aspiring musician. It is about his outburst when pushed into a corner.

Image: Dulquer Salmaan


'I am feeling the pressure about the choice of my films'

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What attracted you to this role?

This role is nothing like what I have done before. I don't want to get into a comfort zone. I am getting characters of varying shades, which I believe will help me grow as an actor.

The main thing that attracted me is the screenplay, which is genuinely interesting.

Certain people react to certain situations and others don't. By the end of the film, we find that the character's reactions are indeed required.

After two hits, expectation levels have gone up. Do you feel the pressure?

Definitely I feel the pressure. More than anything, it is about my choice of films.

People think that I have some idea about how I choose my films. I make sure that I am doing the kind of films that I want to watch.

You hear so many stories and one of them will stand out and connect to you somewhere.

Image: Movie poster of Theevram


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'I don't want to commit to too many films'

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Do you listen to many really interesting scripts these days?

I am listening to quite a number of scripts but I am trying to keep may be two or three films from them.

I don't want to commit to too many films, as it would result in getting out of touch with what is happening in the industry. I haven't really committed to anything for next year.

When you started off, did you expect to have success so early in your career?

Of course not. Even now I don't think about it. I feel I got two good films and that I was lucky. Tomorrow I can have a string of flops. But I am not thinking about that now.

In films, you will be judged by your last hit or let's say, your last film.

Currently you are doing Martin Prakkat's ABCD. What is your role in it like?

Once again I am playing an NRI and I find it challenging as it has to be different from Faizi in Ustad Hotel in terms of mannerisms and nuances.

He comes from the United States, along with his cousin played by 'Giri Giri' of Akkarakkazhchakal fame.

It's about our experiences when we come to Kerala from the United States.

Image: A scene from ABCD

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