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Arya: I don't believe in luck or destiny

Last updated on: December 2, 2010 10:01 IST

'I don't believe in luck or destiny'


Shobha Warrier in Chennai

Arya is on a roll now. After the critically acclaimed Naan Kadavul, his last two films Madrasapattinam and Boss E Bhaskaran have done extremely well at the box office. Suddenly the light eyed actor has become the golden boy of Tamil cinema.

His new film, Manigandan's Chikku Bukku which also stars Shriya Saran and Preetika Rao, will hit the screens this Friday.

Arya made his debut in late Jeeva's Ullam Ketkume. Mangandan was an assistant director to Jeeva then.

Arya, who is currently shooting for National Award winning director Bala's new film, tells Shobha Warrier what to expect from Chikku Bukku. Excerpts:

Manigandan was an assistant director to Jeeva when you made your debut in Jeeva's film...

When I started shooting for Ullam Ketkume, my first film, he took me under his wing and taught me how to face the camera, how to modulate my voice, etc. I was very new to films then, very raw. He was the person who taught me how to say my dialogues.

How was it working for his first film as an independent director?

I was very comfortable because I know him from day one. I knew how talented he is, how he works, what his vision is and how technically sound he is. So, I trusted him blindly.

Image: A scene from Chikku Bukku


'I think I might have travelled 10,000 kms by road!'

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Did you accept the film without reading the script?

Though I knew his abilities as a technical person and a director, I wanted to be sure about the story, like any other actor. When Manigandan narrated the story, I fell for it as it is a romantic comedy, a genre I have not done before. It is a very sweet, feel-good film. The way he wrote the story with a few surprises is interesting. I thought the story would really work.

Manigandan said you and Shriya travelled from London to Karaikudi. Which was the most exciting part of the travel for you?

Apart from exciting, the travel was very hectic and tiring. We had to go to many locations. I think I might have travelled 10,000 kms by road! Everyday, travelling by car to various locations which are quite far off was not enjoyable. It was very hectic.

You don't like travelling?

I like travelling but not by car, and that too for many hours.

Image: A scene from Chikku Bukku

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'I had to look good in Chikku Bukku'

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Suddenly you have become the golden boy of Tamil cinema. How much do you enjoy this new phase of your career?

[Laughs] Yes, I do enjoy it. A film is a hit because of the hard work of so many people. I am very happy that everybody has the confidence in me now. It is a blessing and I want it to continue.

Naan Kadavul, Madarasapattinam and Boss are different and belong to different genres. Was it a conscious decision on your part to choose such diverse scripts?

Yes, I like to do different things and look for diverse scripts but Naan Kadavul was not a conscious decision; it just happened.

In the case of Madrasapattinmam, I really liked the script and also knew Vijay from before.

Boss was in the commercial format while Chikku Bukku is a romantic comedy.

I had to look good in Chikku Bukku, so I got to wear some good outfits. It is a feel-good film like Love Aaj Kal, Unnale Unnale and Ullam Ketkume.

You will feel good watching such romantic films with some comedy in them.  So far in Tamil, only people like Gowatham Menon and Jeeva have tried this genre.

Did you expect Madrasapattinam to be so successful?

To be frank, from when I heard the script, I felt only positive vibes. I somehow knew it would work. If not for anything else, many of us who have not seen pre-Independence Madras would like to see how the city looked then.

I also was fascinated by the love story between an ordinary guy and the governor general's daughter. To our luck, we got a girl who looked stunning. The moment I saw her and started acting with her, I knew the film would be a success.

Image: A scene from Chikku Bukku

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'I find it easy to be violent and angry!'

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What kind of films challenge you? A film like Naan Kadavul or something like Chikku Bukku?

A film like Chikku Bukku is tougher. In such films, you have to look good, you have to talk nicely and you have to be good all the time. You have to be sweet but cannot overdo the sweetness. I find it easy to be violent and angry! [Laughs] Those emotions come naturally to me.

Are you not a romantic person?

Yes. But being romantic in real life and acting romantic are two different things. You have to be very controlled in your acting while acting romantic.

Is it tough to be natural?

I am basically a very jovial, funny and easy going guy but I cannot act like that in a film. It will not look nice.

Whose ideas did you follow for Chikku Bukku; yours or the director's?

I always go with the director. I surrender myself completely to the director. It is easy to emote following his vision. I may give my inputs but I see to it that I strictly follow the basic ideas of the director.

Image: A scene from Chikku Bukku

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'I will never say anything bad about Tamil cinema'

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The humorous comment you made in the Middle East recently that you would not have made it in Malayalam as you needed to know acting there, came under severe criticism from some people here. Do you feel people are losing their sense of humour?

Someone like Shah Rukh Khan can make fun of himself and others. People love his sense of humour and laugh at his jokes. His jokes are taken in the right spirit. 

I am born and brought up here and I work in Tamil films. Whatever I am today is all because of Tamil cinema. I will never say anything bad about Tamil cinema. I feel those who had problems with my comment should have gone to Nadigar Sangam and complained instead of going public.

With so many hits behind you, are you very relaxed right now?

I know ultimately that success at the box office is what counts. There are many people who are better looking and more talented than me. They don't get a chance or their movies may not have worked. So, I feel blessed that my movies have worked at the box office.

Finally, that is what makes you a star or a success. When you have success behind you, you feel more relaxed and confident.

Do you believe in luck and destiny?

Personally, I don't believe in luck or destiny. I feel hard work is what counts. Somehow people around you make you feel it was luck and destiny that counts. Even though I don't believe in them, people around you tell you that it is because of this and that films are working now. But I will keep doing my work.

Do you feel your choice of films did the trick?

Yes, I feel it is the choice of films that worked. You have to be at the right place at the right time, that's it. Maybe that is what people call luck!

Image: A scene from Chikku Bukku

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