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Like SRK-Katrina's chemistry in Yash Chopra's next? Vote!

Last updated on: August 16, 2012 12:18 IST
Movie trailer of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif's next

 Right now, it's the film with no name. Rumours have been on for awhile, but Yash Raj Films currently just calls Yash Chopra's next film Production Number 45, even as the release date of November 13 is common knowledge. Now comes the first teaser.

The teaser is more about Yash Chopra's striking filmography than the new film, but the montages celebrating the director do create an impact. We all have our favourite Yash Chopra movie moments, and when the montage ends and we see Shah Rukh Khan readying to strum a guitar, well, you can pretty much cue the wolf-whistles.

A dazzling Katrina Kaif runs across the snow; Anushka Sharma's massive smile spreads across the screen. The names AR Rahman and Gulzar appear as the guitar continues to strum and we see a lot of England, mostly London. The final frame shows us Khan and one of the girls walking across the Thames, towards the Big Ben, as the words 'A Yash Chopra Romance' appear by a gaslight.

It doesn't say much, but it gets us raring: we'd all like the master to pull off some movie magic.