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Rohit Verma spills the beans about Bigg Boss

Last updated on: December 9, 2009 11:49 IST

'My driver looks better than Pravesh'


After his stint in Bigg Boss, Rohit Verma has become a household name.

His antics, hysterics and constant scheming against the other housemates created a lot of drama in the house. While he regretted some of his actions and shed a tear or two, there are some people he refuses to forgive like Vindoo Dara Singh, Kamal Khan and Pravesh Rana.

He reveals why in a frank chat with his fans on Tuesday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

Rohit Verma says, Hi India. I'm here.

Pankaj asked, Hey Rohit, do you have the same bitching nature in real life also?
Rohit Verma answers, No.

a asked, Hi Rohit, I still support you for what you did to Tanaaz and bakthyar.. they deserved it. Dont you think tanaaz is double faced?
Rohit Verma answers, No. Tanaaz is a nice person. The situation in the house disturbs you, and you don't know what to do. Nobody is bad there. They all are good human beings.

yugu asked, Initially I had some sorts of sympathy for u and feeling that u r genuine.. but later on u came out be so cunning & completely lost.. I don't think u have any reputation left outside.. Hope u understand and try to be a gentleman atleast outside..
Rohit Verma answers, I don't have to prove to the world what I am. Whatever happened inside the house doesn't decide my character. Because in the game everybody wants to be a winner.

arpita asked, u did plotting in big boss house
Rohit Verma answers, Plotting was happening from the day one. And along with me there were a lot of people who were plotting. But I was never playing from my mind. I was playing from my heart. Then I realised that I can't build my own castle with somebody else's emotion. I was the first one who got up and said 'Sorry'.

Ranjay asked, Hi! Rohit, who is good in comparison, Vindu or Pravesh?
Rohit Verma answers, I think they both are b******. Pravesh doesn't have any ethics. And Vindoo thinks he's a winner. And he's the one who is manipulating everyone inside.

Bani asked, I think u were the only real person in B.boss what hurts u most?
Rohit Verma answers, At least you're one person in the country who realised that.

karan asked, Hi you really think Poonam was genuinely concerned for you? Or was she supporting you as a part of a strategy? Dont you think she is acting nice and playing a game like everyone else. Please be frank and honest! thanks
Rohit Verma answers, She was being genuine. She's a very nice person, and very, very clean-hearted.

Image: Rohit Verma
Photographs: Rajul Hegde

'Pravesh is using Claudia for success'

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thedude asked, What is the real truth behind Tanaaz and the dinner claims?
Rohit Verma answers, When I came out, Tanaaz and me were supposed to go out for dinner. But later on she refused to meet me. I tried calling her up, but she stopped taking my calls all of a sudden. It was very surprising to me. So I gave up. I said, 'It's okay'.

manish dubey asked, Rohit dont you think so that your image was spoiled by bindu who used you to strengthen his position Rohit Verma answers, No. I don't think so. Because when I'm walking on the streets, people are patting me and there are aunties who are pinching my cheeks, and they all are saying they are very proud of me, because I stand for the truth.

Ajeet asked, Hi Rohit, why are you so soft? We have all seen you cry like a baby on screen on minor things.
Rohit Verma answers, I have seen so much in my life that I can't take right decisions. When I think that I have done something wrong I can't forgive myself.

Smit1 asked, Hi Rohit, it is very tough to be there & do you think the image you created unknowingly over there will hamper your professional/personal life?
Rohit Verma answers, Not at all. I'm still representing India at New York fashion week next year. For me, it was a game, which is over.

Faadusingh asked, tu sabse bura tha Big boss ke ander
Rohit Verma answers, Thanks for all your compliments. That shows that you were really watching me very keenly, and making my show's TRPs go very high.

njd asked, Did you and Pravesh know each other from the fashion world & may be you misstreated him as a newcomer thats why he hated you so much
Rohit Verma answers, No. In fact he wanted to do anything to reach his goal. I was the one who offered him his first show. But he's very thankless.

nima asked, Rohit... How could you handle Vindooo talking non stop, does any one not tell him to shut up
Rohit Verma answers, I think he's psychotic. But he's not all that bad person. He only talks, talks, talks. It's okay.

girish asked, will their be any wild card entry 4u.
Rohit Verma answers, No. Not now. They've dropped the idea. The show is coming to an end. Why? Do you really miss me?

