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John Abraham: Human beings freak me out

September 30, 2013 17:35 IST

John Abraham: Human beings freak me out


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

National Geographic Channel has announced John Abraham as the face of the channel. The actor will be a part of some of the new shows and promos for the channel.

John discusses his fears, his deepest desires and his favourite TV shows with Rajul Hegde. 

What shows do you watch on television?

I don’t watch GECs (general entertainment channels). I watch sports and National Geographic Channel.

The one programme that I really love is Megastructures because I come from a family of architects. When we get together as a family, this is one programme that we watch.

A programme that I am excited about watching is Inside IPL that will be launched just before the IPL.

Have you had any wildlife experiences?

I did a film a long time ago called Kaal. National Geographic Channel was the sponsor of the film. I didn’t endorse the channel then. I only asked for all the merchandise of National Geographic so I could put it up everywhere.

Wildlife is something very close to my heart. There is so much that I do for tigers, elephants and stray animals. So when you see a channel that symbolises or stands for all this you are more excited to be associated with it.


Image: John Abraham
Photographs: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images


'I would want to climb Everest at some point'

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What is that one thing that you want to explore?

I want to explore a lot of things in life. The philosophy of National Geographic is to unlock, to accept things. I believe in this philosophy.

I would like to do lot of things. I want to go to base camps, go to the Himalayas. People will laugh today, but I might do it some day.

I do lot of crazy things, but I would want to climb Everest at some point.

I want to go to the Amazonian jungles. If you watch the channel you will see how they shoot their documentaries, which are the best looking ever.

I love snakes. I would love to live my life between elephants, tigers and snakes -- that’s my dream. To be in wildlife India.

How will you contribute to the channel’s content?

I am endorsing each and every media structure on the channel. Be it Inside series, Dangerous Encounter, Taboo...

Outside that, when we develop content in future, I would love to be part of the process.

Any show you would like to be part of on this channel?

I would like to be part of many shows. The one that I like the most is Dangerous Encounters. I would like to go into jungles and stay with dangerous animals.

Image: John Abraham

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'I would like to make a film on wildlife'

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How many wildlife sanctuaries in India have you visited?

I have lived in wild sanctuaries for three or four months. We have been doing a documentary on tigers for two years. My partner Mike Pandey has won the Green Oscars for a documentary on horse shoe crabs (an extinct species).

We have lived in core areas. And outside India we have met a lot of trainers. Domesticated tigers are more in number in the US than in the wild in India.

We have adopted 40 baby elephants in Shahpur where because it’s a catchment area, they get good water.

So there is a lot happening on the wildlife front.

Would you like to do a film on wildlife?

Yes, I think films should highlight it. We would like to do a film on wildlife but in a credible way.

I haven’t figured out a script myself. Right now I am working on a script on motor cycling; it will take a year to develop. I want to make the most intense, serious motor cycling film that India has ever seen. It will not be caricature. It will be a commercial film.

Similarly I would like to make a film on wild life. Hopefully I can develop something as a producer.

Which animal freaks you out?

There is no animal that freaks me out. That’s why I am in sync with them. I love animals. The only creature that freaks me out is human beings. They manage to scare you the most (laughs).

Image: John Abraham

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'People will be shocked to see me in Welcome Back'

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Would you like to host a TV show?

I don’t want to host any shows. I am not interested in going on the small screen yet. I am fit for the large screen and I will stay there.

What are the criteria for associating with a brand?

The biggest criterion is that the philosophy has to match. I don’t want to endorse brands that I don’t believe in.

The brands that I endorse are credible and I am happy that I am endorsing the right brand. The brand has to fit.

What boundaries would you like to cross?

I have a photo with a eunuch. I would like to get out of restrictions. We have fixed views on homosexuality or gay marriages.

I want people to think outside the box and accept different emotions and people so I want to unlock such boundaries.

 Do you think the same way about films?

Yes, it is important to do all kinds of films. But it is important to do films that entertain people.

I like films like Vicky Donor, Madras Café and hence I am producing them. But people like to see me in films like Dhoom, Dostana, Welcome Back.

My favourite genre is going to be action.

Can you talk about Welcome Back?

Absolutely tapori type (of film). It is a completely different film and role. The best case in point is Aamir Khan in Rangeela. That is the template.

It is going to be a lot of fun. People will be shocked to see me. I hope to shock them positively.

Image: John Abraham

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