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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Katrina: I never felt beautiful

Katrina: I never felt beautiful

Last updated on: November 25, 2010 18:40 IST

Katrina: I never felt beautiful


Patcy N in Mumbai

Katrina Kaif gets ready to give Munni big competition with her hot item number Sheila Ki Jawani in her December release Tees Mar Khan.

The actress claims that her sexy look was one of the reasons she signed on Farah Khan's film, as the 'women in Farah's films are very glamourous.'

But, as she tells Patcy N, she would never aspire to be a size zero. Katrina also gets candid about her relationship with co-star Akshay Kumar and Barbie dolls.

What kind of movies would you like to work in: serious, comedy or a blend of both?

I signed Farah's film thinking it would be an intense film. Halfway through, I felt 'oh god it's different. Now what do I do?' [smiles]

On a serious note, all the films I have done so far have served different purposes. For example, in Raajneeti, I wanted to experience Prakashji's (Jha) dramatic approach to filmmaking.

Similarly, I signed Farah's film because I knew no other director could present me the way she could. The women in Farah's films are very glamorous. And the highlight for me were the songs.

And she did not let me down. Everything from looks to what I was looking to portray far exceeded what I have done before.

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Image: Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan


'My reference was a cartoon character -- the kitten from the Aristrocats'

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The Sheila Ki Jawani song from the film is generating a lot of buzz for it's bold picturisation.

Sheila Ki Jawani is about attitude, something that Farah was very specific about. There is nothing shocking about the costumes. It's dancing without inhibitions.

Farah gave me a lot of DVDs of older movies -- not to imitate or emulate, I can never do that even if I wanted to -- but just to see the way Madhuriji (Dixit) dances and the joy she felt while dancing, how focused and involved she was.

What do you like about Farah as a director?

I was very fortunate with the character that I was playing as we both understood it well. Farah explained the brief and gave me references. Since our views matched, the whole process was smooth.

What was your reference point to play this character?

It was a cartoon character -- the kitten from the Aristrocats. Though the kittens are cartoon characters, you can learn a lot from their expressions. This particular kitten is very innocent and sweet so I chose her as my reference.

Image: Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan

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'Akshay and I are not buddies'

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Did Akshay play any pranks on you?

No, not on me. After five years of working with Akshay, I am very lucky if he just says hello when he comes in.

I will tell you how our relationship has developed over the past five years. In the first year, Akshay would come and say 'hi, good morning, how are you' and give me a warm hug.

In the second year, he just patted on my back and said good morning.

In the third year, it was just 'morning' and in the fourth year, he would just look at me and nod.

Now in the fifth year, the first thing he says is 'what's the shot?' It is not that he has become rude but it's just familiarity.

Sometimes, I feel hurt when he does that and I tell him to at least say good morning, or hi or just smile. I ask him why is he so angry. And he replies, 'who's angry?' When I say it's you, he just says 'don't be silly'.

There is a lot of trust and respect between us. It's a healthy equation.

People say you and Akshay share a great chemistry. Do you agree?

I don't believe in chemistry. I think what people see is the trust and respect we have for each other. We don't talk on the phone and we're not buddies. But we understand each other. He knows the kind of person I am and would never do something I am not comfortable with.

Being too friendly kills the charm on screen. So the fact that we are not buddies helps. When I am not working with him, there are no phone calls between us. So that helps with the chemistry.

Image: Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar in Tees Maar Khan

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'I look pretty because of my height'

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Reports have it that you exercised a lot for the movie. Are you a size zero now?

No, I am not. I can't be a size zero. I look pretty because of my height. Plus, I will never achieve that nor do I want to. It was just about training.

Honestly, I did not want my stomach to look bad. There are many songs in this film and I have worked hard on each one.

As I wanted my stomach to look a particular way, I had to sacrifice a few things. I set a target for myself. But it is not about cutting down the energy to such a level that you don't have any left to work out.

A Barbie doll has been modelled on you.  Were you a fan of Barbie when you were younger?

Barbie was a very expensive gift for us. As we are seven sisters, we could not afford them. I remember fighting with my sister over a Barbie and breaking its arm.

Now that there is Barbie modelled after me, my sister told me to bring home at least six or seven of them to make up for breaking the arm of her Barbie 12 years ago!

Image: Katrina Kaif unveils the Katrina Barbie
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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'I was not popular in school or college'

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When did you realise that you are beautiful?

Every alternate day, I would get up in the morning and think I am not beautiful. I think every woman goes through this. I never felt beautiful when I first came to India. People would be looking at me and I would feel strange, and wonder why. Then I realised that maybe they find me nice looking.

I think the reason I felt the way I did was because I was not popular in school or college. In fact, nobody would talk to me then.

What are your forthcoming films?

Zoya Akhtar's film Milenge Na Dobara with Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol. Then there is a Yash Raj film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Imran Khan.

Image: A scene from Tees Maar Khan

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