RVFan asked, Did you have a crush on Parvesh?
Rohit Verma answers, I have a driver who looks better than him.

Deepmoy asked, Hi Rohit............ It was nice seeing you there at Big Boss3..... I want to know what are the things that you have learned there inside Big Boss' house......those that you want to add to your personality & those that you want to give a pass?
Rohit Verma answers, I have learned to take my own decisions. I have learned not to hurt even jokingly. I have learned not by manipulated by people's talk. That's my agenda of life now.

RajatGoel asked, Did Pravesh and Claudia get involved in Hanky Panky away from camera in jail
Rohit Verma answers, Yes, they are. But Pravesh is just using her for success.

Image: Rohit Verma

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'Vindoo is winning Bigg Boss'

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qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq asked, Rohit do you think Big boss was particulary harsh on you when he made you spend whole day in a cage? Do you think it was done to gain few TRP points at your expense?
Rohit Verma answers, I made a mistake and I deserved that punishment. I have no right to hurt anyone or anyone's sentiments to win a game.

shiva asked, Hi Rohit, How are you? I liked your hairstyle....U use wig?
Rohit Verma answers, No. I straightened my hair.

dsmreddy asked, Hi Rohit, entire Inida has a feeling that Big Boss is totally scripted except for the nominations.. You are the best judge
Rohit Verma answers, No. That's not true.

dsmreddy asked, Hi Rohit. Who do you think will win BB3.. Vindoo? He seems to be still strong
Rohit Verma answers, According to me, there's only one candidate who should win, Poonamji. But I know Vindoo is winning Bigg Boss.

mohanz asked, hi Rohit...your toy krishna was the cutest krishna I've ever seen....Where did you get it from?
Rohit Verma answers, I made it myself. Thank you. Hari Bol.

govind asked, i love you rohit. wuld you marry me?
Rohit Verma answers, I've got my dream man.

Ujju asked, Do you repent of accepting the invitation of joining the BIGG Boss? B'coz majority feel that you lost more than what you gained there
Rohit Verma answers, I'm glad I did it.

sdasd asked, In yesterdays episode, i found Poonam ji plotting against Bakhtiyar and Aditi. It was really disheartning... What say?
Rohit Verma answers, It's a part of the game. Everyone is plotting there, from the day one.

Chandan asked, So who is your favorite Actor and Actress?
Rohit Verma answers, Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan; Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie.

rohan asked, Hi Rohit,how was Vinod Kambli in the house
Rohit Verma answers, Very quiet.

Suchitra asked, hiii rohit....HOW's ur experience with Claudia?
Rohit Verma answers, She's a very smart player though she doesn't even know her own national anthem. She said in Germany, if we were in Bigg Boss house, we Indians would be thrown out in two days. So I think you people are fools for voting her and keeping her there.

Aru asked, I liked your dancing very much r u a trained dancer?
Rohit Verma answers, No. I'm not a trained dancer. But I love dancing.

captain asked, ur design is very good...u r most stylist person in BB3
Rohit Verma answers, Then please pray that I should get that car.

gauraviit asked, Rohit just wanna ask u that u maligned Tanaz's name...u even called her nagin...why did u do that...didn't u realize there are greater villians in the of them being pravesh...he talks of respect towards women and he himself said poonamji so much...i just wish poonamji wins..rohit i suggest u to say publicly sorry to tanaz....
Rohit Verma answers, I was manipulated by Pravesh and Vindoo. They both said that she'd been speaking a lot of c*** about me, behind my back. They did managed to poison my mind against her. So I was compelled, in anger, to call her that. My apologies towards her. When I came out, I came to know who the true poisonous snakes really are.

Image: Rohit Verma and Tanaaz Irani

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'You'll see me very shortly in one of the reality shows'

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mnbmn asked, hi rohit.. one think i can say is.. i have really enjoyed the big boss when u were there in the house. now its just a show..nothing interesting is happening there.. i wish u a good luck and also wish u to come back the house and get all them out.!!
Rohit Verma answers, Everybody thinks the same. Thank you so much for supporting me. And discovering the true Rohit inside the house.

