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'I spent four years training to be an actor'

Last updated on: February 23, 2011 10:31 IST

'I spent four years training to be an actor''


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Aadi, son of senior actor and dubbing artiste Saikumar has chosen acting over cricket (he has played for Hyderabad's Under-19 team). He is making his debut along with newcomer Ishi Chawla in the Telugu film, Prema Kavali directed by well-known director Vijayabhaskar. The film releases on Friday.

So what can we expect from the newbie? Radhika Rajamani finds out. Exceprts:

How did you become an actor?

I wanted to be a cricketer and an actor. People used to say I could have two careers. I played for the Under 19 team for Hyderabad. Rayudu was my senior and captain and Pragyan Ojha was my roommate.

I became influenced by my grandfather (PJ Sharma, a senior actor and a dubbing artiste) and my father to get into acting. My father warned me that being an actor is not easy. I spent four years training to be an actor. I went to the gym and built up my physique, learnt dance under Lawrence Master, acting under Satyanand in Vizag and dialogues under Kakarla Master. Dad was impressed. He showed my videos and photos to Venkat (RR Movies). When Venkat garu launched Max India Productions, I was called. The film was produced by Atchi Reddy.

Image: Aadi in Prema Kavali


'Vijayabhaskar's stories have a feel-good factor'

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Why did you choose Prema Kavali as the debut film?

Venkat who is Vijayabhaskar's friend told us that he (Vijayabhaskar) had a script and was looking for a young hero. So we approached him. He saw my pictures and liked them. I heard the script, which was a family entertainer. Venkat (RR Movies) also liked it. That's how the film happened.

Did you think a love story is a safe bet as a debut film?

I think so. Vijayabhaskar's stories have a feel-good factor. There was a natural feel to the script.

How was your first day of shoot?

It was the best experience. Chiranjeevi garu sounded the clap, Balakrishna garu handled the camera and Nagarjuna garu directed the first shot. All the biggest heroes from Akkineni Nageswara Rao garu, Krishna garu, Krishnam Raju garu, etc were present. Only Venkatesh garu was not there as he was shooting for Nagavalli. I did a little dance for a minute and then every one blessed me.

Image: A scene from Prema Kavali

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'My father's relationship with the stars has helped me get a big break'

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Would you say that it was because of your father's goodwill in the industry that you had such a big launch?

Yes, it's because of his relationship with the stars that such a big break was possible.

What would you like to say about Ishi Chawla, your heroine, also a debutante?

Ishi is from Delhi. She is trained under Barry John and has done several stage shows. Ishi learnt her lines so she didn't need any prompting. Since we were both newcomers, we shared the same feelings. Vijayabhaskar made us comfortable.

How was it working with Vijayabhaskar?

It was wonderful. I couldn't have chosen a better director. He was patient and understanding.

Did you take any advice from your Dad while shooting the film?

Generally Dad never advises me. He told me that discipline and punctuality are important. He asked me to be natural in front of the camera and to be a director's actor.

Image: A scene from Prema Kavali

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'I will announce a new film shortly'

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Do you have action, romance, song and dance in the film?

Yes. The script has everything.

What are the highlights to look for in the film?

Music by Anup Reubens, camera work by Chota K Naidu (the topmost director of photography in the industry), art by Ravinder, action by Ram-Lakshman and editing by Gowtham Raju. The production values of the film are good. The film has great visuals and a nice and feel-good feel about it.

Have you signed any other Telugu film?

I have been getting offers, but have not signed any film as yet. I will announce a new film shortly.

Did you feel bad giving up cricket for films?

The feeling was there for a while but I am happy now.

Are you jittery or nervous as the release date is near?

My Dad is nervous and so am I. I have been waiting for this moment a long time.

Image: A scene from Prema Kavali

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