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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'My sexy avatar is more out of necessity than choice'

'My sexy avatar is more out of necessity than choice'

Last updated on: September 15, 2011 15:46 IST

Image: Minissha Lamba

Actress Minissha Lamba has amped up her humour mode. Her new film Hum Tum Shabana, that's releasing this month, will be the actress's second consecutive comedy after Bheja Fry 2.

The petite actress recently sat down to chat with her readers. 
Here's the chat transcript for those who missed it:

Minissha Lamba says, Hi everyone I am so glad to be here for the next 1 hour I am all yours Hope you have a wonderful time chatting with me as I would with you.

teyon asked, Hi Minissha ... I liked you in Yahan... Why dont u do more such meaningful movies?

Minissha Lamba answers
,  Hi teyon Yahaan is a once in a lifetime film. I was very lucky to get it. The search is on for a script that would be as good as Yahaan or even better.

ujes asked, Tell us about hum tum shabana. did you get along with shreyas or tusshar better

Minissha Lamba answers
, Hey ujes... I get along with all my co-stars very well. Its Amazing that your bond with every individual is unique. No two people can be compared because everyone helps you grow in a different manner.

'Still looking for a script as good as Yahaan'

Image: A still from Hum Tum Shabana

Abhinav asked, Hi Minisha! How are u doing? What are your expectations with the movie "Shabana", and are u playing the character Shabana in the movie?

Minissha Lamba answers
, I just expect that YOU my audience feel happy and entertained after watching the film


Minissha Lamba answers
, Zilla is a crime political thriller/drama. I play a very saucy role of a village girl.

Raja asked, Can you compare Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt? How can you select the movies? what's your future plan?

Minissha Lamba answers, Yes I am acting with both in Zilla and Joker. Both of them are exceptionally wonderful human beings and I learnt so much about being a good person from them.


'I'd like to play a warrior princess'

Image: A still from Hum Tum Shabana

srikanth asked, Hi Minissha..If i given an opportunity which character you wanna portray and Why?

Minissha Lamba answers
, Hi Shri, I would love to play the role of a warrior princess.

laxman asked, If a good friend offered you a role in a movie that you dont like, how do you refuse it or do you just do it for the person?

Minissha Lamba answers
, Oh thats really difficult. It really depends on how good the friend is and with real friends you can be honest and tell them how you feel

qqqq asked, Have you had any training in acting? or you would say you were lucky to get a break in movies?

Minissha Lamba answers
, I have had no training and therefor I consider myself very lucky to be here and every moment spent being able to be a part of bollywood is something I am very greatful for

'I know in 10 minutes if I want to sign a film'

Image: A still from Hum Tum Shabana

naidu_kishore asked, Hi Minnisha, everyone favorite, how are you doing today. Would like to know from you How do you pick your roles?

Minissha Lamba answers, Its very instinctive. Either I like the story in 10 minutes or I know that this isnt the film I would be a part of.

Ashwani asked, Hi Minissha. Have you ever considered doing an all-out action role a la Rekha? You'd look insanely good in a cop uniform!

Minissha Lamba answers, I am dying to. I just hope a filmmaker out there is writing a fabulous action film for me

ManishaLamboo asked, Would you have done the movie "The Dirty Picture" - which is done by Vidya Balan?

Minissha Lamba answers, Maybe I would have but I dont think I would have agreed to put on weight. That is the one thing that I find the most difficult to loose.

'I prefer quality over quantity'

Image: A still from Hum Tum Shabana

Abhinav asked, Madhubala of Mughle Azam or Rekha of Umrao Jaan, which one is according to you is better?

Minissha Lamba answers
, Ah! I have no right to comment on the greatest actresses we have had in Hindi cinema except to say that there is a lot that I would need to achieve after such great roles and performances from our actresses of the yesteryears.

vishal asked, In future you want to be film direction?

Minissha Lamba answers
, I dont know about being a film director as that is highly specialised skill but I do hope to do much more in the years to come.

Donda asked, How have you managed to avoid controversies?

Minissha Lamba answers
, By being a good girl

prab asked, You do very few films in a year... any reason for being selective

Minissha Lamba answers
, I prefer quality over quantity.

'Casting couch is a myth'

Image: Minissha Lamba

rabiddog asked, Have u been thro the casting couch?

Minissha Lamba answers
, The casting couch issue is huge myth. Crores of rupees are riding on films and producers and makers make informed choices about who will work best for their films.

riya asked, Hi Minissha...what inspired you to turn into your current glamorous avataar from a deglam one since you started your career?

Minissha Lamba answers
, I think that was a neccesity rather than a choice.

Ayan asked, Hello Minisha , let me begin by complimenting that you really are quite pretty. The question that I would want to ask is if you would not have been an actor what would you be ? Hoping to be replied

Minissha Lamba answers,
I would be a war journalist.

'I get along with all my costars'

Image: Minissha Lamba
Photographs: Sonil Dedhia

Karan asked, Hi Minishha: You look very smart and handsome. How do you keep up your busy schedule

Minissha Lamba answers
, Yes Karan I use Fair and Handsome to keep my Handsome Rugged looks alive. Hahahaha

sharukh asked, If you get two projects at the same time, one with strong script but no glamour in your role and another with a glamourous role. which one will you go for? Will you go for scripts like Yahaan and Well Done Abba or Kidnap?

Minissha Lamba answers
, Oh. I will slyly sign both work for one during the day and the other at night.

Minissha Lamba says, Thank you so much for your overwhleming response. I really regret that rediff allows me only 1 hour to chat leaving a lot of questions unanswered but I promise to be back soon and chat with you once again. Mwaaaaaaaaaah