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Sara Khan talks about her Big Boss experience

Last updated on: December 13, 2010 15:29 IST

'Bigg Boss doesn't need gimmicks to boost TRPs'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Bigg Boss housemate Sara Khan speaks to Rajul Hegde about her relationship with Ashmit Patel, her controversial marriage to Ali Merchant and just what she plans to do with Dolly Bindra if she ever meets her after the show

Sara Khan was evicted after losing out to the other two nominees Samir Soni and Veena Malik.

Sara says she is happy to be out and never thought that she would come out of the house of as a married woman. But she is shocked, unhappy and disturbed about the controversy of her marriage.

You were overjoyed when your name was announced for eviction. Did you expect your elimination?

Yes. I am very happy to be out exactly after a month of my marriage to Ali in Bigg Boss house.When I entered the house I thought I would not be able to stay for not more than two weeks.

What surprised me was I managed to stay in the house for two months. It was very sweet of Bigg Boss to send Ali to sort out our difference and get us married in the house.

My marriage to Ali was the best moment in the house for me. I am grateful to Bigg Boss and I will cherish it for rest of my life.It was a beautiful experience but from last few days I was terribly missing Ali. So I was hoping that I get evicted (smiles).

Image: Sara Khan


'I don't know why my family said I was married'

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You had accused Bigg Boss of being partial towards Dolly Bindra.

I didn't accuse Bigg Boss but I just raised the question that any normal person would ask. Later Bigg Boss cleared all the doubts explaining it was the public decision to bring back Dolly.

Was it a kind of hint given to you that you would be evicted for questioning Bigg Boss decision? You were eliminated the following day.

Bigg Boss just cleared by doubts. I think it was a fair decision by the audience. I have no complaints against anyone.

Your family claimed that you were married to Ali a couple of years back. What do you have to say about the controversy?

I got to know about it after I came out of the house. Initially I was very upset but I am glad that everything is cleared now.I have no clue why my family said that. I have always been there for them. I never thought they would say such things about me.

I am really embarrassed and disturbed about the whole thing. I have not called them yet.First I will watch the footage and then ask the reason for it. Also I have to take their permission to shift to Ali's place and convince them to do my bidaai (smiles)

Image: Sara Khan, Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik

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'I don't want to talk about Dolly Bindra'

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There were also reports that you were paid money to get married in Bigg Boss for the TRP.

Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show and it doesn't need any gimmick to boost their TRP. Nothing is scripted in the show, everything goes with the flow.

Did you like Dolly before or after she re-entered?

I don't want to talk about her. Her being or not being in the house didn't make difference to me after she used foul language against Shweta Tiwari and passed made some bad comments about me.

The most shocking thing in the house was Dolly's re-entry. If I bump into her after she comes out, I will just greet her and say nothing else.

Are Ashmit and Veena Malik more than friends?

I really don't know whether they are more than good friends. Ashmit is a genuine guy, was like my brother and would always take care of me because I was the youngest housemate in the show.

I am really upset that my closeness to him was misunderstood and Ali was sent inside to clear it.  I hope he wins the title. While Veena would become friends with everyone easily but I don't know whether she will continue be the same after she comes out also.

At one point I considered her as my good friend but after watching the footage of her bitching against me I don't think I can trust her.I would like to be in touch with Swetadi, Samir and Ashmit after they come out of the house.

How are you going to surprise Ali on his birthday (December 13)?

Well, that is a surprise I have very little time to plan for his birthday.

What are you plans for your reception and honeymoon?

Right now I am just thinking of Ali's birthday. First I will meet my family and sort out the problems.We will definitely have a reception but I hope it will not create another controversy of my third marriage (laughs)!

Image: Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

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