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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'I don't want to compete with star kids'

'I don't want to compete with star kids'

Last updated on: March 22, 2013 15:42 IST

'I don't want to compete with star kids'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Young audiences loved Jackky Bhagnani's last film FALTU and it became his first successful film.

His father, veteran producer Vashu Bhagnani, launched the actor in 2009 with Kal Kissne Dekha, which bombed at the box office.  

His new film Rangrezz -- which releases today -- is getting good reviews, and its desi version of Gangnam Style has already caught on.

Jackky talks to Rajul Hegde about the film and much more.

Why did you choose to dance to the desi version of Gangnam Style (Korean singer Psy's super-hit number)?

It was my idea to get the rights and I don't know how I managed to get it. It was like going to the moon and getting the moon back to the earth.

So many people in the world wanted the rights, including Hindi cinema, but I got it. I feel lucky and fortunate. 

It took me three months. I contacted Universal Music. They rejected it thrice. I made them believe that I will do justice and it was good on their part to see that.

Apart from you, if you had to choose an actor from Bollywood to do a Gangnam style dance, who would it be?

(Long pause) Salman Khan. He can just stand in front of the camera and move his eyebrows and that becomes a step. He is the only one in the industry who has that kind of gift.

Image: Jackky Bhagnani



'My father was not confident of casting me in Rangrezz'

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Are you nervous about the film's release?

I am excited and nervous, an anxious mixture of all emotions. I am quite looking forward to this film, as I haven't got this kind of reaction before the release of any of my films.

I feel people are kind of liking the promos and songs. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best (smiles).

There were reports that your father was not so keen to have you in Rangrezz.

Yes. First, as a producer, he thought I wouldn't be able to pull off the role properly. Second, as a father he thought that if I can't pull it off, then people will think that I am a bad actor.

But Priyadarshan Sir had confidence in me. I am happy that he believed in me and pushed me. For the first time, people are talking about my performance and not about my look, body and dance.

How was it working with Priya Anand?

Superb! We are two guy friends, complaining about each other and also about others. We were the youngest on the sets so it was always fun.

Image: Priya Anand and Jackky Bhagnani in Rangrezz


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'I want to make a mark in the film industry'

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Do you think it's tough being an industry kid?

Yes, expectations are high. Sometimes your achievements and hard work are taken away if your parents or relatives have achieved a lot.

But people must realise that they have taken so many years to achieve that. How can I achieve it in a very short time?

How do you compete with star kids like Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan?

I don't compete with them. I compete with myself. I want to outdo myself in everything. If I start competing with others, I will be bothered about others.

Even in normal life if you are bothered about the others, you can never succeed.

Ultimately is it your goal to take your father's legacy ahead? 

Today's youngsters would like to do much more than one thing. They want to be master of one and jack of all also.

Of course, I want to take the legacy tenfold ahead. Plus, I want to be one of the best actors. I don't know if I will direct.

I certainly want to make a mark in the film industry.

Image: A scene from Rangrezz


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