KamaalRKhan asked, I dont understand y KRK allowed to re enter? is TRP everything nowadays? your comments plz
Rohit Verma answers, Yeah I think so. He has not given anything to the show, apart from showing how 'rich' he is.

rajm asked, Hi Rohit, There is lot of wrath aginst you for leaving your aged Mother and just walking off after the interview with Mr. Bachan, it was quite evident that you were faking / exaggatering your family issues, would you like to clarify on this
Rohit Verma answers, In 1996 I left for Bombay and never returned. It was my aunt who supported me in my career. I was not in touch with my family for eight years. You can very well call up my father and ask him what relationship I had with him. It is all over press in UP about my life. When I became an established person, my family got in touch with me. I have always done my duties towards my family. My mother had a dream of meeting Mr Bachchan, and this was the right time that she could get there. In fact, I knew it before the shoot started taking place that she was there. I had a tumultuous childhood. My father came across as a very, very strict person. So we had a lot of distance. Whatever you see in the show is all the edited part. But there is a difference between me and my father.

jeetu asked, If given immunity to slap/hit 1 person, in the Bigg Boss house, who would u slap/hit? And why? (i know u r not an agrresive kind of a person, but plz reply, if u )
Rohit Verma answers, Pravesh Rana.

dfdgfsdg asked, what are future plans. when will u make a mark in the fashion industry?
Rohit Verma answers, I have already made a mark. That's the reason I was there in Bigg Boss. If you don't know about it, I won the Asian Style Award in London, defeating all the top fashion brands. I'm proud to be an Indian.

hanuman asked, Rohit I want to know your age and height please!!! :)
Rohit Verma answers, I am 30 years old. And my height is 5 feet 10 inches.

Ujju asked, One word in which you would like to describe yourself and if possible other members of the house...
Rohit Verma answers, Myself: Innocent; Vindoo: Cunning; Pravesh: Manipulative; Bhaktiyar: Smart; Aditi: Sly; Poonamji: Religious; Ismail: Ignorant; Claudia: Clever; Tanaaz: Straight-forward; Shamita Shetty: Society-conscious; Raju: Comedian; Sherlyn: Stupid; KRK: No comments (Was he there?); Vinod: Good fun, I think; Amitabh: No words to describe! He is such an amazing human being.

Deepmoy asked, Hi Rohit.......nice to see that you have learned some basic stuffs out of Big Boss...... By the way.....tell me who was/is that player who was/is the main kingpin behind starting all the controversies.....but never came into the limelight......enjoyed everything from behind.....whom you'll want to give a tight slap
Rohit Verma answers, Pravesh and Vindoo.

Suchitra asked, hii three.... care to answer at lease one question...........what r ur future plans rohit? how can u catch u? any plans for tv soaps? it seems v r really going 2 miss u
Rohit Verma answers, Thank you. You'll see me very shortly in one of the reality shows. asked, what do u think who will be out for this week?
Rohit Verma answers, Aditi.

Rashid asked, Did u forgive Kamal
Rohit Verma answers, Yes. I did. Because my funda of life is; to err is human, to forgive is divine.

vidya asked, how are you maintan your beauty
Rohit Verma answers, First of all, I don't think I am beautiful. And beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But anyway, thank you so much for your compliments.

surya asked, why you are not confident person?
Rohit Verma answers, If I wouldn't have been a confident person, I wouldn't have been there in Bigg Boss. It's just that I am too emotional, and it's very easy to convince me.

justin asked, How was u r overall experience in BB3 house?
Rohit Verma answers, Overall, it was good. Game is over. And I'm back to real life.

Pranay asked, Hi Rohit, what has been the response of the public afetr u came out of Bigg boss house ?
Rohit Verma answers, Well, when I go on the streets, there are aunties who pinch my cheeks, uncles who pat my back and kids who kiss my forehead. That shows that I have at least won people's hearts.

Rohit Verma says, Okay, everyone. Thank you so much for chatting. All the best. And keep watching me!

Image: Rohit Verma

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