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'I don't want to be stuck with Mynaa image'

Last updated on: July 15, 2011 13:23 IST

'I don't want to be stuck with Mynaa ima


A Ganesh Nadar in Chennai

Amala Paul made her mark in Tamil cinema with a powerful performance in Mynaa. She followed it up with a couple of more films including the controversial Sindhu Samaveli. She is now acting in director Vijay's Deiva Thirumagal releasing this week.

She spoke to A Ganesh Nadar about her Mynaa experience as well as her upcoming films.

Tell us about your role in Mynaa that many people liked and that won you so many awards.

It was a dream role that any heroine would have loved to do. I played a typical tribal girl, a rustic character. It is a love story that starts from childhood. It was a challenging role because I am not like that girl in real life. Even today people call me 'Mynaa'. I was very happy with the role.

Is it true that you are still studying while acting in so many movies?

I am doing my third year BA in English. My college is very supportive when I have to take leave. I make up by studying hard and do well in all my exams. 

Image: A still from Mynaa


'It was fantastic working with Vijay'

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What is your role in Deiva Thirumagal?

I play Shweta in this movie. I am a stylish and rich girl. Shweta is a very independent and decisive character in the movie. It's a strong character and I enjoyed playing it.

How was the experience of working with director Vijay?

It was a fantastic experience. I have learnt a new chapter in acting from him. Vijay has worked with the great director Priyadarshan. Vijay pays attention to every character however small the role. He is a wonderful person too. It was great working with him.

Vikram is a versatile actor. How was it acting opposite him?

It was an experience that I will cherish. He is a professional and very dedicated. He always gave ideas and helped. He was living his character. I learnt a lot from him. He pays a lot of attention to every scene. He tried something new every time. He is charged with energy.

Image: A still from Deiva Thirumagal

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'I play a village belle in Vettai

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Do you regret acting in Sindhu Samaveli where your character is supposed to have an illicit affair with the father-in-law?

I do not regret acting in that movie but I feel sad about the audience reaction. It was after all only a movie and not real life. I have no regrets about acting in it.

What is your role in Vettai where you are acting with Arya and Madhavan?

I play a bubbly girl in that movie. I am a village belle. It is a commercial film. It is about family and love.

Are you going to act in Myshkin's Moogamudi with Jeeva?

I have not signed that movie so I cannot talk about it. I met Myshkin and we talked about the movie.

Image: A still from Vettai

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'I enjoy doing Tamil movies more'

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You have acted in both small and big budget films. What is the difference for you as an actor?

It is about convenience and comfort level. Low budget films are a different kind of learning. In big budget movies the risk is more but the publicity and promotions are also more.

As an actor I do the same where ever I am. I work hard in both kinds of movies. I learn from my mistakes. I work for success.

You have acted in Tamil and Malayalam movies. How different are they and which do you enjoy more?

I enjoy Tamil movies more. I have acted in only one movie in Malayalam. I have more experience in the Tamil industry so I am more comfortable here. The Malayalam industry is smaller.

What are your future plans?

I want to do different kinds of roles. I do not want to be stuck with a glamour image or the character I played in Mynaa. I want to play different characters and work with different directors.

Image: A still from Sindhu Samavelli

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