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Radhika Pandit: I don't regret doing any film

Last updated on: August 7, 2012 11:17 IST

Radhika Pandit: I don't regret doing any film


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Radhika Pandit is buoyed by the success of the Kannada film Adhoori which has just completed a 50-day run. Her new film Sagar, with Prajwal in the lead, releases this week. 

In this interview with Srikanth Srinivasa, Radhika Pandit talks about Sagar, the success of Adhoori and the release of her debut movie 18th Cross after so many years.

To what do you attribute the success of Adhoori?

The college crowd and youngsters liked Adhoori. The film had good music and some excellent dances. It had just two main characters and we managed to pull it off without much support. Director Arjun has won a lot of appreciation for keeping the story tight.  

What is your forthcoming release Sagar all about?

 The film is about Sagar, who is a liar and why he lies is the crux of the story. The story begins with a marriage being fixed for him. He does not want to marry the girl and so he utters a lie that becomes the truth, thus landing him in trouble. 

It is a comical situation with many twists and turns and a tinge of mystery. It is a kind of comedy with some suspense element.

Image: Radhika Pandit


'Prajwal and me always wanted to team up and do a good movie together'

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How was it working for a big banner like Ramu Enterprises and with Prajwal as a co-artiste?

People like movies made by the Ramu Enterprises banner because they get to see a film with rich production values. 

It was nice working with director M D Sridhar who has given many hits. 

This is not the first time I am working with Prajwal. We were involved in the film Superman that did not take off. We always wanted to team up and do a good movie together.

What about the two other girls in the movie? 

I play one of the lead roles and I should say the other girls have equal importance in the movie. I share screen space with Haripriya and Sanjjanna. 

As I studied in a girl's school and a girl's college, I am comfortable in the space where other girls are involved. If you see Moggina Manasu, which was my first release, there were four of us girls sharing screen space.

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'I know my responsibilities as an actor and am aware that it is equally important to promote film'

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How do you feel when you see so many of your films releasing this year?

I don't know. I hadn't planned it this way. Last year, I was lucky to be getting all the awards. This year it is going to be releases and more releases. I should look at it as a positive sign and take these developments positively. 

All the movies that were started last year are releasing this year. Many of the films are doing well. Some of the movies that were due for release carry some expectations. I am working with big banners and big directors this year.

How do you react to the producer of Alemaari saying that you were not available for promoting the film?

I do not blame the producer for he was not aware of the fact that I had kept the director informed about my participation in the promotional activity of the film. 

I had just started shooting for Drama and I was not in town when Alemaari was released. I participated in the promotional activities of the film in whatever way I could before I left to join another shoot. 

There was some miscommunication and misunderstanding that led to this allegation. I know my responsibilities as an actor and am aware that it is equally important to promote my films as to act in them. 

I am part of 18th Cross and I am involved in its promotion even though this film was supposed to be released more than four years ago.

Image: A scene from Sagar

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'I think I was very raw in terms of looks and other nuances in my first film'

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Do you regret doing 18th Cross because it has taken so long to release?

No. I don't regret any of my decisions or choices because the fate of the film is not in my hands. 

It's sad that it took so long and it was because of the sudden demise of the producer. This was my first movie and I knew it would release one day. 

How do you evaluate yourself from your first film to the stage you have reached today?

I think I was very raw in terms of looks and other nuances in my first film. Every actor evolves over a period of time. 

I am nine films old (or young!) and I should say I have nine times the experience I had in my first film.


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